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Actualize Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Actualize is an in-person and online school that helps students transition into some of the best tech jobs. This school offers coding bootcamp programs about fundamental coding languages like Ruby, JavaScript, and SQL. This in-depth Actualize review will help you learn more about its bootcamps, tuition, and future job opportunities.

What Is Actualize?

Actualize Quick Facts
Cost $13,900
Start Dates Varies by year and program
Locations Chicago, Online
Courses Software Engineering
Available Programs Online, Full-time, Part-time

Actualize is a Chicago-based coding school. It teaches students the most essential principles of software engineering. Actualize focuses on hands-on experience and career advice so students can land a job in tech after graduating. Some graduates work at prominent companies like Salesforce, Twitter, and Bosch.

Actualize also offers online bootcamps, so you can learn to code from anywhere. It encourages class participation for students to network, make friends, and help each other learn. This makes it a more comfortable environment if you aren’t used to remote education.

Is Actualize Worth It?

Actualize is worth it if you’re ready to jump into hands-on learning at a quality institution. This school is suitable for almost anyone. Chicago students enjoy in-person classes, and online learners get the same experience from anywhere in the world. Actualize has a flexible schedule so you can learn to code while transitioning your career.

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Its courses cost around $13,900 and last 12 or 16 weeks. It has multiple financing options if you can’t afford to pay upfront.

Actualize Job Placement

Actualize hasn’t released a job placement rate, but you can still land a great tech job after you graduate. Many ex-students work at prominent tech companies. Actualize promises never to release inflated job placement or job guarantee statistics.

With Actualize, you can get career support from counselors and career advisors. It recognizes that the job hunt requires physical and emotional effort. If you’re committed to entering a tech career after learning to code, Actualize is the perfect school for you.

Does Actualize Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Actualize doesn’t offer a job guarantee. Jay Wengrow, the CEO of Actualize, shared his opinion about offering guarantees. He believes it’s not beneficial for the student because it’s just a refund guarantee, not a promise that they’ll get a job. The job hunt is not black and white, and Actualize will still help you every step of the way.

How Much Does Actualize Cost?

All Actualize courses cost $13,900.

How to Pay for Actualize: Scholarships, ISAs, Installments

Actualize offers three different financing methods: upfront payment, installments, and financing help. Below are the details so you can pay for your coding education.

Upfront Payment

If you have the means to pay upfront, you should certainly do it. You only have to worry about paying once and then you can focus on your studies. Actualize also offers a $500 discount on upfront payments.

Three Installments

If you don’t have the money upfront and don’t want to ask for a loan, you should consider installments. Actualize lets you pay your tuition in three installments without any interest. To set the payment dates, you need to coordinate with your financing advisor.


Actualize works with a program called TuitionFlex to help you find your coding bootcamp. You’ll pay off this loan for three years, and monthly payments can go from $409 to $552. To know more details about TuitionFlex, you should contact a financing advisor at Actualize.

Actualize Locations

Actualize is located in Chicago. However, it’s available for students across the globe through its online coding bootcamps.

  • Actualize Chicago
  • Actualize Online

Actualize Courses

Actualize’s coding bootcamps provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to start your tech career. You can learn to code on any schedule and explore career options like web development or software engineering. Below are some of the courses provided by this school.

Actualize Prep Courses

Prep courses help you familiarize yourself with coding if you’ve never taken a bootcamp before. Actualize’s pre-work is required for both in-person and online education. This is a four-week, at-home training where you’ll learn the fundamental principles of computer science and programming.

Coding Bootcamp – Full-Time | In-Person

This 12-week, full-time program will teach you how to master coding languages like CSS, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, HTML, and more. This bootcamp includes a pre-course to help you get familiar with coding. Actualize will immerse you in the coding world to learn quickly and efficiently. This course costs $13,900.

Coding Bootcamp – Part-Time | In-Person

This coding bootcamp includes all the previous subjects, but it’s less intensive. This course works best for people who are transitioning from one career to another, because they can keep up with their job while they study. This course is 16 weeks and costs $13,900.

Coding Bootcamp | Online

This interactive online course is designed for those who live outside of Chicago or need a more flexible learning option. It simulates a classroom environment by letting students chat with each other and the instructors. This course also lasts 16 weeks and has the same cost of $13,900.

What Is the Actualize Schedule?

Actualize has two schedule programs so students can choose what works best for them: full-time and part-time.


The full-time schedule consists of around 40 hours a week of in-depth lessons. You can learn full-time either in-person or online. This schedule is quite intensive, so you should have a lot of time available to dedicate to the course. If you go for the full-time coding bootcamp, you’ll finish in 12 weeks.


The part-time schedule lets you continue with your regular activities such as studying or working. If you’re focused on your career or just don’t want to study full-time, this is a great option. The part-time course lasts 16 weeks, and you can complete it in-person or online.

How to Get Accepted Into Actualize

To get accepted into Actualize, you should let them know that you’re a dedicated and hardworking student. You should put your best foot forward if you want to succeed. The application process is fairly easy, and you can get in with the right resume and interview.

Actualize Acceptance Rate

Actualize does not provide its acceptance rate.

Application Process

Actualize’s application process is straightforward. You apply online through their website, and then they may contact you for an interview. It takes about seven days to hear back about whether you’ve been accepted.

Interview Questions

Actualize’s prospective students should be passionate about coding and computer science concepts. Even if you have zero coding experience and knowledge, you can apply to an Actualize bootcamp. You should always prepare for your interview and be confident about your abilities. Here are some coding bootcamp interview topics they might cover.

  • Your motivation to learn coding fundamentals
  • Your experience in the field
  • What you aspire in your career
  • Your personality and ability to connect with others

Is Actualize Right for You?

Actualize is right for you if you want a high-quality, interactive coding bootcamp. Actualize has a reputation for having great instructors and useful job training programs. This school has different financing options so anyone can learn to code.

This school also stands out from others in the field for having great online reviews from past students. However, this school only offers general coding bootcamps. If you’re looking for more courses like digital marketing, product management, or UX/UI, you should look at other schools. Otherwise, Actualize is a great coding bootcamp.

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