A Lighthouse Labs student.

Lighthouse Labs Web Development Review

Many people in Canada are currently looking for new careers in programming and other high-tech fields, but getting the training needed to land the best jobs might seem a tall order while the world is in self-isolation due to COVID-19. However, there are coding bootcamps that acknowledge the needs of the moment and have shifted to online classroom environments to continue to serve their students.

One of Canada’s larger tech schools, Lighthouse Labs, now provides its web development bootcamp and data science bootcamp course to any student with an internet connection and a drive to learn with an interactive online course where teachers, students, and mentors are fully engaged. Is its training the right option for homebound tech hopefuls across Canada?

We created this review to help you find out whether Lighthouse Labs’ web developer course is a good bet for your education. We look at the school, the work associated with web programmers, and costs and payment options. This is an uncertain time for many of us, so it’s crucial to get as informed as possible whenever you can. Our look at the Lighthouse Labs web programming bootcamp gives you a leg up and sends some of that valuable data your way and hands you tools to help you find your ideal online coding bootcamp and start earning top pay.

School Overview

A Lighthouse Labs student.
Lighthouse Labs’ web development bootcamp aims to turn tech novices into full-fledged programmers.

Lighthouse Labs has its roots in the software development community. The school came into being in 2013 and was founded by a team of programmers who wanted to pass on their experiences and training to new generations of coders. According to Lighthouse Labs, they have helped more than 1,500 graduates land jobs within the industry at companies such as Nike, EA, Vimeo, and Shopify.

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The school has physical campuses in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. In response to COVID-19, all courses are available live online for remote learning.

Web Development Course

Lighthouse Labs’ full-time web development program is a 12-week course that includes 70 hours of prep work. Typical school days run from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

What is web development?

Web developers program applications and pages for the web. They work with web- and app-focused languages and frequently use development cycle frameworks to guide their and their teams’ design, programming, and delivery processes. Web development is one of the stepping stones for folks interested in program management, too.

Web developers work in many different industries and are the force behind the client-facing side of the internet. The average yearly wage for web developers in the U.S. is about $69K.

What does this course cover?

Lighthouse Labs’ web development bootcamp aims to turn tech novices into full-fledged programmers. The course includes data-driven pedagogical approaches and mentor interaction, and it features career services including resumé prep, networking, employer outreach, and interview skills.

Course subjects include:

  • Databases and Data Modeling—Students learn subjects such as SQL, relational databases, and object-stores.
  • JavaScript and Node.js—Topics include language ecosystems, libraries, and tooling.
  • Software Architecture—Featured subjects include database modeling, modular design, and programming practices.
  • HTML, CSS, and More—Subjects include CSS3, Webpack, and HTML5.
  • Ruby on Rails—Topics include MCS design, persisting data, and core concepts of Rails.
  • React JS—Students learn about user interface structuring, Virtual DOM, and one-way data flow.
  • Automated Testing—Featured subjects include Mocha, Selenium, and Chai.
  • Computer Science Fundamentals—Selected topics include algorithms and data transformation.

How much does the web development course cost?

The bootcamp tuition is between $9,875 and $12,500, depending on the location performing the instruction.  The school requires students to pay a 10% deposit to secure a class seat. There are several payment options available:

  • Upfront payment—Lock in your spot by paying upfront.
  • Scholarships—Lighthouse Labs offers up to $5000 in scholarships to students impacted by COVID-19.


Lighthouse Labs’ web development bootcamp prices were already reasonable, and their presence across the entire country makes them conveniently located for many Canadians, in addition to accepting international students. Now that they offer their training online and have COVID-19 scholarships available, the deal is even better and extends learning opportunities to rural and remote communities.

Take a look at Lighthouse Labs’ web development program when you’re ready to start your professional education. They’re well worth your time and might be just the school you’re looking for.

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