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Why Learning Web Design is One of the Quickest Ways to Start Making Money Online

During such unprecedented times, online and remote work has become the norm. Not only are companies requiring their employees to work from home, but many individuals who have lost their jobs are now looking for ways to make money online as freelancers or solopreneurs.

One of the fastest-growing industries for freelancers is web design. In fact, the web design business outlook for the remainder of 2020, 2021 and even further into the future is proving that starting a web design business is one of the quickest ways to start making money online.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

A web designer uses a graphic design tool to design mockups of a website. Web designers are responsible for where content is placed on a site, the overall aesthetic of the individual pages, and how the content on one page or section flows into another page or section.

In the corporate world, the web design process is broken down into two distinct steps: web design and web development. Corporate web designers aren’t required to know coding and because of that they partner with web developers who bring their mockups to life.

With that knowledge, as a freelance web designer do you need to know code to build websites? The short answer is no. It is possible to design and build a website without knowing code and without partnering with a web developer. There are tools known as page builders that allow web designers to design and build websites for clients from start to finish without using any code.

Why Learning Web Design Leads to Quick Revenue Generation

Launching a web design business or freelancing as a web designer on the side can lead to quick revenue generation for multiple reasons.

Internet traffic is increasing

Internet traffic has been and will continue to increase over time. It’s becoming more normal for business owners to run solely online and for retailers to have an e-commerce platform to complement their brick-and-mortar locations. Even businesses selling essentials like N95 masks are strengthening their online presence. Businesses that forgo having an online presence risk alienating a huge population of consumers that only shop online or that research a company prior to purchasing.

Not only do new websites need to be built, but old websites need to be redesigned to keep up with ever-changing technology. A website built in the 90s is no longer functioning or aesthetically designed to consumer’s current standards. Due to this and the increase in traffic, the demand for web designers is increasing.

Quick to learn

With the demand for web designers increasing, it’s important to know that learning how to design and build websites doesn’t take years. You can get started in a matter of months and for hundreds of dollars as opposed to spending 4 years getting a degree that costs a hundred thousand dollars.

The short time frame it takes to go from not being a web designer to launching a web design business is partially due to page builders eliminating the need to become proficient in coding languages.

Plenty of web design specific platforms to find jobs

Once you’re ready to start taking on web design clients, there are many freelancing platforms and job boards specific to web design projects. Rather than sift through job listings on a platform like Indeed where businesses in any industry can post job openings, these platforms only list web design specific job listings. Using these platforms you can easily create a freelancer or business profile, set your hourly or package rates, filter through job listings, bid on projects you’re interested in, land clients, and get paid.

How to Become a Web Designer

Traditionally, the recommended path for securing a position in any industry is to get formal education in the form of a four-year degree. As we’ve established, one of the reasons why learning web design is one of the quickest ways to start making money online is because it’s quick to learn the skills you need. 


Today, there are different forms of bootcamps that allow you to learn the skills you need in a matter of weeks or months. A web design business bootcamp not only teaches you the skills you need to design and build high-converting websites using page builders but it also teaches you how to get your business set up and market yourself correctly so you can land high-paying clients and have a profitable web design business.

Enrolling in a web design business bootcamp teaches you the whole process of launching a web design business rather than one individual piece that then leaves you wondering how to move forward. This is the quickest way to jumpstart your web design career and start making money online.

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