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Future-Proofing Careers: Learn UX Through the Best Courses Online

Coding has been the most sought-after skill in the last decade, given the aim of future-proof jobs and companies in this technology era. However, one skill that may be overshadowed by the popularity of coding is user experience design. 

While coding is integral to the function of mobile applications and software packages, user experience encompasses a broader scope of essentiality to these digital products. User experience factors in coding, user interface, usability, and design altogether to create a seamless overall experience for consumers.

There are many user experience online courses available. Before some of them are presented, get to know why IT professionals need to learn user experience design as a new skill.

UX is the Future

Tools, designs, wireframes, prototypes, and frameworks tailored to function efficiently are all elements of user experience (UX) design. Essentially, adding UX design in one’s list of skills not only increases knowledge but also elevates career marketability.

Learning UX enables an IT professional to make technology accessible to everyone. Technological advancement is thought to be catering to more complicated human-computer interactions, but UX design aims to meet a user’s specific needs custom-fit to their lifestyle and preferences. As evidence, the most basic chores of shopping and paying bills are being even more simplified by introducing UX-driven technological initiatives, benefitting even the least tech-savvy users.

In terms of careers, the job market for UX design experts has been steadily growing up to 70%, with salaries projected from $35,000 to $110,000. This means that UX experts are consistently gaining the niche in career marketability. Companies are now reshaping their strategy by solidifying overall improvement in UX. Strong improvement and development of UX generate steadier revenues in the long run.

Find Great UX Online Courses

For those unfamiliar with the field of UX design, choosing the right online course may be tricky. However, there are three simple ways to determine if a course is fit for one’s needs.

The first is the learner’s level of knowledge. Available UX online courses are tailored for beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. Next is affordability. With the best features highlighted, potential consumers lacking knowledge about what they really need are persuaded to spend more; hence, learners need to research and compare the prices of these courses. The last one is the variation in modules. Some of the best UX design courses offer various exercises to determine a specific skill in the actual UX profession to master.

Best UX Online Courses Recommended

Considering all factors aforementioned, it is clear that finding the best UX online course matching current needs is important. Here are some of the best recommended UX online courses.

Introduction to User Experience Design

This is an online course offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. It offers an introduction to UX design from its roots to the basics through a series of video lectures and auxiliary reading materials. The aim of this introductory course is for learners to gain fundamental knowledge of UX and the four-step user interface design cycle, with the user interface being an integral part of UX design. Because the instructions are user-centered, it has been reviewed to be excellent for beginners. The goal for the learners is clearly set and courses can be understood even by the most novice learners.

Price: Free

Wireframing for UX Design: Sketch Your Big Idea

The course is led by Carlye Cunniff, an experience designer, and it includes seven video lessons. In the end, learners are to create their own wireframe. The lectures are focused on wireframing and how the concept can be used for more intermediate projects. The course is reviewed to be best for intermediate-level learners, offering an overview of teaching simplified wireframing through sketches first.

Price: Free

User Experience Design: Create Highly Converting Websites

The UX course offered by Udemy is described as one that can transform websites into more engaging platforms for customers. The lectures are focused on how to identify the most important needs of customers by creating a website that is more relatable. In return, a more engaging website drives customers to promote the website. The price includes full lifetime access to 38 lectures. It is reviewed to be best suited for more advanced learners. Learners mentioned that, despite the number of lectures, all instructions are on point and the lectures are not limited to UX designers.

Price: $149.99

Next Steps and Beyond

Navigate your way and be an expert in UX design. Invest in a high-quality UX design course without breaking the bank, and reach your business goals strategically than before. These courses could potentially unlock the bright future ahead of you.

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