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Learn Shopify: The Best Courses and Resources

If you’re an online retailer, reaching your target market may take a while if you don’t utilize all the resources available to you. One of the best and easiest platforms you can use is Shopify. By learning Shopify, you can launch your online store in no time and attract more potential customers. The question is: how easy is it to get Shopify training?

Many eCommerce businesses make use of different platforms to reach more audiences and potential buyers. Through Shopify, you achieve this with just a few clicks. Still, there is a lot to learn if you are to use Shopify to its full potential. This article covers the key learning areas, from Shopify’s features and benefits to the courses you can take to master the tool.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a website builder where businesses can launch their online store and post the products they sell. These products may vary, from food and drinks to cosmetics and gardening tools. 

Bringing your business to Shopify comes with a lot of choices on how to better market your product. Its three main pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic Shopify ($13 per month): This includes an eCommerce website, 24/7 assistance from the Shopify team, a sales channel, gift cards, and more.

  • Shopify ($54 per month): This includes all of the features from the basic package plus professional reports to help with your decision-making. Professional reports include insights and relevant statistics about your site.

  • Advanced Shopify ($107 per month): The plan includes all features from Basic Shopify and Shopify with the addition of an advanced report builder and third-party calculated shipping rates.

If you are just starting and have no budget for a physical store, then establishing a store on Shopify may be the better option. Shopify offers a 14-day trial period, after which you can either decide to push through with the platform or cancel your plan.

What Jobs Use Shopify?

According to a statistical report by Website Builders, Shopify has more than 200 million users from 175 countries. Eighty-one percent of its traffic comes from mobile devices. The platform is used by online sellers and consumers at a scale that doesn’t seem to be waning.

Jobs like web developers and digital designers make use of Shopify. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that people in this profession earn about $73,760 per year. The job outlook looks good as well, with a projected 8 percent growth in the next 10 years. Other jobs that use Shopify include the following.

  • Shopify Developer. The main responsibility of a Shopify Developer is to create websites through Shopify. He or she is also responsible for customizing and tailoring existing Shopify themes according to the client’s preferences. To qualify for the role, you must have advanced knowledge of front-end programming languages.

  • Web Developer. A web developer builds a functional website by writing, developing, and testing lines of code. Shopify is one way for a web developer to create useful websites for users.

  • Digital Designer. Websites need to look good to capture the attention of the consumers. This is where digital design comes in. They make sure the store’s website is interactive and attracts prospective customers.

  • Front-End Web Developer. Front-end web development entails improving the visuals of a website, making sure that all elements are functional. Some Shopify developers focus on user experience (UX) design specifically. 

  • Online Marketing Specialist. Marketing campaigns are necessary for products to thrive. Online marketing specialists are in charge of developing campaigns through the Shopify website to gain more customers and convert engagement to sales. 

There are many Shopify agencies who employ people with all of these Shopify and ecommerce skills, such as Shopify Plus Partner, Eastside Co.

Steps to Learn Shopify

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How quickly you learn real-time Shopify depends on the level of expertise you’d like to attain.

You don’t need to be a Shopify expert the moment you start your business. However, you do need to learn how to utilize the platform if you want your business to thrive. Most of the time, you learn the intricacies of setting up a Shopify site as you look to expand your business. Still, familiarizing yourself with it as early as possible goes a long way.

How quickly you learn real-time Shopify depends on the level of expertise you’d like to reach. Aside from personal business endeavors, you can also use your acquired skills for other career paths. Below are some of the most basic steps to keep in mind when learning Shopify.

Step 1: Understand Web Design 

Web design is key for a fully-functional website. Launching an online store entails planning the layout of the website for easy navigation. What elements should you include? What are their functions? Also, how should they appear on the screen?

While Shopify allows you to set up an online shop, it’s still important to have a working knowledge of web design. This will help you build an optimized website and help your consumers purchase your products with ease. 

Step 2: Learn HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the main building blocks of website design and development. This applies even to Shopify. Aesthetics and functionality go hand-in-hand in creating a Shopify website. If a website looks pleasing to the eyes, then a user feels at ease and assured that the transaction will go smoothly.

The Internet is filled with courses, paid and free, that teach you how to utilize programming languages for a variety of uses, including web development.

Step 3: Study Effective Digital Design

An effective digital design includes carefully curated digital content for the website. You need to establish which colors would be good to mix and match. Just by looking, a customer must immediately absorb the vibe that you are going for with your Shopify site.

To create good designs, you should familiarize yourself with photo and video editing. There are a lot of available programs that you can utilize for these. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are some of the commonly used programs for digital design.

Step 4: Get Familiar with Insights and Analytics

Part of Shopify’s plans is to provide insights and analytics on your website. These are not just numbers that you read on a report. Rather, these numbers can give you an idea of how you can increase your sales, maintain or expand your target market, and improve your products or services. 

Shopify serves as your point of sale, so you should grab every opportunity that you can with it. These analytics come in real-time, making it easy to strategize and optimize your website. To get the most out of these insights, sign up for a data analytics bootcamp.

The Best Online Courses to Learn Shopify

Shopify training is available online if you are looking to improve your skills. These courses are also accessible to those who are just starting and aiming to launch a store on their own. 

While the platform does have its help center, Shopify Support, that can help you set up shop, having a grasp of Shopify’s intricacies will help speed up the process. Listed below are some of the Shopify training courses that you can check out.

Build a Shopify Dropshipping Business from Scratch

This course teaches you how to utilize Shopify as a platform for worldwide business reach. It shows how to build your Shopify store and how to convert engagements to sales. The curriculum also includes a lecture on how to keep track of profits and losses.

Getting Started with Shopify

Through this course, you will learn how to grow your business through Shopify and make it profitable. It focuses on improving the design of your website for better user engagement. More importantly, it offers tips on how you can start your site with a $0 budget.

Shopify Ecommerce for Marketers

The main focus of this short lesson lies in creating content through email marketing and other Shopify affiliate programs. You will learn more about SEO to help you get more traffic on your website. Put another way, this course teaches you how to convert traffic into sales.

Google Analytics for Shopify: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

This course is all about linking Google Analytics and Shopify to yield better insights and user engagement for a website. You will learn about Google Analytics and how to analyze gathered data. You will also be oriented to the world of paid ads on the Internet, including Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Why Learn Shopify?

Learning Shopify will allow you to use all of its features to grow your business. Shopify provides a long-term space where you can grow your business. Aside from social media, platforms like Shopify are the primary playing field for gaining customers and increasing sales. 

Statistics show that Shopify attracts more than 200 million users all over the world. With millions of users as potential customers, take all the chances you can to learn Shopify.

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