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Learn ServiceNow: The Best Courses and Resources

ServiceNow is a cloud computing application platform as a service (aPaaS). It allows businesses to streamline their operations by using the product to easily automate workflow. 

This aPaaS software provides the infrastructure needed to run, develop, and manage a set of applications. Learning ServiceNow and mastering the digital workflows it makes possible is simple. To make it even easier, sign up for some basic ServiceNow training courses.

Cloud services such as ServiceNow can help an organization manage its IT operations, resolve security risks, respond to customer queries quicker, and build apps in a short timeframe. Whether you work in operations management, HR, IT, or even customer service, you can use ServiceNow to improve your workflow.

What Is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a productivity tool for small businesses and large corporations, and has benefits for both employees and customers. Founded by businessman Fred Luddy, ServiceNow was created to enhance companies’ IT service management abilities. ServiceNow is unique in its approach because it unites all departments within a company, from customer service to HR to security.

ServiceNow is also a ticketing tool used to process and collect customer service requests. This aPaaS software enables a company to resolve these requests quickly and at low cost.

What Jobs Use ServiceNow?

Below are some of the positions within a business that can benefit from the ServiceNow platform. The software can be used to optimize these departments in a variety of ways. 

  • Developer. App developers are charged with designing, developing, troubleshooting, and implementing mobile apps and web apps on a particular platform. A ServiceNow developer will manage architectural changes to the platform to make it more user-friendly. 

  • DevOps. Employees who work with DevOps can use the platform to conduct detailed business analyses, connect development tools to be used for change management, and more. DevOps teams that use Agile can also simplify their team’s organization by syncing Agile items with ServiceNow.

  • Operations manager. IT operations managers can use ServiceNow to review infrastructure and apps on the cloud. It helps with service mapping, detecting issues with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), optimizing strategies, and minimizing risks.

  • Cloud-based security. ServiceNow brings together the data and processes shared among IT, security, and risk teams. Due to improved workflows, anyone working in IT security can quickly respond to security threats.

  • Human resources. HR teams can use ServiceNow to streamline work experiences for both remote and in-office teams. With it, they can manage documentation, employee relations, and fulfill requests, all in one place. 

  • Customer service. ServiceNow can be used to improve customer engagement by solving issues quickly. It also boosts problem-solving capabilities by connecting teams of employees. The platform also has a feature called Predictive Intelligence, which uses machine learning to recommend solutions for customers and identify trends.

5 Steps to Learn ServiceNow

There are some simple steps that IT and management professionals can follow to guide them toward becoming a ServiceNow pro.

1. Getting Familiar With ServiceNow

Getting familiar with other cloud services will help you get an understanding of ServiceNow. You can begin by comparing ServiceNow with other types of cloud providers, including in Software as a System, Infrastructure as a Service, and Platform as a Service.

There are plenty of great tutorials online that you can use to explore these other platforms. You can also look at the ServiceNow website to get an idea of how it can be used to boost productivity, and help you improve as a developer. It can also help your company start using AI to automate tasks.

2. Learn ServiceNow Applications

Now you can start looking into the applications offered on the Now Platform. Learn how to navigate ServiceNow’s customer service interface, including its Service Portal, Incidents Pages, and Reports. You can also explore the applications offered in HR, IT, Security, and Intelligent Apps.

3. Do ServiceNow Training

There is plenty of online training offered for this enterprise cloud management platform. This includes professional ServiceNow certifications that will impress prospective employers, and simple tutorials for novices.

Before you take a test to get certified, it is a good idea to study the basics of ServiceNow through courses and resources, including books or YouTube videos.

4. Understand the Different Workflows

There are different ServiceNow IT workflows depending on which department you work in, including service management, business management, asset management, HR service delivery, operation management, field service management, customer service management, and app engine.

You should study how the workflows differ to decide which is essential to your job. Then, start practicing with the relevant applications. 

5. Network With ServiceNow Professionals

To get a better understanding of the platform, you should talk with other professionals and practice using ServiceNow. You can join ServiceNow groups on LinkedIn, or check out ServiceNow’s user groups to get involved with groups in your area.

The Best Courses to Learn ServiceNow

a silver laptop next to a person’s hand holding a coffee and a black notebook and pen.
There are many paths you can take to learn ServiceNow online. 

Before you do anything else, check out the company’s very own YouTube channel, which contains lots of great content for beginners. There is also a ServiceNow Community YouTube channel, where you can ask experts for advice during live streams, and find great tips on how to use the platform.

But whether you are looking for a quick overview of the platform or a full-blown certification course, there are many ways to learn ServiceNow. You can cover every aspect of the software by checking out the courses, lectures, and labs below.

ServiceNow Training and Certifications

Once you have started using the platform, it’s a good idea to look through some training courses provided by ServiceNow. Even if you are not ready to take a certification exam, you can get an idea of what formal training is offered for the platform.

ITSM Training

The Now Platform offers training in IT, HR, customer service, and all other Now Platform areas. Whether you are a beginner or are seeking advanced training, the company will have a training option that is right for you.

You can select courses based on your position or department, or the particular ServiceNow product that you use. You can also choose training based on the certification exam that you plan to take in the future. 

ServiceNow Fundamentals

This three-day interactive course is for those in organizational roles that use the Now Platform. For $2,400, students will learn about the user interface, database schema, and applications, as well as how to introduce advanced features like scripting and application development.

Knowledge 2020 – On-Demand

Browse more than 1,000 sessions, breakouts, and labs from last year’s ServiceNow conference to see how you can improve your workflow. Although Knowledge 2020 is over, you should keep your eyes peeled for Knowledge 2021.

Other ServiceNow Course Providers

Below are some other providers who offer reputable training and certifications in ServiceNow. These range from beginner to expert levels.

LinkedIn – Learning ServiceNow Online

Instructor Jim Kerrigan shows ServiceNow users how to best apply the platform’s task management functions. He goes over the ServiceNow life cycle and helps you get acquainted with the user interface, applications, and modules. You will also learn how to create lists of records and reports, and how to find your tasks.

SPOC: Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals

In this course, you will learn how to script in ServiceNow using the JavaScript API, and how to modify the behavior of an instance. This training features lectures, discussions, and practice sessions. Students will create, test, and debug both client-side and server-side scripts using lab exercises.

SPOC: System Administration Advanced

This training walks students through theoretical and practical knowledge in a series of lectures and lab sessions. During the training, you will have the chance to complete tasks and implement workflows on the Now Platform.

Resources: Expanding Your ServiceNow Knowledge

You can become a better ServiceNow developer by checking out these guides on learning JavaScript or by attending a Java bootcamp.

There are also plenty of books online and in bookstores that will help you learn the Now Platform. For example, you might want to pick up Learning ServiceNow, now in its second edition, by Tim Woodruff.

It is also a good idea to refer back to the ServiceNow website if you want to practice building apps for your organization.

Why Learn ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an exciting tool used by businesses worldwide to improve workflow. Learning how to use it can be hugely beneficial, especially if you work in IT or want to boost your overall knowledge of cloud platform services.

Whether you are employed in operations management, HR, network security, or customer service, you can become a better employee by learning how to use this modern service. Now, it’s time to go get some experience with the platform, and help your business improve workflows with ease.

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