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Learn Quantum Computing: The Best Courses and Resources

Quantum computing can contribute significantly to military intelligence, aerospace, finance, discovery, big data research, digital manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. Learning more about this topic will increase not only your skills but also your career prospects. More and more companies are abandoning the classical approach to computing.

Building a quantum computer is not an easy process. You will need a team of engineers, scientists, and physicists to execute the operations. However, they have the power to revolutionize computation and make challenging problems seem easy.  

Learning about the topic will require you to be passionate, dedicated, and visionary. The field is not as extensive as it should be. It is still at the nascent stages and has just shifted from a theoretical aspect. 

This means that its relevance is going to extend for many more decades. Currently, people with experience or knowledge about the field are undeniably important.

What Is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is the extensive use of quantum phenomena, for instance, superposition and entanglement, to perform computation processes. The computers which are responsible for these processes are known as quantum computers. They can solve complex computational problems.

There are different models of quantum computers. There are adiabatic quantum computers, one-way quantum computers, quantum Turing machines, and quantum circuit models. The most prevalent computer is the quantum circuit. It utilizes quantum bits or qubits to manipulate information of a large number of quantum mechanical phenomena.

Companies such as Google, Baidu, AT&T, Alibaba, IBM, and many others are at the top of the field of quantum computing. IBM Quantum experience provides clients with cloud-based software to access the quantum computers at any given point. There are plenty of resources on their site to help you adopt this modern way of doing things.

What Jobs Use Quantum Computing Skills?

There are plenty of opportunities for graduates in different industries. The relevance of this skill is relatively extensive in tech jobs and companies. Graduates can access opportunities that they are passionate about easily. Below are some of the available career paths for you.

  • Ethical Hacking. Hackers are becoming more shrewd every day. This means companies need to develop new measures to curb security threats. Quantum computers can help in creating private keys for encryption using binary values.

  • Environment Conservation. Through technology, we will be able to reduce emissions significantly. It will develop better methods of energy production and prevent the looming destruction of the environment. 

  • Health and Medicine. Using quantum computers, you can transform the healthcare and medicine field. It will improve the simulations for drug development and thus reduce the mortality rate.

  • Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is still based on classic computers. However, the growth of quantum computers will stimulate development in this particular field. 

Steps to Learn Quantum Computing

Learning quantum computing is not as challenging as you may expect. Use these simple steps to become an expert in the field:

1. Computer Programming

Before you learn about this topic, you will need foundational knowledge in traditional computer programming. There are many easy programming languages you should learn. There are also plenty of tools available for you to learn coding, as well as different coding bootcamps

2. Learn Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and Physics are the basis of computing. You must earn calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and calculus to maneuver around the topic. The laws in Physics will be instrumental in helping you develop algorithms and simulators of quantum.

3. Computer Science Course and Resources

It would be best if you enrolled in a course in programming language and quantum fundamentals. There are plenty of available courses in this guide to help you learn the different aspects of computing. You can use IBM’s online quantum computers to familiarise yourself further.

4. Join a Community of Developers

It may seem like an unnecessary stage, but you need experts in the field to help you grow. These platforms are essential, especially for beginners, to create tangible connections with relevant people in the industry. You will expand your knowledge, skills, and experience by associating with experts in the field.

5. Apply for Internship 

There are many opportunities available for you to learn about the topic. You can gain a lot of knowledge and experience from an internship opportunity. 

The Best Courses to Learn Quantum Computing

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There are several online quantum computing courses to help you master the field.

Today, businesses and companies alike are seeking individuals with skills in quantum computing. They are necessary for optimizing processes that have significant data. Using quantum computers can help speed up processing power while handling different variables. 

Learning quantum computing will significantly increase your chances of employment and promotion. There are several online resources in place to help you gain knowledge about the topic. Below are 10 of the best available quantum computing online courses:

MicroMasters Program in Quantum Technology: Computing

  • Provider: Purdue University
  • Cost: $4,725
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time:9 months

You will learn how to describe basic quantum phenomena. You will also know the different engineering challenges of computation. The course is also instrumental in teaching the analysis of varying quantum computing architectures. 

The course features an introduction to quantum science, superconducting circuits applied quantum computing 1 and 2, quantum detectors, and applied quantum computing fundamentals. It’s a five graduate-level course program with expert instruction. 

The Building Blocks of a Quantum Computer

  • Provider: edX
  • Cost: $149
  • Prerequisite: Familiarity with math and scientific contents
  • Time: 6 weeks

You will get an overview of the building blocks of a quantum computer. You will also learn how solid-state qubits work. The four qubits are Silicon spin qubits, diamond NV center qubits, topological qubits, and Transmon qubits. 

The number of qubits significantly affects the performance of a computer. You will also learn how quantum gates perform in qubit implementations.

Quantum Computing: The Big Picture

  • Provider: Pluralsight
  • Cost: N/A
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time:30 minutes

This is an excellent course to help you learn all there is about quantum computing. You will get to know about the different concepts of quantum computing, best practices, and business prospects.

Quantum Computing: Theory to Simulation and Programming

  • Provider: Udemy
  • Cost: $9.99
  • Prerequisite: Knowledge of linear algebra
  • Time: 5 weeks

In this course program, you will learn about the fundamentals of quantum physics and quantum simulations. It features four modules that are essential for you to grasp the basics of the topic. The Quantum Computing Basics course deals with the difference between the conventional computer and quantum computer.

You will also cover quantum physics as a module to understand different quantum phenomena, quantum entanglement, and quantum tunneling. You will attain a good grasp of Cirq and wave Leap.  

Introduction to Quantum Computing 

  • Provider: Saint Petersburg State University
  • Cost: Free
  • Prerequisite: Knowledge of linear algebra
  • Time: 5 weeks

It’s an excellent course to get the basics of quantum computing. You will learn the mathematical model of quantum computers as well as build a simple quantum machine. In this particular class, you will also learn the different algorithms designed for quantum computers undergoing development. 

Quantum Computing Introduction

  • Provider: edX
  • Cost: Free
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time: 6 weeks

The program is designed for you to understand the fundamentals of quantum computing and the internet. You will explore superposition, entanglement, qubits, and their impact on technological advancement. You will also tackle machine learning, encryption, factorization, secure communication, and quantum chemistry.

You will learn the basics of quantum, including the terminologies. You will also understand the potential advantages of the topic and challenges. The course has no prerequisites to acquire the certification.

Physical Basics of Quantum Computing

  • Provider: Saint Petersburg State University
  • Cost: Free
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time:9 hours

This branch of Physics is rapidly evolving. This course will help you understand its application, implementation, and different processes. You will learn the basics of quantum informatics, physical law, and fundamental mathematical principles. You will also learn about quantum parallelism, quantum interference, and quantum entanglement.

Students can easily master the modern mathematical apparatus of quantum mechanics. They also learn about the essential algorithms and protocols for transmitting and processing quantum information. The course entails six modules covering crucial areas of the topic.

Quantum Computing. Less Formulas – More Understanding

  • Provider: Saint Petersburg State University
  • Cost: N/A
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time:8 hours

This is a great introductory course to quantum computing that is based on physics and experiments. You will learn the computational power of a quantum computer and the process of implementing it. You will also learn how to justify the mathematical models experimentally. You will also learn the mathematical language of quantum mechanics. 

Programming a Quantum Computer with Qiskit

  • Provider: Coursera
  • Cost: Free
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time:2 hours

In this guide, you can conduct basic operations on matrices and vectors. You should manipulate Qubits and Represent on the Bloch Sphere after this course. You will have an in-depth understanding of Quantum Gates and building quantum Circuits.

It’s a multidisciplinary project for computer scientists, physics students, and programmers. If you have a deep interest in Quantum Computation, this course will be an excellent platform to help you familiarize yourself. You will be able to use different Quantum Algorithms to outperform classical variants. 

Introduction to Quantum Computing for Everyone

  • Provider: The University of Chicago
  • Cost: $199
  • Prerequisite: N/A
  • Time: 5 weeks

The syllabus features superposition, measurement, quantum circuits, qubit representation, quantum operations, and QIS applications and Hardware. You will also familiarize yourself with Multi-Qubit Operations, Matrix Multiplication, and EntanglementDeutsch’s Algorithm.

The explorations of computational problems in this course will help you gain a deeper understanding. Classical computers are usually unable to tackle these problems but a computational computer. The instructor will also teach linear algebra operations to help you calculate operation results.

Why Learn Quantum Computing? 

Quantum computing gives us the hope of solving the most challenging problems in the world. Through it, healthcare, agriculture, climate, energy, and even science solve key issues daily. The ability to revolutionize computation by making different types of classically unsolvable problems is fascinating.

Established companies and a few startups have functioning quantum computers that have up to 10 qubits. Some of these computers are accessible through the cloud. This shows you that computation is evolving and slowly becoming more widespread.

As a computer scientist, the courses can easily transform you into an industry pioneer. Companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft demonstrate their quantum supremacy in hybrid technology. 

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