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Learn Infusionsoft: The Best Courses and Resources

In today’s era of user interaction, the success of a business lies in optimal customer relationship management (CRM) systems. A business is only successful if it builds a loyal customer base. Aspects like marketing, a good landing page, and user-friendly and ethical design are crucial elements of success, which will be open to you if you learn Infusionsoft. 

Infusionsoft, by Keap, is a CRM software intended to help small business owners manage their valuable data, employ marketing automation strategies, and ultimately become more profitable. Infusionsoft training will open up many career opportunities in marketing and CRM, helping you become more tech-savvy and business-savvy.

Keep reading this article to find the best ways to start learning Infusionsoft.

What Is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a cloud-based software that provides marketing, sales, CRM, and automation solutions. The software sends automated marketing updates to the company’s user base and can be used to send emails, texts, faxes, letters, and voicemails.

Infusionsoft is usually used by small to medium-sized companies, with around 10-50 employees, and a huge potential customer base. The small size of these companies makes reaching out to millions of potential customers almost impossible. That’s where Infusionsoft comes to their rescue. Companies like United World Way, QA Limited, and Road Runner Sports Inc. use the software to reach their customers. 

The best part of the software is that it allows you to modify and customize large amounts of content for millions of users. Using the software you can even tell if a user has opened a sent email, or clicked on a link. This data is critical for a business to understand, improve, and tailor the content according to every individual customer. 

The software is also responsible for monitoring and analyzing the company’s CRM systems. Infusionsoft is known to have an elite CRM system that helps organizations integrate and manage user interaction. This data collection then helps companies create productive user interaction and user experience design. 

Infusionsoft helps immensely with data analytics and eCommerce. Learning this software will make you competitive for some of the best tech jobs

What Jobs Use Infusionsoft Skills?

There are many types of jobs that use Infusionsoft skills, including marketing, IT, user communications, and many more. Knowing how to use this software will help boost your career opportunities in today’s job market. Below are some jobs that use Infusionsoft. 

  • CRM Specialist. As a CRM specialist, you are responsible for monitoring and analyzing the company and its user interactions. The users include past, present, and future potential customers. You are expected to find marketing opportunities using customer behavior and interaction. 

You are expected to study data on user time spent and website activity. You must also study overall account details to find the most optimal business solutions. As a CRM specialist, you must know how to use the software’s tools and framework for content management. 

  • Digital Marketing Manager. The entire point of this platform is to provide marketing solutions using digital data in cloud environments. To become a digital marketing manager, you must be prepared to come up with innovative and attention-grabbing advertisements. 

You must know how to use the automation and customization tools that Infusionsoft offers. You could even choose, as many professionals do, to pursue a career as a freelance Infusionsoft marketing specialist. 

  • Data Analyst and Manager. To efficiently use CRM systems, one has to be an expert in data science. You must know how to correctly analyze and manage big data for the company’s benefit. You are also required to provide solutions for optimal operation and design performance. 

You can learn big data by taking courses online. Infusionsoft provides tools and frameworks for data scientists to use their CRM system effectively. Mastering this software will boost your portfolio and help you stand out in the CRM and marketing field. 

  • Customer Happiness Expert. At first glance, this job title might seem casual. However, we assure you this is a very important and high-prospect job. As a customer happiness expert, you will deal with customer interaction and experience. 

Depending on the company, your role will vary, but all will have optimal user experience in common. As a happiness expert, you will often be required to use Infusionsoft to help customize user data. You will also use the software to modify details after a one-on-one interaction with the user. 

Steps to Learn Infusionsoft

Learning Infusionsoft requires in-depth business management, customer relations, and data analysis skills. If you already possess these background skills then learning this software will be a quick process. 

If you are a beginner, however, it will be a slightly more complex and challenging process. You will need to be dedicated and follow the step-by-step guide below to start the learning process. 

1. Learn about Business and Customer Management 

Depending on your area of interest, you should first start by familiarizing yourself with business concepts and customer data management. This is crucial to understanding Infusionsoft, as the platform is designed to aid CRM and marketing systems. 

There are plenty of business management bootcamps and courses you can enroll in to get started. You can also enroll in digital marketing bootcamps courses.

2. Get the Infusionsoft Free Trial 

The next step is to find out everything you can about the software. You can start by signing up for the free trial for Infusionsoft to learn about it. You can explore the platform and learn using the free tutorials, demos, and videos offered by the company. This step is instrumental in making the learning process easier. 

3. Enroll in Infusionsoft Training Courses

After taking a peek at the platform, it is time to enroll in the software courses. Your field of interest will determine the course you choose. However, it is important to enroll in a basics course before moving on to the advanced options. Choose hands-on courses so you can practice while gaining theoretical knowledge. 

4. Practice and Join Infusionsoft Communities

You must practice what you have learned. Join Infusionsoft communities to find out the best open-source platforms to practice the software application. If you feel comfortable in the subject, consider taking freelance Infusionsoft jobs to amp up your portfolio. 

You can build long-lasting and helpful connections by networking with like-minded individuals. These connections can help you strengthen your software knowledge.  

5. Get Certifications

The last, but perhaps most important step, is to get certified as an Infusionsoft specialist. This will allow you to pursue careers related to marketing, CRM, and cloud computing. Just make sure to enroll in reputed Infusionsoft certification courses.

The Best Courses to Learn Infusionsoft

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Infusionsoft provides the best CRM system solutions to small and mid-scale businesses.

Learning Infusionsoft is a valuable step for your digital marketing and CRM systems career. You can learn this software online by taking advantage of the plethora of resources available. You can choose to learn using books, bootcamps, or other courses. 

We recommend starting with online courses as this will give you the practical skills the software requires. Below are the top online courses you can enroll in to learn Infusionsoft.

Learning Path: Learning Infusionsoft

  • Provider: Udemy
  • Cost: Varies
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of the integration of business and programming languages
  • Time: 8.5 hours 

This Udemy course will teach you how to make optimal use of Infusionsoft applications for eCommerce and sales improvement. You will learn new and exciting strategies to impress your customer base, and how to successfully sell products online. 

The course will teach you how to create leads using social media. This will help you attain valuable digital marketing and user interaction data. You will earn a certificate of completion at the end of the course. 

Want to Learn How to Use Infusionsoft Like Top Internet Marketers? 

  • Provider: MMMastery
  • Cost: $197/month
  • Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with business tech concepts 
  • Time: Self-Paced

MMMastery offers this excellent training course on marketing using the Infusionsoft application. You will learn the basics of the software and understand how to efficiently utilize it.

This training course, broken into three stages, gradually moves into more advanced topics of the software following the initial beginner stage. Stage two covers implementation, and includes modules on eCommerce, opportunity management, and partner referral programs. The third stage covers marketing strategies for optimal performance. 

Get Started Quickly (and Easily) with Infusionsoft

  • Provider: Udemy
  • Cost: $99.99
  • Prerequisites: Access to the Infusionsoft platform 
  • Time: 5.5 hours 

As the name of the course suggests, this class will teach you the basics of the software. The course is structured in a concise and clear manner. You will learn how to navigate the software platform confidently and understand the ins and outs of the program. 

You will learn how to create the best marketing content and sell products on the eCommerce platform. You will also learn how to create a sales pipeline, launch a campaign, and manage data.

Infusionsoft by Keap

  • Provider: YouTube
  • Cost: Free
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Time: Self-Paced

This official Keap YouTube page has a wide range of videos covering almost every aspect of the software. Although this video tutorial doesn’t strictly fall under a course section, this is a great learning method. 

You can start by learning the basics of marketing, CRM systems, and the overall Infusionsoft applications. The channel also has expert tips and tricks on marketing strategies. We recommend taking the time to look through this channel. 

Master Class in Infusionsoft

  • Provider: Udemy 
  • Cost: $94.99
  • Prerequisites: Active Infusionsoft account
  • Time: 5.5 hours 

This is an excellent course to learn the basics of Infusionsoft. You will learn all the features of the software and how to order forms and subscriptions. You will also learn how to manage customer data to produce the most effective marketing campaigns and receive a better return on investment. 

Why Learn Infusionsoft? 

If you find yourself intrigued by marketing and business customer relationships, then learning Infusionsoft will prove beneficial for you. This software has changed the way we perceive user interactions. Today businesses use this software to provide the best possible service and marketing to their potential consumers. 

The software also gives small entrepreneurs and businesses a fighting chance in the world of Fortune 500 domination. You should learn Infusionsoft if you own a small business or want to work for one. The demand for Infusionsoft specialists is constantly rising, which you can use to your advantage in your quest to grow your business. 

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