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Learn Bootstrap: The Best Courses and Resources

As a web developer, you have likely encountered an issue where your websites are not translating well from large devices onto mobile devices. Whether the issue is on the button groups, background color, list items, input fields, or even the progress bar, we’re sure it can be extremely frustrating to you. Luckily, there’s an easy way to solve this problem: learn Bootstrap. 

Bootstrap is a platform that’s relatively simple to use and will help you significantly in the long run. To get you started, we created this guide with everything from what Bootstrap is, its uses, the career opportunities attached to it, and the best Bootstrap courses for you to enroll in.

What Is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a free and open-source web framework most commonly used for creating responsive websites, or websites that shrink or grow depending on the device at use. Too confusing? Here’s an example. Say you accessed your website on your laptop and saw perfectly aligned content. You can easily navigate the site, and all elements are in their right places. Now, say you open the same site on your phone. Suddenly, you find yourself pinching and zooming to see anything. Bootstrap can fix that.

Bootstrap can be used for everything from setting form controls and card bodies to adjusting media objects and list groups. Essentially, this framework is a one-stop-shop for those hoping to take their web pages to the next level to improve user experience. If you need your site to translate across all devices seamlessly, Bootstrap is the way to go.

What Jobs Use Bootstrap?

Though you can use Bootstrap for personal projects, Bootstrap is also a vital toolkit in the professional world. Below is a list of jobs that use Bootstrap.

  • Front-End Developer. As a front-end developer, you’ll spend your workdays focusing on the user side of web pages and applications. With Bootstrap, you can easily translate user-friendly features across all platforms. This is a skill highly valued by employers as it reduces the development time.

  • Full-Stack Developer. As a full-stack developer, you can easily see both the front end and back end working together seamlessly with Bootstrap.

  • Web Engineer. As a web engineer, you’ll explore the more technical and hands-on aspect of building various websites and web applications. Bootstrap eases these tasks as it quickly improves the front-end user interface.

  • Coding or Web Development Instructor. One of the less considered jobs you can get with strong experience in Bootstrap is a role as a coding or web development instructor. You can teach at web development bootcamps or create web design courses for online learning platforms, such as Udemy. You may just need a degree, typically at a graduate level, to get started.

Steps to Learn Bootstrap

To fully learn Bootstrap, we recommend following these five steps. While these steps are not the only way you can learn this toolkit, these help for a fantastic start.

1. Download Bootstrap

Of course, the very step to learning how to use Bootstrap is to have the toolkit at hand. Luckily, Bootstrap is a completely free framework, so this step requires no payment and no commitment to learning right away.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Bootstrap Templates and Components

Once you have Bootstrap downloaded and installed, you can begin to explore the framework and familiarize yourself with its templates and components. During this step, determine the layout of the framework to make future learning much easier.

3. Enroll in Bootstrap Courses

Once you have an understanding of the Bootstrap framework, enroll in a few Bootstrap courses. There are a plethora of online options out there that teaches Bootstrap comprehensively. Enroll in as many as you see fit to properly master the framework.

4. Test Your Skills on Simple Projects

Begin applying what you learned. Test your Bootstrap skills on simple projects and improve them gradually without risk. This is an excellent way to not only practice but also begin seeing the actual impact of Bootstrap in action.

5. Keep Practicing on More Complex Projects

Now that you have experience applying Bootstrap to minor projects, begin implementing your skills at work. Consistently using Bootstrap on various projects allows you to not only practice but also build an impressive portfolio.

The Best Courses to Learn Bootstrap

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Bootstrap quickly creates responsive websites and reduces the development time.

Just as how Bootstrap values speed and efficiency, so do we. Below a list of our favorite Bootstrap courses to accelerate your learning. Soon, you’ll find yourself creating dynamic and flexible websites.

WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap

Since Bootstrap is designed to build responsive web pages, it is commonly used alongside WordPress by WordPress developers. That’s why this Udemy course is a fantastic option for anyone seeking to learn Bootstrap. For $129.99, you’ll transform from an absolute beginner to a Bootstrap pro. By the end of this course, you will be designing custom web pages with ease.

Bootstrap 4 with Sass

Offered by LinkedIn Lynda, this course is a great way to further develop your skills in both Bootstrap and Sass. Bootstrap is well-known for offering great front-end frameworks and, when combined with Sass, can create unique and user-friendly web pages. 

Responsive Web Design Essentials – HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

As you likely know, it is imperative to learn HTML, learn CSS, and learn JavaScript before learning Bootstrap. This Skillshare course will teach you all about HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, and how these three interact with each other. 

While you will have to pay for a Skillshare membership to enroll in this class, the membership will also cover dozens of other interesting courses.

Learn Bootstrap

For those looking for more intensive learning, this Bootstrap bootcamp program offered by Codecademy is a great option. This program takes the average user around three hours to complete. But, those three hours will be spent intensively studying the ins and outs of Bootstrap. You will receive a certificate upon completion to show off your new skills.

Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4

Coursera offers an awesome course about front-end web UI frameworks in Bootstrap. This course is offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Enrollment to the program guarantees a quality education about grids and responsive design that can be achieved using Bootstrap.

Bootstrap 4 Essential Training

This is another awesome LinkedIn Lynda course you can enroll in. This course is designed for both web design and Bootstrap beginners. You will spend approximately seven hours learning the ins and outs of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how they interact with Bootstrap frameworks to create beautiful websites.

Build Beautiful Websites Faster and Easier Using Bootstrap 4

Maximize your Skillshare membership with this course. It offers nearly 10 hours of instructional videos and includes a hands-on project to aid your learning. Upon completion of this course, you will have learned all the skills necessary to build websites and completed a project to add to your portfolio.

Learn CSS and Create Websites Using Bootstrap

The Skillshare courses just keep coming. This is another class you can enroll in with a Skillshare membership. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of both CSS and Bootstrap and how to use the two to create aesthetically pleasing websites. This course takes roughly two hours to complete but can be done at your own pace.

Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With Five Projects

This Bootstrap training course offered by Udemy costs $129.99 and offers 11.5 hours of on-demand instructional videos. Throughout the course, you will practice Bootstrap by completing five different projects, all of which can be added to your portfolio.

Bootstrap 4 Layouts: Responsive Single-Page Design

Since Lynda offers many great courses, it is no surprise to see this course as one of our favorites. This course focuses on the different templates offered in Bootstrap and how you can use them to create responsive, single-page web designs. By the end of this approximately three-hour-long course, you’ll have an intermediate understanding of how Bootstrap works.

The Bootstrap 4 Bootcamp

Finally, this Udemy course offers 11.5 hours of on-demand instructional videos for those in a rush to learn the software. By the end of this course, you will have mastered all of the different Bootstrap components. At the time of writing, this course costs $124.99, but as you likely know, Udemy prices are subject to frequent changes. 

Why Learn Bootstrap?

Learning Bootstrap is a fantastic way to boost your career in the web development and web design fields. As more companies work toward building their online presence, there’s been an increasing emphasis on generating a strong and positive user experience. 

Bootstrap helps guarantee this with its ability to create a seamless experience across a range of devices. If you want to become a web designer or developer who can deliver efficient websites, learn Bootstrap now.  

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