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LEARN Academy Full-time Web Developer Review

When you survey the job market, it’s easy to see that high-tech jobs such as full stack developers bring home top salaries. There are plenty of schools ready to give you the training you need to compete for the best web development jobs, but it can be tough to find the one that offers everything you want. LEARN Academy has been educating tech hopefuls for years, and their full-time web development course offers students a comprehensive package that prepares new coders for the workforce. So, is this the perfect course for your needs and learning goals?

Our review of the LEARN Academy’s full-time web developer course takes a deep dive into the details of this training to help you get a handle on your options. The school has responded to COVID-19 by taking their learning online, so this is a perfect time to check out our guide to see if the course is right for you. We give you info on the school as well as the course curriculum, costs, and payment options. Who knows? You might discover that coding isn’t hard to learn and will be able to leave self-isolation with a new career underway.

School Overview

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LEARN Academy has a physical presence in San Diego but offers its web developer course online.

LEARN Academy got its start in 2015 and was co-founded by Rob Kaufman and Matt Clark, who partnered in a Ruby on Rails consultancy firm. They recognized that bootcamp training, coupled with internship programs, was the future of software development training. They brought on co-founder Chelsea Kaufman and established LEARN Academy to put their theory into practice. The coding school is based in San Diego, and the COVID-19 outbreak has shifted its training to a remote learning environment.

Full-Time Web Developer

LEARN Academy’s full-time web developer training program is a four-month course that prepares the student for a career designing and programming websites, apps, and more. Web developers are in high demand, and LEARN Academy’s course aims to help fill that need.

What Is Full-Time Web Development?

Every website you visit and the various apps and functions you encounter within those sites require design and development. Web developers are in the frontline of programming for the internet and work in teams to bring client concepts from planning to fruition. Professional web developers fall into three categories: front end developers (who focus on the client-side), backend developers (who work on server-side programming), and full-stack developers (essentially the previous two roles in one).

Web development is a lucrative career, even within the profit-making machine that is the tech industry. It is not hard to see why more and more people are choosing this profession and taking web development and coding classes. The average national wage for web developers is about $69K a year, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Does This Course Cover?

LEARN Academy’s full-time web development bootcamp course aims to produce fully qualified web software programmers. There are two different programs: Jumpstart, a basic course that lasts three days, and the Full-Stack Web Development bootcamp, which takes four months to complete. The later program guarantees the student a one-month internship placement that gives them experience coding alongside seasoned professionals. In fact, for many people, this internship turns into their first job opportunity in the sector.

The school also provides robust career services to get students ready for the job hunt and interview process. This is, in fact, a lifetime perk: even after graduation, the student can always come back to ask for help from their career coach and continue benefiting from the school’s career services.

While attending class, you’ll be learning a plethora of coding languages and tools, including:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL

How Much Does the Full-Time Web Development Course Cost?

Tuition for the course is $14,500. However, the school offers scholarships to help bring costs down. Women, minorities, and active military or veterans all qualify for grants and fee reductions, which can drop the final bill down as much as $3,000.

There is also a college degree discount for those who are changing career paths. Computer science degree holders are also in luck. The school offers a computer science degree discount if you have a computer science degree and feel like LEARN Academy’s real-world coding experience can aid in stepping up your game.

There are two different payment options:

  • Pay up front—Make a lump sum payment before you begin class.
  • Financing—The school partners with SkillsFund and Meritize to help students find loan arrangements they can handle. With SkillsFund, the student can choose between two payment plans. They can defer payments for up to three months after graduation or can do low, interest-only payments until three months after graduation. Meritize also allows students to postpone payments for up to three months after graduation.


The program costs are a little higher than those of some competitors, but the month of internship gives graduates practical experience and a huge boost over students coming from similar training. That results in more hirings and a steadier and more profitable career. And, the school’s recent shift to online learning as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak makes this course a winner for everyone stuck at home.

In all, LEARN Academy’s full-time web developer course is well worth your time and might be the key to unlocking your new career and getting a job in tech. Give them a look-see if you’re interested in establishing your web development and coding bona fides.

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