Learn jQuery and Find the Best jQuery Courses

JQuery training is an excellent way to learn how to simplify the coding process for your web pages and web applications. Although many similar functionalities are built into coding processes, jQuery is still widely used by many web developers.

Since it is used to plug in standard JavaScript website features, developers who learn jQuery can focus on creating other innovative features that will make a website unique.

What Is jQuery?

JQuery is a free open-source Javascript library that makes coding easier. Using the jQuery library, you can find code for features such as HTML document manipulation, animation, and HTML event handling, all in an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) that works on multiple browsers.

This software has changed the way millions of people code in JavaScript, as it makes it possible to condense many lines of Java code into just one line. If you’re interested in starting a high-paying career as a web developer, then learning JavaScript and mastering jQuery is a must.

What Jobs Use jQuery Skills?

Many developer and programming jobs use jQuery to code faster. Below are some top examples of careers that utilize jQuery, each accompanied by a description of how it is used.

  • Web developer. Web developers are in charge of bringing website designs to life. JavaScript is still widely used in web development, despite rumors in the tech community that this language is on its way out. JQuery works behind the scenes, helping developers find existing code for the HTML elements they need.

  • Software engineer. These computer science professionals put their engineering and programming skills to use creating software products, developing computer games, or operating network control systems. Engineers who work with JavaScript use jQuery to reduce their workload while creating dynamic software.

  • Full-stack developer. A full-stack JavaScript developer will have the ability to develop both server and client software. In addition to mastering HTML, CSS, and GitHub, these experts also use jQuery. 

  • Front-end developer. JQuery is king in front-end development. These developers create interactive web features, such as audio and video, games, scrolling functions, and animations. Both JavaScript and jQuery are commonly used in this role to help the developer with document object model (DOM) manipulation, countdown timers, autocomplete search functions, and automatic resizing.

Steps to Learn jQuery 

Unlike many modern frameworks, jQuery is easy to learn. So, if you are applying for a job that requires knowledge of this software, don’t worry. Just follow these five simple steps to wrap your head around this Java library.

1. JQuery Basics

First, you should get to grips with the basics. You will need to learn about the different functions of jQuery. The best way is to take a course on the methods you should use to simplify your code.

2. JQuery Plugins

As fantastic as jQuery is for simplifying functions, its real power lies in its plugins. When combined, they can build unique web functions.

You can find new plugins in many places now, but it is best to use the ones on the official jQuery user interface, as they have been professionally curated by jQuery. Some examples of the plugins you should learn about are Effect, TaggingJS, Autocomplete, ScrollMagic, Slick, and AnimateScroll.

3. Practice

Practice creating website functions using jQuery, either by itself or with plugins. Once you have the basics down, you will still need to spend many hours practicing in order to be comfortable with building projects.

4. Further Knowledge

There are many books, tutorials, and training courses to which you can turn to advance your jQuery knowledge. It will be useful to look further into how HTML DOM events work with JavaScript, and how the jQuery UI works.

The Best Courses to Learn jQuery

a laptop with code on the screen next to a cup and teapot
Once you learn jQuery, your time spent coding will be greatly reduced.

Whether you are a Java beginner or a pro, there are a lot of courses out there that will help you improve your skills in no time. There are no official prerequisites for these courses, but if you have a background in Java, you will be at an advantage. There are several other options available if you are looking for the best JavaScript bootcamps.

FreeCodeCamp: Learn the JavaScript You Need to Build Apps

This is an excellent, free, 28-part course for complete beginners who want to learn how to build applications. In it, you will learn real-world JavaScript skills. You’ll be taught techniques that will help you assess your JavaScript code from the viewpoint of a professional app developer. FreeCodeCamp also has an array of coding resources that you can browse.

Codecademy: Learn jQuery

In this nine-hour course, you will discover that with just HTML and CSS, you can build aesthetically beautiful static web pages. However, if you throw in some JavaScript, you’ll be able to make engaging, dynamic pages with many creative effects.

Udacity: Intro to jQuery

This free two-day Udacity course will teach you how to use jQuery features, DOM element selections, and more. You’ll also learn how to make sense of jQuery’s documentation and take advantage of all of its features.

LinkedIn Learning: jQuery Essential Training

This popular LinkedIn training takes just under four hours to complete. In it, you will learn to add dynamic content, third-party data, or animation to your apps and websites. You will explore how jQuery can be used to manipulate page content, and how to use it in conformity with CSS rules.

The Best Resources to Learn jQuery

You can learn a simple software like jQuery just by viewing and reading online resources. Below are some fantastic resources that will make you a jQuery master in no time. The W3schools website in particular is a great tool for beginners.

The Basics of How It Works

Learn all the fundamentals of jQuery in this step-by-step instruction manual that encourages you to practice as you learn. If you don’t have a test page set up, this tutorial will guide you through how to create an HTML page.

Learn The Syntax

W3schools will walk you through the syntax of jQuery, and how you can create functions on a website using HTML elements. It will guide you through the document ready event and much more. 

JQuery Selectors

Another tutorial from W3schools, jQuery Selectors will demystify the process of choosing and manipulating HTML elements for your webpage. Selectors will help you find the right HTML element based on its name, ID, and class. 


This jQuery tutorial will teach you whether your desired website effect can be created using a built-in setting, or whether it requires customization. You can also use it to learn how to create animations of arbitrary CSS properties.


This tutorial will walk you through how to make your plugins and either use them privately in your code or release them for open-source use. There are plenty of plugins available online, and this resource will show you how to find them.

Why Learn jQuery?

For many, the real question is why should you learn jQuery in 2021? Even if some developers say jQuery is outdated, research shows that it is still used on around 73 percent of the world’s top websites. JQuery is a fast, effective, and easy-to-use Java shortcut. Therefore, it is a very valuable skill if your career involves any JavaScript coding.

If you will be creating more modern apps using frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue, you will probably not need to learn jQuery as these frameworks contain their own similar tools. 

You should research the career you aspire to have, and see if it requires that you learn Java. Remember that it won’t take much time to learn jQuery if you are already familiar with Java. If you are on a career path that deals with open-source applications that already have jQuery built in, like WordPress, then you should start your jQuery learning journey today.

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