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Best JavaScript Events to Learn and Get Support

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, you’ll need support from a developer community to accomplish your career objectives. Popular conferences and events focused on JavaScript offer numerous learning and networking opportunities to help you become a proficient JavaScript developer.

The best JavaScript conferences can help tech leaders create efficient programming environments to increase their team’s productivity. Below are some of the best JavaScript events and conferences you can attend to enhance your skills and climb the software engineering ladder.

What Are JavaScript Events?

JavaScript events are gatherings that focus on the JavaScript programming language. Typically, a core team of event organizers will gather software engineers who are experts in this field to discuss JavaScript trends, technologies, and profitability. These community events may involve several days of workshops, international speakers, and networking sessions.

JavaScript Conferences

JavaScript conferences are formal events where professionals gather to discuss JavaScript-related topics and issues. Conferences will have a scheduled program and are often ticketed events. Attendance is no longer limited to geographical location. Today, you can easily access JavaScript community events and conferences online.

JavaScript Meetups

Meetups are informal events with more relaxed arrangements. Nevertheless, JavaScript meetups focus on important JavaScript topics and issues, such as how to leverage current trends and technologies in JS or the latest developments of large tech companies. These meetups often take place in more casual environments and are typically free to attend.

Benefits of Attending JavaScript Events, Conferences, or Meetups

Supportive programming environments are important for productivity. JavaScript events, conferences, and meetups focus on helping developers and coders of all skill levels. Below are some of the key benefits of attending these events.

  • Career Development. JavaScript conferences, meetups, and events attendees with essential tips and insider knowledge for gaining employment. This exposure ensures they accomplish their career objectives and stay on top of new technology trends.
  • Skill Enhancement. Large conferences often include hands-on workshops. Casual meetups can often involve project collaborations where groups of people can code, problem-solve together, and learn about new developer tools. This is a great way to learn from other coders and observe them while they work.
  • Networking. Every type of event will give you ample opportunity to meet like-minded people and network. More formal events can offer one-on-one interactions with professional JavaScript developers. People often share business cards and contact details at events to help you keep in touch.
  • Job Market. Conferences and events will typically have specific talks on career opportunities and the current job market. Professional coders or senior managers can give valuable insight into current working environments and job availability. Some companies may even use conferences or events to actively seek employees.

Best JavaScript Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List 

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
ConFoo Montreal 2022 February 23 – 25 Montreal, Canada and online Conference $545 – $1,100
SmashingConf SF 2022 March 28 – 31 San Francisco, CA Conference $649 – $699
JavaScript Conferences in Q2 2022
10. StaffPlus New York 2022
April 4 – 5 New York Conference $749 – $1,799
React Miami April 18 – 19 Miami, FL Conference $599 – $899
Open JS World June 7 – 8 Austin, TX Conference Not yet announced
JS Nation June 9 – 11 TBD and Online Conference Not yet announced
React Next 2022 June 28 Online Conference £165
JS and Friends Conference July 29 TBD and Online Conference Not yet announced
NG – CONF 2022 August 29 – September 2 Salt lake City and Online Conference $499 – $1,499
International JavaScript Conference September 25 – 30 London and Online Conference £467 – £1029

Best JavaScript Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

JavaScript events take place all year round in the United States. Numerous international events are available to attend online. Below are some of the best JavaScript conferences, meetups, and events that are happening in 2022.

ConFoo Montreal 2022 | February 23 – 25

  • Location(s): Montreal and Online
  • Cost of Registration: $545 for a 3-day virtual ticket, $845 for a 3-day in-person ticket, $700 for the TensorFlowjs workshop, and $1,100 for the API workshop

ConFoo Montreal has been taking place for the past 20 years. This hybrid event is available for in-person and virtual attendees. ConFoo’s events on the day will include a job fair, free round-table sessions, and keynote speakers. 

If you’ve recently graduated from a coding bootcamp and are looking for a job, you can use this international conference to secure employment. Some of the benefits of attending this event include access to over 155 presentations, a video stream of the entire event, and three remote training workshops.

SmashingConf SF 2022 | March 28 – 31 

  • Location(s): San Francisco
  • Cost of Registration: $649 for a happy ticket and $699 for a regular ticket 

The SmashingConf SF 2022 event is ideal for front-end developers or designers. This friendly and inclusive conference has eight workshops and 14 speakers, including JavaScript experts Cassie Evans, Pablo Stanley, and Brad Frost. These professional speakers will offer valuable content on front-end development and how to create a great user experience. 

Although the conference offers an unrivaled event flow and great content to attendees, it has a limited attendance of 400 people. The event description also demands every attendee be fully vaccinated.

JavaScript Conferences in Q2 2022 10. StaffPlus New York 2022 | April 4 – 5

  • Location(s): New York
  • Cost of Registration: $749 for an early bird ticket, $949 for a standard ticket, and $1,799 for an all-access pass. 

Senior developers and technical leads will benefit greatly from this annual event. It focuses on leadership roles and how to influence your team for optimum performances and results. In addition, attendees enjoy benefits such as collaborating with leading keynote speakers who have vast experience in senior leadership roles. 

The conference provides co-located events for your whole engineering team. In addition, there are numerous workshops available where you can collaborate with others to enhance your technical skills.

React Miami | April 18 – 19

  • Location (s): Miami, FL
  • Cost of Registration: $599 for a super early bird ticket, $599 for a team ticket, and $749 for a regular ticket.

React Miami will take place at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Attendees will enjoy a good event flow with events ranging from expo to keynotes, to pitch competition. This conference is ideal for adventurous and out-going developers since it offers fun activities, mingling exercises, and a great networking space. As a ticket-holder for the React Miami conference, you will also have free access to the eMerge Americas Conference resources. 

Open JS World | June 7 – 8

  • Location(s): Austin, TX
  • Cost of Registration: Not yet announced

The Open JS World event will entail collaboration summits, projects, breakout sessions, keynotes, and training sessions. You will learn how to leverage Native Script for optimal results. 

Whether you just learned how to utilize inline event handlers or have years of experience, you will learn from leading developers of  modern applications. For example, Michaela Laurencin of Microsoft, science fiction author City Doctorow, and Robin Bender Ginn of OpenJS Foundation will be offering talks at this event.

JS Nation | June 9 – 11

  • Location(s): TBD and Online
  • Cost of Registration: Not yet announced

JS Nation is a three-day event that, as of now, has an undisclosed location. Besides the main talks and panel discussions, attendees will be able to take advantage of in-depth workshops where they can learn how to manipulate advanced programming language elements.  

React Next 2022 | June 28

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: £165 

React’s largest conference in Israel is going virtual this year. This community conference offers attendees numerous benefits, including talks from leading professionals from Israel and across the globe. You will also meet consultants and team leaders who have vast experience with dynamic solutions. In addition, there will be product managers assessing how lucrative React and React Native is to businesses.

JS and Friends Conference | July 29 

  • Location(s): TBD and Online
  • Cost of Registration: Not yet announced

The JS and Friends Conference offers 200 JavaScript developers the opportunity to learn new skills and perspectives in a dynamic environment. The small number of attendees allows for detailed discussions and networking. The event combines networking sessions, talks, and a workshop day. The volunteer-run event will focus on JavaScript-based technologies.

NG – CONF 2022 | Aug 29 – Sep 2 

  • Location(s): Salt Lake City and Online
  • Cost of Registration: $499 for a single workshop, $1,299 for early bird tickets, and $1,499 for late bird tickets

This hybrid event will focus on Angular. This year’s conference will cover four main topics. Monorepos, micro front ends, maintainability and quality, and performance and stability. The conference will feature online lectures and workshops facilitated by different industry experts. 

If you are a new developer struggling with coding basics or specific coding issues, you can consult one of the professionals. They will be able to answer any queries you have and where possible provide you with solutions.

International JavaScript Conference | September 25 – 30 

  • Location(s): London and Online
  • Cost of Registration: £467 for the conference day, workshop day, or full-stack day, £926- £1,129 for a 4-day in-person pass (£647 – £1,029 remote pass)

The International JavaScript Conference is offering a hybrid event format to its attendees this year. This event will focus on current JavaScript technologies and industry trends. It will also feature an introduction to practical tools. This will help you develop a great user interface and other dynamic solutions for your clients.

Should I Attend JavaScript Events in 2022? 

If you are a JavaScript professional or if you are looking to learn JavaScript you should attend JavaScript events in 2022. Furthermore, these events will benefit most people in the tech industry as they provide networking opportunities, insider tips, keynote speakers, career opportunities, workshops, and insight on future technologies. 

Mastering a programming language is a great way to kickstart your career. JavaScript conferences are an ideal place to enhance your knowledge, as you will interact with leading JavaScript experts. Furthermore, interacting with the larger JavaScript community will help you become a leading developer or software engineer.

Alternatively, you can enroll in a JavaScript bootcamp. These short-term programs will equip you with the necessary knowledge and in-demand skills to secure a tech job. Upon graduating from a coding bootcamp, you will have the confidence and knowledge to interact with other professionals at JavaScript conferences and further enhance your learning.

JavaScript Events FAQ

What beginner-friendly JavaScript events can I attend in 2022?

Aside from the events mentioned in the above article, you can use websites like Eventbrite to search for JavaScript events in 2022. You can search by location, use your current location, or find online events. 

Are there free JavaScript events?

Yes, there are free JavaScript events you can attend. However, most of these events have limitations so you must read the terms and conditions carefully. You might have to register in advance for some free events. Whereas others might operate on a first come first serve basis.

What is the difference between an event in JavaScript and JavaScript events?

An event in JavaScript is a technical term used within JavaScript coding. It refers to occurrences that take place in a system. For instance, you may have common HTML events in HTML elements. There are multiple types of events, such as mouse events, keyboard events, user interface events, and form events.

JavaScript events are gatherings that take place either online or at a specific location. There are JavaScript events, conferences, and meetups. They all involve different organized events and activities such as keynote speakers, workshops, and round-table discussions.

Where should I study JavaScript?

You can study JavaScript by enrolling in coding bootcamps, taking online tutorials, or through self-learning. Coding bootcamps are fast-paced with a curriculum that is relevant to the job market. So, if you want to enter the tech world soon, you should attend a bootcamp. If you can afford a four-year program, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in software development.

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