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Java Bootcamps

Trying to find the best bootcamp that fits your needs and your style may come as a challenge for some, so here is the latest on how to learn Java programming.

In case you’re wondering, just what exactly IS Java? Java is a general programming language known to be a tool that can run mini-applications inside of web pages and produces bug-free code. It is also an object-oriented language that will teach you how to think like a programmer.  Large-scale systems that the bigger corporations use are built using Java. There is a wide range of schools that offer Java, and while this is a short list of the schools that teach Java, keep doing research to find more. Google is an excellent resource for finding anything we want to learn more about.  Therefore, I encourage you to try every search method possible to find the perfect Java bootcamp that will best suit your needs and financial capabilities. Decide whether you want to learn at your own pace, learn on campus, learn remotely, and either learn full-time or part-time. Once those questions are answered, it will be helpful when looking into all the bootcamps that teach Java. This article is a starting point for a search into learning Java programming.  Hopefully, it will be beneficial in your search to find your learning resource, and get started right away! Read further to see where you can learn Java programming.

Coding Nomads

CodingNomads Logo
Learn Java at Coding Nomads!

Coding Nomads offers several ways to learn Java programming. High-quality Java and Python curricula is offered with a mission that anyone at any stage can learn to code from anywhere in the world. Coding Nomads feature Code Retreats at international destinations where a group of about 12 people is immersed into code in a beautiful area.  While you get to enjoy the amazing weather and scenery, the challenge of learning how to code becomes a once in a lifetime journey.

Coding Nomads offers four pathways to learning how to code using Java.

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  1. Intensive courses that are a fast-paced learning environment where they offer one on one mentorship, and they teach in-demand skills for a complete beginner to become completely proficient and land that dream job in software engineering.
  2. Short Courses of tech-specific modules for the beginner to the intermediate level coder who will, in turn, acquire critical skills needed for the workforce. 
  3. Free Coding Classes for beginners to learn basic coding skills and concepts to determine if coding is the right path to take.  
  4. Coding Retreats are available as previously mentioned, which are international travel destinations where a group of up to 12 students goes somewhere like Bali, as they did last year, and jump right into a Java bootcamp where they are coding in an immersive and exciting nomadic environment.

To read more about this exciting bootcamp got to https://codingnomads.com

Ubiqum Code Academy

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Coders around the world…UNITE!

Ubiqum is another bootcamp that teaches Java. This bootcamp has a methodology of “Learn By Doing.” Their feature difference in other bootcamps is that they have no exams. Ubiqum offers a five-month, on-site, full-time (800 hours) web development with Java bootcamp. Once completing the required hours, they offer career services in order to find work for their students, and they have one-on-one sessions with a Career Advisor and Recruiter to help polish your CV/Resume. The faculty at Ubiqum will also send your CV out to their network of hiring companies to ensure one’s job placement. There are also in house parties and a “Hiring Day” where they bring company recruiters on-site to meet with students in person. Ubiqum has no prerequisite requirements for their bootcamp, however, they simply ask for motivation, passion, dedication, and commitment. This bootcamp has a 98% completion rate and a 96% employment rate. For more about this bootcamp, click the link here to find out more! https://ubiqum.com/

 Flatiron School

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Shine Bright in the Light

This bootcamp has a software engineering program that can be completed online or on campus. Flatiron School has a software engineering program that offers curricula where you will learn the mastery of coding and gain your own understanding of how products actually work.  Your skills will develop in a sense for you to be ready and developed enough to gain employment earning at least $74k a year. If you do not find a successful position within six months, they guarantee you will have your money refunded back to you. Career Coaches are at your services to help build a professional portfolio, and they claim to be 100% transparent with a job reporting through third-party audit reports.

Flatiron School encourages everyone to be themselves and don’t be afraid to be yourself!  They offer inclusivity and want everyone to reach their full potential by helping each other in any way possible. Build your community of support and encouragement.  Get into the challenge and push yourself to the next level. No matter which school or bootcamp you choose, a supportive group of peers will definitely make the intense feeling of learning a new skill, be a lot more fun.

Java Programming Tutorial

Open laptop on desk
No shame in learning on your own time in your own home.

Lastly, you can certainly get an introduction to java programming by searching the Internet. Google is a great way to search for Java programming. You will definitely find several resources and may even get stuck in “tutorial purgatory” as I like to call it. The best advice would be to pick one and stick with it until it is complete, then move on to the next course you find interesting. There are several sources that offer java programming tutorials.  Udemy is an amazing source that gives all the tools you need to learn anything. For more about Udemy, go to this https://www.udemy.com/join and start courses that cost under $15! There are tons of YouTube videos that offer tutorials on Java, and other programming languages. 

Here is a list of resources that will help you find an introduction to java programming:

  1. CodeGym https://codegym.cc/?campaign=google_search_ads&utm_source=google_search&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=main_page_test
  2. Guru99 https://www.guru99.com/java-tutorial.html
  3. Codecademy https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-java
  4. Beginners Book https://beginnersbook.com/java-tutorial-for-beginners-with-examples/


Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo logo
Java Coding Dogo

Coding Dojo offers on-campus and online courses. For learning Java-specific they offer several technologies like Java 8, JSP, Tomcat, MySQL, and several others.  The technologies they offer prepare you for topics such as MVC Framework, ORM, SQL, along with many other crucial skills to become a web developer. They strive to teach the most up to date programming technologies through effective methods. Coding Dojo offers full time and part-time courses, and they have campuses in Arlington, VA, Boise, ID, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Los Angelos, CA, Oakland, CA, Orange County, CA, Silicon Valley, CA, Seattle WA, & Tulsa, OK.  You can choose one of these sites for a full-time immersive program, or you can choose to learn part-time by taking their online courses. Coding Dojo offers a multistack curricula where you can graduate with a versatile skill set that will land you a dream job in tech. You can request course material by sending them your email address, as well as scheduling a time to speak to an admissions advisor. Go to https://codingdojo.com and check it out!

Do your research and check out every possible option that will best suit your lifestyle and your budget. Some bootcamps offer Income Share Agreements that will allow you to pay not tuition upfront, rather after you are employed and making a certain minimum amount. After you are making the cap amount, you will pay a percentage back. Be sure to check out other blogs that discuss Income Share Agreements. There are also bootcamps that have a flat rate, a monthly payment arrangement, and so on. These bootcamps listed in this article are just a few of very many choices that is offered in the United States.

Software Guild

Software Guild Logo
Become a Junior Engineer in as Little as 12 weeks

Software Guild offers a 12-week Java coding bootcamp where you will learn everything you need to know to enter a junior developer role in today’s workforce. They will provide services such as career preparation, portfolio development and will help you with your resume to go into the interview process well-prepared. At Software Guild you can learn Java in a part-time online course where you will learn the same content as a full-time course, but with the same level of rigor and detail for you to learn the science of it all.

Upon being accepted you will have to take an aptitude test to determine how detail-oriented you are and if you have the ability to think like a programmer. Once that is completed, the next step will be to take their Online Introduction to Web Development course.  This is a common theme among bootcamps. Yes, you can be a beginner, however, the school wants to see your ability to critically think and to show dedication by finishing a free online course. It shows commitment and dedication that is needed to complete any type of bootcamp.

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