Will I Get a Job After Coding Temple?

Coding Temple, known for having one of the highest job placement rates among coding bootcamps, offers adult learners the opportunity to transform their careers within a few months.

It is one of the pioneers in the coding bootcamp space and boasts a solid track record in its student outcomes. Unlike typical college degrees that require years to complete, Coding Temple offers a comprehensive course that can help its alumni start a successful new career in the tech industry in a matter of weeks. 

What Can You Learn at Coding Temple?

Coding Temple’s Full Stack Web Development/Python + Data Science course runs for 10 weeks and offers a curriculum that focuses on establishing a solid foundation in programming and teaches students how to adjust to learning multiple technologies simultaneously. The course also gives students individualized attention in small class sizes, ensuring all learners receive the support and guidance they need.

Students unable to commit to the 10-week full-time course can take a part-time, 12-week Full Stack Web Development course. In both courses, students build real-world applications using the most updated technology. At the end of the course, they work on a capstone project that showcases the skills they acquired during training. This project also becomes part of the portfolio they present to potential employers.

Throughout a learner’s time at Coding Temple, the school’s community, staff, and alumni consistently share resources that encourage students to practice existing skills and learn new ones. The bootcamp also provides a safe space where students can experience success and failures, creating an atmosphere that promotes learning and growth. 

Coding Temple Job Outcomes

According to the bootcamp’s graduation and placement data, Coding Temple has a 95 percent graduation rate and a 96 percent job placement rate six months after graduation. This goes up to an impressive 98 percent nine months after graduation. Their average alumni salary has increased cumulatively by 17 percent since 2015, from $71,500 a year to $83,400 in 2021.

Over 625 learners have graduated from Coding Temple, and it projects to graduate over 1,700 students by the end of 2022. Its successful student outcomes paint a clear picture of the exciting careers and possible futures ahead for Coding Temple graduates. 

Coding Temple Career Services

An infographic covering the key career services offered by Coding Temple

The success of Coding Temple’s graduates in landing a job is a testament to the high quality of the bootcamp’s career-oriented classes, the abilities of its alumni, and its effective Career Support Team. Career services are an important part of the student experience, and career coaches closely guide each student throughout the job search process. 

Coding Temple understands that the job search market is highly competitive. The school actively drives its students to have the right mindset throughout the process, allowing them to face the job search with confidence and resilience. 

Coding Temple’s career support game plan begins with a strong resume, a complete LinkedIn profile, and networking practices that help brand its alumni. 

Resume Building

This begins on the sixth week of the course when a career coach works with each student to build their resume. The coach learns about the student, understands their strengths, and establishes their career goals. By Week 9, students complete their resumes.


Throughout their time at Coding Temple, students have access to mentoring. Instructors, teaching assistants, career coaches, and alumni all work together to guide students. If a learner struggles with any aspect of the course—whether technical or behavioral— the Coding Temple team works with them until they overcome the challenges they face.

Mock Interviews

Undergoing mock interviews to prepare students for technical interviews is also part of career support. Each day, instructors begin classes with whiteboard questions that are similar to questions that students may be asked during an actual technical interview. They meet one-on-one with each student on Week 10 of the program to conduct a one-hour mock technical interview.

Career Coaching

Coding Temple’s Career Support Team strives to be as responsive and supportive as possible during a job search. Technical instructors are available to assist, even during nights and weekends. A career coach is also available to respond to any questions or concerns a student might have regarding their job search. 

Career coaches give essential advice on how a graduate should behave during the job interview. For example, they are strongly advised and reminded to ask questions. This allows graduates to learn more about the position they are applying for and demonstrates an interest in meeting their potential employer’s needs.

Another crucial objective of career coaching and support is to empower Coding Temple students to determine the goals they want to set for themselves. The coding bootcamp holds students accountable for their own success and reminds students they should think of themselves as a brand. How a graduate communicates, when they follow up, and how they follow through are also crucial aspects of the job search.

Student Showcase

To round off the comprehensive career support that Coding Temple offers, the school invites companies and recruiters during a Student Showcase Week. During this time, students present their capstone projects to recruiters and get the chance to meet with companies one-on-one. 

This special culminating activity connects recruiters with students, which can result in win-win situations for both parties. It also gives students additional information that helps them figure out where they can see themselves after graduation. After the showcase, recruiters decide which graduates have a good fit with their company and bring them in for a final interview.

Working with Alumni and Employer Networks

Coding Temple’s vast alumni network also plays an essential role in the bootcamp’s successful outcomes. Throughout the course, alumni come in and give helpful interview tips and advice to current students. They also refer recent graduates for open positions at their companies. Because Coding Temple alumni are successful in their fields, they willingly share what they can to help current students achieve their own success.

A large employer partner network trusts Coding Temple to provide quality talent, based on the success of its alumni in the past. This is another advantage of being one of the pioneers in the coding bootcamp space. Members of this employer network range from global corporations to smaller startups.

Coding Temple understands that today’s employers look for developers who can articulate and demonstrate their experience with various technologies. They also look for employees who have a great sense of character and the drive to find optimal solutions for the challenges that the company faces. Coding Temple ensures that its students have the skills that fit these needs. 

Some of the employers that Coding Temple works with are Accenture, Dell, Capgemini, and Cisco. Graduates have also gone on to work in other global companies such as Google, Amazon, and Salesforce. These are just a few examples of where Coding Temple graduates have gone on to have fulfilling careers.

Coding Temple graduates work in a variety of tech roles and positions after completing their course. These titles include front end developers, software engineers, application developers, business analysts, and web developers. 

Coding Temple: A Clear Path Towards a Career in Programming and Data Science

An infographic covering Coding Temple’s graduate outcomes

Coding Temple’s outcomes speak for themselves. The coding bootcamp is a firm believer in the quality of its curriculum and the skills of its graduates. Many employers agree, and hundreds of alumni have found fulfilling careers in various tech areas, from front-end web development to data analytics.

So, will you get a job after Coding Temple? According to the school, the short answer is yes. As further proof of its confidence in the course and the ability of its graduates to find jobs, Coding Temple offers a full money-back guarantee for students who do not find a job within nine months after graduation. 

If this sounds like the right bootcamp for you, apply to Coding Temple today.

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