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How to Fund Your App Academy Training: Know Your Payment Options and Scholarship Programs

Career change is often advertised to be a fairy tale, but the truth is making a successful transition can be difficult. Among the top contributing factors is the cost of reskilling. With a new career comes the need to train for new skills and acquire the right credentials. Unfortunately, taking the traditional path to learning often involves paying a hefty sum at colleges for years.

This is where coding bootcamps like App Academy can be beneficial. With a fast-paced, short-term, and rigorous training, people can now access quality education at a more affordable price. 

For nearly a decade, App Academy has pursued its mission to make tech education accessible to all, irrespective of gender, race, or religion. It has helped over 4,500 students achieve their goal of promptly launching a lucrative career path in tech through its immersive Software Engineering programs offered full-time for 16 to 24 weeks and part-time over 52 weeks

But App Academy’s appeal goes beyond its comprehensive curriculum and quality training. In a bid to increase access to tech education and diversify the tech talent pool, App Academy offers multiple ways to pay for your bootcamp and secure a seat into one of the biggest bootcamps in the US.

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Three Ways to Pay for Your App Academy Training

An infographic featuring App Academy’s three main payment options

Regardless of your financial position, App Academy likely has a plan that fits you. Here are three of its cost-effective payment plans.

1. Upfront Payment Plan

Opting for the upfront payment scheme means you are willing to pay the entire tuition at the beginning of the program. Choosing this option saves you from paying additional monthly fees that come with other payment plans.  

  • The 16-week full-time online program costs $17,000.
  • The 24-week full-time online program costs $20,000.
  • The 52-week part-time course costs $22,000.

Students who cannot afford to pay the full tuition can take advantage of App Academy’s Income Share Agreement and deferred tuition options.

2. Income Share Agreement

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an income-tied loan through which students get to sit through the program without paying upfront costs. In exchange, they agree to pay a specified rate every month for a set period once they’re earning above a predetermined income threshold. 

App Academy’s ISA payment plan requires learners to pay 15 percent of their monthly salary once they get a job paying $50,000 or more. The repayment will continue for three years or until you hit the $31,000 payment cap—whichever comes first.

To apply for an ISA, you must:

  • Be at least 20 years of age or have a bachelor’s degree
  • Be a US citizen or have a Green Card
  • Have a permanent work permit in the US

Note that this plan is only available for the 24-week full-time online program and the 52-week part-time online program. If you enroll in the latter, you’ll have to pay a $3,000 deposit. At the time of writing, the ISA payment option is not available to New York and California residents.

3. Deferred Tuition Plan

The deferred tuition plan is another income-tied financing option App Academy provides that likewise allows access to your program without paying tuition. Once you get hired, the repayment plan kicks off, requiring you to pay a fixed monthly installment until you pay the total due fee attached to your program.

This plan is available for students enrolled in any of the available program formats: 16 weeks, 24 weeks, and 52 weeks. Students enrolled in the 16-week program will have to pay a $3,000 deposit upfront. 

In total, the repayment for the 16-week course caps at $28,000 while the 24-week program caps at $31,000.

Unique App Academy Offers to Ease Payment Burden

A recent US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report reveals a wide gap in ethnic representation in the US tech industry. Meanwhile, a Statista report shows an extensive underrepresentation of women in tech. According to mthree’s 2021 findings, many people felt uncomfortable in tech-related roles because of their gender, racial, or socio-economic background. 

Contributing to advancing a more diverse tech industry, App Academy provides several tuition assistant schemes for members of underrepresented communities, including BIPOC, women and non-binary, military veterans, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ folks, and refugees.

Deposit Assistance Program

The school’s Deposit Assistance Program provides up to a $1,000 tuition discount to students who opt for the deferred tuition plan or ISA.

The Deposit Assistance Program is open to students in the 16-week and 52-week programs. You may apply for the Deposit Assistance Program as soon as you get accepted into a qualifying program. However, note that applying does not guarantee that you will receive deposit assistance. The selected beneficiaries will receive a notification about a week before their program begins.

Diversity Scholarship

The school’s Diversity Scholarship program is another unique way App Academy pursues its mission to foster diversity in the tech industry. Partnering with tech giant Facebook, the program provides students with $500,000 worth of scholarships. Each beneficiary, in turn, receives $5,000 of tuition scholarship.

The Diversity or Access scholarship targets members of communities underrepresented in tech and those that need financial support. It is only available to students taking the 16-week full-time online software engineering program. Apply for the Access Scholarship today.

App Academy Regulations for International Students

App Academy is open to international students who wish to advance their careers in software engineering. All international applicants may opt for the upfront payment option. Otherwise, to access the ISA payment plans, one must:

  • Be at least 20 years of age or have a bachelor’s degree
  • Reside in the US
  • Have permanent work authorization in the US

Enroll at App Academy Today

Software engineering is a career path filled with opportunities. You can fit into diverse high-paying job roles and become a DevOps engineer, software engineer, solutions architect, and more. 

However, several hurdles accompany a career change. One of such challenges is the inability of many people to afford quality training. 

To that end, App Academy provides an accessible education to all who wish to cross into a tech career. It features the Access Scholarship alongside other tuition-assistant programs to help students from underrepresented communities in tech. Contact App Academy’s admission support team today to begin your enrollment process.

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