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How to Earn Side Income, Because … Why Not?

Earning side income with freelancing is exciting. However, at some points, it can be exhausting and nerve-racking. Some months we feel like we have a million opportunities, while others we feel empty and get nothing. Freelance struggle somewhat doesn’t work as we expected, and that happens to most of us so that we need to figure out how to get everything done effectively.

Here, we’ve put together some practical ways to earn a side income with freelancing. Check it out: 

1. Sell Physical Goods

Try selling homemade goods by maximizing your garage space or your wide terrace to display your stuff. Or, if you don’t have a proper space, you may do it online through a creative marketplace like Etsy or open up your service in Big Cartel. If you’re a pattern designer, you can apply your pattern to notebooks, t-shirts, or coffee mugs. If you’re a hand-letterer, you can create calligraphy of famous quotes or poems. Some people are even trying to sell their PowerPoint templates too on the Internet! Whatever skills you have, there is always a market for it. Whether you’re a photographer, a writer, or a designer, you can use your talents to craft something someone will buy.

2. Teach a SkillShare Class

Teaching a class on SkillShare is one of the best ways to earn side income. SkillShare teachers earn monthly revenue through student enrollments and referrals—which we can link to our blog. On average, SkillShare teachers earn $3,000 a year, and the top 100 teachers earn around $1,300 a month. Amazing, huh? The classes are just 10-25 minutes of video content teaching students a specific skill, so creating a class is fairly easy. 

3. Participate in Paid Surveys

Most of us quickly discard those email surveys we receive, but why not make a little money off of them? It’s not so difficult to take a quick 5-10 minute survey, click a couple of boxes, and give your opinion. Companies often compensate you for your time. Checkout Swagbucks if you’d like to get started. Some are surveys in academic research, some are for company purposes. You can choose the type of web-based survey that you prefer, the more complex the survey you fill in, the bigger prizes that you will get.

4. Start a Blog or Do a Guest Post

Starting a blog isn’t going to make you money right off the bat, but it has a couple of benefits. First, you’ll be able to show that you are a thought leader in your specialty. Secondly, once you build a following and start generating traffic, you can earn revenue through ad-clicks. It’s easy and straightforward to start a blog on a platform like WordPress. If you’re one step ahead and already have a blog, you could try your hand at guest blogging on bigger sites. You can try to be a contributor to RRGraph and write something about the creative industry, self-improvement, or graphic design. This is a great way to drive new traffic to your own blog or site, and you have the potential to earn more revenue.

5. Open a Service

We can earn income by selling our expertise to people looking for our services. Freelancer or Upwork are great places to post our services. Besides using online freelance platforms, we can take advantage of Telegram apps by simply typing on the search bar something like “freelance writer” or something else. By searching this, we can find a lot of content writer communities to join. With opening service, we can turn our talent into profits. Also, we constantly sharpen our skillsets by working on a variety of projects for different clients.


The modern era makes it possible for us to do almost everything, including sitting in front of your laptop and producing pots of money. By earning some side income, we hope you won’t rely on your salary from your 9 to 5 job. Thanks for reading, if you want to dig more into this sort of write up, visit here.

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