How Augmented Reality can Transform Your Magento Store: Check Out The Benefits

Today, the digital era has widened the doors for merchants to attract new buyers and retain the current ones. In this wild era, only those retailers who upgrade themselves constantly with modern technologies have a chance to stand confidently ahead of their competitors and enhance customer loyalty.

The most powerful e-commerce platform, Magento web development, has transformed the way people do business online. Widely-known for its scalability, flexibility, and modular traits, Magento has been the top priority for developing e-commerce stores. When we combine Magento with Augmented Reality (AR), undoubtedly, it becomes the most promising technology to revolutionize the e-commerce field.

Knowingly, AR has influenced many industries from video games to virtual maps. Many people think that is crafted specifically for such fields only and that is just an entertainment tool.

Research shows that AR has many more applications and that it is an amazing tool for e-commerce websites. Augmented Reality brings closer the real-world and 3D models. Being an effective CMS for e-commerce websites, Magento development services integrate AR for inventive outcomes.

E-commerce business owners and tech-savvy retailers use both technologies, Magento and Augmented Reality, to develop an interactive and cohesive customer experience, both online and in-store.

By linking the digital and the real world, Augmented Reality assists in making the shopping experience of the customers more engaging and interactive. Using this technology promises an increase in customer retention on an item of 40%. While performing Magento Web Development, the expert developers merge distinct forms of AR to promote the product and services of the company and enhance the complete shopping experience.

The purpose behind integrating Augmented Reality with an e-commerce website is to gain end-user support. A study reveals that people are willing to purchase a product from an online store that is well-integrated with Augmented Reality. Besides, over 60% of customers go to the websites that offer Augmented Reality features over their competitors.

Implementing Augmented Reality to Magento website design creates a perfect user experience that is always accepted as a tough job to perform. Such a great experience assists the buyers in interacting with the products and services systematically. Let’s first dive into what exactly AR is.

What is Augmented Reality?

In Augmented Reality, images are superimposed over the real world. Users are able to view the images on top of their real surroundings. Briefly, AR breaches the gap between reality and Virtual Reality. The advantage of this exceptional technology is that the users become capable of pursuing the activities based on the current location.

How AR Benefits the E-commerce Industry and Transforms it Completely

After discussing the benefits of AR, we now turn to the advantages of the technology for e-commerce businesses.

●  Better Customer Experience And Engagement

Undoubtedly, customer experience is the section that AR affects the most. With the assistance of this technology the buyers can interact with the products and surroundings and this way attain a completely immersive and new experience. Apart from improving the look of a product, it also smoothens the shopping process and makes it more interesting. 

Additionally, the use of Augmented Reality supports an enhanced personalized strategy as the customers can test distinct items themselves. This leads to higher conversion rates and enhanced customer loyalty.

●  Mobile Responsive

On integrating mobile devices with Augmented Reality, the look and feel of the e-commerce industry change completely. People just love utilizing mobile phones to browse e-commerce websites and it is known as the biggest source of traffic. 

Mobile phones come with amazing cameras and have high processing capabilities to make sure that AR-based sites perform correctly. Brands that look to engage the user can just craft an e-commerce site well-equipped with a top-quality AR experience. Through this, customers become able to witness products in real-time and this offers them a great picture of the item. In this competitive e-commerce industry, only the best, along with exceptional offerings, will stay for long.

●  Useful Product Customization and Modification

While purchasing, many customers need time to explore various choices and preferences before they finalize their purchase. Using Augmented Reality now, customers can witness this virtually while wrapping in comfort at their home. Customization states reviewing entire options for designs, colors, patterns, and more, and AR just makes everything much easier.

●  Better Product Visualization and Testing

Compared to physical retail spots, the biggest pitfall of online stores is the shortage of proper visualization. Even top-quality product images fail sometimes to exhibit a product at its best. Augmented Reality holds the potential to locate this issue easily by offering reality-like visualization and demonstrating an item from any angle. Like this, customers attain a clear picture of what the item looks like in the real world.

While buying a product, especially an expensive one, we want to explore all its features to ensure that the product meets our expectations. With the assistance of dynamic visualizations and animations, Augmented Reality allows customers to play around with items and test-drive them.

●  More Options, Less Time

One extra advantage of Augmented Reality is that customers can try a plethora of items, directly from their homes. This offers new choices to try, which, in turn, drives sales.

For example, suppose you are running an e-commerce store that sells wearables that are well-integrated with AR that performs for many items. A customer who is exploring the site can try more alternatives all through this service with no need to spend more time. This feature is an important factor that gives you an edge over brick-and-mortar stores. Also, you can explore what you want independently, with no other buyers exploring the same items you want.

●  Increases Shopping Time

Today, all top online stores provide videos and images revealing entire details relevant to products so that the buyer can easily understand the item completely. Utilizing AR, the buyers can now interact with the item and can also explore its functionalities easily. Normally, an online shopper spends only a few minutes online before buying an item. However, using an Augmented Reality experience that time increases, and it has been noticed that the more time the customers spend on an e-commerce store, the more likely they are to buy.

●  Lessen Post-Purchase Risk

It can happen that the customer is not satisfied with their buying decision. So, e-commerce brands should convince their customers that the quality of the product is top-notch and that they will receive the same item they have ordered. Well, not all online stores are genuine with their claims. Many online retailers sell fake items or of low-quality. With 2D images, it becomes confusing for the buyers, and customer satisfaction suffers. This can be solved with AR implementation to produce a detailed 3D image of the item that leaves no room for error. This assists the brands in growing their customer base and retaining the current ones. Retention is much more important when it comes to the e-commerce industry. The first impression is one more big factor why AR has an important role to play. If you are the owner of an e-commerce website with an old version of Magento CMS, you need to go for Magento up-gradation to optimize store performance.

●  Helps Global Sales

Most of the vehicle dealers on this globe agree that AR features assist them in selling their items globally ahead. Augmented Reality will also enhance the number of inventory in the dealership stores and lower down the number of showrooms simultaneously. There is a high chance that AR will offer people with visualization of vehicle samples on the exterior of the real store.

●  Assists in Exploring Looks and Features

Approximately half of the customers are ready to pay a higher price for any item if they are permitted to preview it utilizing AR. The lack of visualization is known as the big weakness of e-commerce stores. Many customers prefer purchasing those items which they have tried and tested.

Augmented Reality offers customers various animations, tips, possibilities, and more information to interact and to entirely uncover every aspect of the complicated product. Utilizing AR the customers can try things before purchasing, thus increasing sales prospects.

●  Reduces Return Rate and Removes Doubts

Nearly half of the consumers say the features of Augmented Reality save their time to make a decision. AR offers customers the potential to view 3D models of the items in online shops and to customize them according to their wish. More options and more choices provide customers the capability to make the best decisions and finally enhance the purchasing rate by customers.

Wrapping Lines

A game-changing technology, Augmented Reality offers online retailers a chance to increase the shopping experience of their consumers. The more online retailers follow the trend of merging Magento web development with AR, the higher the competitive benefit they can attain. You may also hire an experienced Web Development Company to reap the possible benefits.

In the e-commerce business, Augmented Reality has now become important. As we have discussed various benefits of AR that may transform your Magento store, we ensure that the use of AR will lead to enhanced conversion rates and revenues. So, what are you waiting for? Just hop on the bandwagon and be ready to enjoy the advantages that AR offers.

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