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Fullstack Academy Live Online Coding Bootcamp Course Review

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while, or perhaps the recent time stuck at home has made you consider your future. However you’ve come to the conclusion, it’s clear that this is the perfect time to find a new career and land a plum tech job. Programming is one of the most popular and in-demand high-tech jobs around today, and schools such as Fullstack Academy’s Live Online coding bootcamp allow you to pick up the training needed for the role in just a few months. But, which program works for you? You know which training approach and budget are right for you, so how can you find out which schools offer the ideal training for your learning style and lifestyle?

Our review helps you narrow down your search to the most likely candidates. In this article, we take a deep dive into Fullstack Academy’s online coding bootcamp offerings. You get facts about the school and its founders, what being a coder entails, and the course curriculum. Our guide also shows you what to expect in the way of costs and gives you information about the various payment options available so you can get through training without breaking the bank. Everyone has a different idea of their perfect coding school, and we empower you to find one that works for you by arming you with all the facts.

School Overview

Three Fullstack students sitting on a couch together.
Fullstack offers online courses you can take at home.

Fullstack Academy is one of the most established coding bootcamps in the field. Founders David Yang and Nimit Maru are software engineering industry veterans who discovered they had a knack for training new tech talent and helping them develop their skills. They identified a need for immersive coding tech training at an advanced pace, and in 2012, they opened their school to students.

The school operates on the belief that software development is a powerful tool that can reshape communities and impact economies in beneficial ways. To achieve these results, Fullstack offers a diverse and inclusive learning environment to create a dynamic and effective workforce. Students also receive in-depth career development training, including resume and cover letter reviews, interview and negotiation practice, and job search help. These ensure that they emerge from the program ready to compete for top jobs.

Fullstack Academy has physical campuses in Chicago and New York and partners with universities across the country to provide hybrid courses that feature both in-person and online elements. The school also provides online course offerings to remote students.

Online Coding Bootcamp

Fullstack Academy’s online software development course is a 17-week, full-time course that immerses students in the world of computer programming. Instructors teach the course through live lectures, coding challenges, and one-on-one instructor support.

What is Coding?

Coding is one of the many names, along with programming and developing, that is used to describe building computer software. Coders design and write complex instructions for computers using a variety of languages and often work in a team devoted to completing a larger project that includes multiple computer programs.

There’s no shortage of jobs available for programmers, as they see action in practically every industry sector around. Software developers typically see salaries of about $106K a year.

What does this course cover?

Fullstack Academy’s immersive coding bootcamp courses take tech novices and give them the additional skills needed to level up their careers. The school also teaches the fundamentals of programming with its prep courses, but more importantly, it gives students an education in how to learn. This leads to high success rates and continued professional development after graduation.

The course is split into junior and senior phases. During the junior phase, students receive training in:

  • Front End Development: This module includes CSS, HTML5, mobile apps, web apps, and React.
  • Back End Development: In this section, students learn JavaScript, Node.js, API, and more.
  • Databases: This portion of the course focuses on SQL, Postgres, and database integration.

The senior phase of the course instructs students in:

  • Guided Team Project: In this portion, students team up to create a working e-commerce site, including a back-end, front-end, and database.
  • Personal Project: This section gives students the chance to build a mobile or web application from start to finish.
  • Capstone Project: Learners close out their time at the school by getting together to build an ambitious app from scratch. These projects are often used by students as examples of their work when they apply for jobs.

How much does the online coding bootcamp cost?

The tuition cost for the course is $17,910. This price includes all materials and lab time. There are multiple payment options available:

  • Pay upfront: This option saves you money and eliminates extra fees.
  • Financing: Fullstack partners with Ascent Funding and Climb to set up monthly payment plans.
  • Scholarships: Veterans and women-identifying students qualify for $1,000 scholarships at the school. Veterans may also be eligible for funding through the VET TEC program.


Fullstack has a long history of success with training and placing tech workers in quality jobs. The course price is higher than some other schools, but 17 weeks of training is a lot more than most other bootcamps offer. That extra time means extra confidence and a better chance of landing a top industry programming position.

If you’re thinking about using your time at home to get your new career off the ground, add Fullstack Academy’s online coding bootcamp to your list of likely schools. 

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