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The Best Free Data Analytics Bootcamps, Courses, and Resources

It is a great time to jump into the field of data analytics. By 2029, the big data analytics market is projected to reach a value of 650 billion dollars, as cited by Statista. Further, per data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data scientists will see 36 percent job growth from 2021 to 2031. It is a rapidly growing field, and one of the best ways to test the waters and begin learning is through free data analytics bootcamps. 

If you are wondering how to learn data analytics, or are even trying to decide if it is worth learning in the first place, there is a wide range of free data analytics courses online. Enrolling in a data analytics bootcamp for free gives you the opportunity to build basic programming and analyst skills. Start your journey by learning more about the best free data analytics bootcamps below. 

The Top 10 Free Data Analytics Bootcamps

Though cheaper than a college education, traditional bootcamp programs still cost thousands of dollars. This is one of the reasons why complete beginners might be better off starting with a free data analytics bootcamp. 

The programs below will teach you basic programming as well as specialized skills that you will need to work as a data analyst. So, if you are looking for the best way to learn data analytics, think about taking one of these data analytics bootcamps for free. 

Data Analytics Short Course From CareerFoundry

Students can enroll in this free data analytics bootcamp to try out some hands-on exercises and see if they are interested in pursuing a career in data analytics. Between videos, written lessons, quizzes, and homework assignments, students will learn how to analyze data effectively. 

This CareerFoundry course also teaches data cleaning, data visualization, and how to extract insights from your analysis. Students in this program get access to five lessons, and each lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete. The course ends with an optional test that students can use to assess their knowledge. 

Mini-Bootcamp From Clarusway

Clarusway’s Mini-Bootcamp touches on a variety of coding skills, including those needed for data analysis. The bootcamp offers over 40 hours of learning and features live online classes, which distinguishes it from other free data analytics bootcamps. 

Students can also opt to take the courses that comprise the Mini-Bootcamp individually. For example, you can take the Python Mini Course, which includes six live lessons on Python, data types, collection methods, and more. 

Analyzing Data in Tableau From DataCamp

One of the most important aspects of data analytics is data visualization. After all, it is how you communicate your data-driven insights to key stakeholders. As such, this free data analytics bootcamp from DataCamp focuses on exactly that.

This eight-hour program is made up of 24 instructional videos and nearly 70 different exercises. Specifically, it gives students hands-on experience with Tableau. It is an especially useful course for students working towards their certification as a Tableau Desktop Specialist. 

Data Analyst in Python From Dataquest

Data Analyst in Python is a bootcamp that consists of 24 different free data analytics courses. Starting with a basic introduction to coding in Python, the bootcamp encompasses a variety of technical skills and ends with a module on advanced data analytics concepts. 

The Dataquest bootcamp is divided into seven parts and, while it is self-paced, takes around three months to complete. The online courses in this program prepare students for analytics roles by teaching Python, SQL, statistics, command line programming, Git, and more. 

Data Science Bootcamp Prep From Flatiron School

Though it was created to prepare students for Flatiron School’s full-on data science program, anyone can join this short data analytics bootcamp for free. In this self-paced program, students will gain an understanding of why data analytics is important for businesses. 

Starting with a pre-test, students will explore a wide range of subject matter. This Flatiron School bootcamp covers the basics of Python for data analytics as well as Python loops and functions. Students will gain experience with data analysis tools like NumPy, Matplotlib, Git, and Jupyter Notebooks.

Data Analysis with Python From freeCodeCamp

As a non-profit organization, freeCodeCamp offers a large library of free educational resources. However, its free data analytics bootcamp is the best resource for anyone looking to learn how to use Python to conduct data analysis. 

Students can simply complete the 28-part Data Analysis with Python course, or they can also take an eight-part NumPy course and complete five hands-on projects to earn a free Data Analysis with Python certification. 

Data Analysis Training Accelerator From Fullstack Academy

The Data Analysis Training Accelerator program is a great way to learn data analytics online for free, but the bootcamp is only available to New York City residents. However, if you are unemployed or underemployed in NYC, this accelerator program can prepare you for entry-level jobs in data analysis. 

This free data analytics bootcamp includes 18 weeks of training and is often completed in conjunction with the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline program. It features live classes, workshops, and career coaching. As a full-time bootcamp, Fullstack Academy students will need to be available for at least seven hours per day in order to complete this course. 

Learn to Code for Data Analysis From OpenLearn

As an eight-week program, this free data analytics bootcamp from OpenLearn offers students the opportunity to work on real-world projects. Students will learn how to program using Python and complete coding exercises on Jupyter Notebooks.

After completing this bootcamp, students will be able to write code for programs that analyze large quantities of data. They will also be able to gain valuable insights from the programs they create. Completion of this course also comes with a digital badge or statement of participation. 

Data Analytics for Beginners From Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers this three-hour, self-paced, free data analytics course for beginners that want to explore the field. It covers topics like the different types of data analytics and trends in the industry. 

It is also a great opportunity to build in-demand data skills as it also covers data visualization, swarm plots, data science methodologies, and different analytics frameworks. Upon completing this program, students will also receive a certificate. 

Data Analysis with Python, SQL, and R From Springboard

This three-part free data analytics bootcamp was created for students with no programming experience or prior knowledge of data analytics. It features an in-depth curriculum that will be facilitated through video lectures, assignments, and quizzes. In addition, students will work on capstone projects that will help them showcase their data analytics skills to future employers. 

Before you enroll in this data analytics bootcamp for free, you should know that it takes an average of 350 to 400 hours of studying to complete. However, this Springboard program is a great resource for students who want to start data analytics careers. It features hands-on projects and helps students build technical skills for a variety of programming languages and analytics tools. 

The 5 Best Free Data Analytics Courses

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There are a variety of free data analytics courses online that let you learn on your own schedule. 

If you are not ready to join a bootcamp program, you can also learn through free data analytics courses. Tech companies, universities, and online learning platforms all offer free data analytics classes for beginners. Take a look at a few of the best free data analytics courses below. 

Intro to Data Analysis | Udacity

While Udacity offers a variety of free data analytics courses for beginners, this six-week course is the best place to start. It covers every step of the data analysis process, from gathering data to communicating insights. In addition, students will learn to work with popular tools like Matplotlib, NumPy, and Pandas.

Introduction to Data Analytics | IBM via Coursera

If you’re looking for free data analytics training, why not learn from a top tech company? IBM created this course to help beginners start on a data analysis career path. It offers 10 hours of learning material spread out across four weeks. Students will learn about the responsibilities of different data roles and receive a certificate upon completion. 

Analyzing Data with Excel | IBM via edX

This is another free data analytics course from IBM, but this one focuses on using Excel for data analysis. Students will learn the various functions and formulas needed for analyzing data in Excel. They will also learn how to import, sort, and clean data. 

Diploma in MySQL and Statistics for Data Analysis | Alison

After completing this course, students will be able to explain the different types of data, use  MySQL for database management basics, calculate standard deviation and p-value, and discuss the features of MongoDB. Over four separate learning modules, students will also learn about relational and non-relational databases. 

High-Dimensional Data Analysis | Harvard University via edX

This is an intermediate-level course that focuses specifically on high-dimensional data sets. It teaches students about important statistical analysis concepts as well as machine learning. This is a self-paced program that will take students around four weeks if they study two to four hours each week. 

Other Resources to Learn Data Analytics For Free

  • KDNuggets. This is an online publication that discusses topics like machine learning and data analytics. The site hosts blog posts, webinars, projects, and other educational resources. Once you develop professional data analytics skills, you can even use KDNuggets to look for jobs. 
  • Le Wagon. In addition to 400-hour bootcamps and 40-hour skill courses, Le Wagon offers a variety of free online data analytics courses. If you are a beginner in data analytics, you can sign up for webinars from Le Wagon that cover content like Tableau and how to use SQL. 
  • Kaggle. Though typically a place for machine learning and data science competitions, Kaggle also offers an online community and learning platform. If you are a beginner in data analytics, it is a great place to get in touch with the industry and begin networking. 
  • Great Learning Academy. Great Learning provides a variety of online courses for different career paths, including data analytics. On this site, you can take free data analytics courses and get a certification of completion. These courses typically last a few hours, but they are self-paced so you can complete them as it suits you. 
  • Data Science Weekly. This website sends out a weekly newsletter that highlights news, tools, interesting projects, and articles relating to data science and data analytics. You can also access several tutorials on the site on topics like NumPy and TensorFlow. 

Are Free Data Analytics Bootcamps Worth It? 

Free data analytics bootcamps are worth it if you are looking for a low-barrier learning path. If you are wondering how to learn data analytics and are not ready to invest any money into it, then consider one of the bootcamps or free data analytics courses detailed in this article. You can also check out paid data analytics or data science bootcamps if you serious about starting a tech career.

Not only are these programs offered at no cost, but they are also often self-paced, which makes them great for learners who already have busy schedules or full-time jobs. With free data analytics bootcamp programs, you can develop the fundamental skills you need to jumpstart your journey to becoming a data analyst

Free Data Analytics Bootcamps FAQ

What are the best online data analytics bootcamps?

Some of the best online data analytics bootcamps include those offered by CareerFoundry, Springboard, and General Assembly. These bootcamp programs have high job placement numbers and provide career assistance. Coursera, edX, and Udacity also have data analytics bootcamps that have garnered a lot of positive reviews.

How much is a data analytics bootcamp?

The cost of a data analytics bootcamp can vary but usually ranges from around $5,000 to $20,000, depending on factors such as course length, delivery format, and the institution providing the program. For example, at just $7,505, CareerFoundry’s data analytics bootcamp offers great value for your buck. More expensive ones are those offered by General Assembly and Thinkful.

Is data analytics a hard career? 

Data analytics is a hard career because you need to develop specific technical skills in order to become a data analyst. However, there are many different programs, such as free data analyst bootcamps, that can help you quickly develop the necessary skills.  

How long does it take to learn data analytics?

While introductory courses that last a few hours to a couple of weeks can help you understand the basic concepts, it can take six months to a year to fully learn data analytics. To actually work as a data analyst, you will need to learn things like database management and data visualization. 

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