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Digital Marketing in the Health & Beauty Industry

In the year 2020, many people have become aware of their health. The health and beauty industry has capitalized on this by using digital marketing to boost business amid the pandemic. For example, people have been looking for exercise alternatives while they’re stuck inside due to lockdown.

In this article, we will share with you some trends in digital marketing for health and beauty. Digital marketing may include SEO, social media marketing, or email campaigns, depending on the type of business.


An influencer uses social media marketing to endorse products or companies. They are social media users who have an expert level of knowledge and influence in their field. The top Instagram influencers have the ability to reach more than 141 million followers. A good Influencer will engage with their followers and inspire them to check out your brand.

Working with influencers with millions of followers is great because their fans will often become fans of the business. A trusted influencer will have a good reputation with their followers, making their recommendations very powerful.

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Disrupting Traditional Business Models

The events of the year 2020 have changed how businesses sell their products since people are less willing to leave home. Companies must now make sure their products are available online as e-commerce has risen. They must also ensure that customers can easily find all the information they need about a product. This is because the customer won’t be speaking with any staff as they would in a traditional shop setting.


Since people are stuck at home, they are looking for information online. A blog is a great way to advertise and educate potential customers on your product or service. A blog is a regularly updated website that is typically run by an individual or a small group and is written in an informal style.

For example, Carisma Spa (a company specializing in luxury spa days and massages in Malta)  writes a blog about how to bring the health benefits of the spa to your own home. The goal is to educate clients on ways to improve their diets, skincare, and mental wellness.

Visually Attractive 

It’s important that your social media and online presence are attractive to customers. If a product looks appealing, it is more likely that a potential customer will want to learn more about it. 

Carisma Spa, case in point, has a social media presence that is true to their brand identity. A brand identity is a set of tools used by a company to create an image that will influence a customer’s perception of the brand. In the case of Carisma Spa, they want their customers to think of their services as luxurious, relaxing, and wholesome, so they have reflected these themes in their visuals, colors, and content. 


It is important to adapt to trends and meet customer’s needs to keep your business current. Despite the difficulties in 2020, the health and beauty sector has new opportunities to rise and meet emerging demands by making better use of digital marketing.

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