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The 8 Best Data Science Apprenticeships: A Detailed Guide

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields within the tech industry today, with companies all over the world eager to hire new employees who can harness the power of data to drive innovation and make informed decisions. One of the best ways of starting a career in this field is through a data science apprenticeship. 

Data science apprenticeship jobs can last anywhere from six months to three years and provide a unique mix of traditional classroom learning and hands-on training alongside industry experts. Companies invest significant time and effort in training apprentices to ensure they are ready to thrive. Here is everything you need to know about the best data science apprenticeship programs. 

Top 8 Data Science Apprenticeships 

Landing a data scientist apprenticeship can put you on a direct path to full-time employment with one of the biggest tech companies in the world. These opportunities are often very competitive, since there are always limited spots available. Make sure you pay close attention to company websites and job boards and take advantage of any data science apprenticeship jobs that pop up. 

Data Apprentice | Twitch 

This Twitch data science apprenticeship begins with one month of project-based training where you will learn the primary technologies, languages, and design patterns you’ll need once you join the team. The next six months consist of real-world training and mentorship as you take on responsibilities like defining core performance metrics for your team and collecting data.

To qualify for a data science apprenticeship job at Twitch, you will need a degree in computer science, data science, statistics, or a related field. You’ll also need a basic understanding of Python, R, A/B experiments, version control, and Tableau. 

Data Scientist Apprenticeship | New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions 

This in-person apprenticeship in New Mexico trains participants to work with large data sets to find trends and solve problems. In addition to developing and executing various tests, you will prepare maintenance schedules and reports. This data science apprenticeship job is available for anyone who majored in engineering or computer and information technology and is at least 18 years old. 

Junior Data Analyst Apprentice | IBM 

The role involves using technologies like Python and R to conduct data analysis and deliver measurable business results. Throughout the apprenticeship, candidates will receive mentorship and training from experienced data scientists, gaining knowledge in data cleansing, synthesis, and analysis. Successful completion can lead to a certification as a Junior Data Scientist. 

This position is full-time and takes place in Rochester, NY. Candidates have the freedom to learn at their own pace, though most complete their training within 12 months, after which they are eligible to apply for full-time roles. Available IBM data science apprenticeship positions fluctuate throughout the year, so make sure to check the company’s website for current information. 

Data Analytics Apprenticeship | Google

Google’s Build Your Future program offers a range of apprenticeship opportunities throughout the year all over the world. In the US, data analytics apprenticeships are offered in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, and New York. You can check the company website to see what openings are currently available. 

Google apprenticeships begin with a six-week virtual bootcamp that covers the basics of your chosen professional track. You will then join a Google team for hands-on training and career workshops. Most data science apprenticeships at Google last 24 months, with participants dedicating 40 hours each week to their training to become data analysts

Data Apprentice | Microsoft

Microsoft offers a range of apprenticeships and internships through its Leap initiative. New cohorts open up throughout the year. In the US, pathways include cloud computing, data, design, and software engineering, and you can see what opportunities are currently available on the Leap website. 

Data apprenticeships at Microsoft last 16 weeks and include a mix of classroom learning and real-world experience. Microsoft looks for apprentices with a range of life experiences, so you don’t necessarily need to have experience in tech. 

Data Science Apprenticeship | Meta

Meta’s data science apprenticeship program takes place in London and lasts 18 weeks. The majority of your time as an apprentice is spent working on real projects, though you will also receive formal technical and soft skill training as well. Participants complete three rotations with product analytics teams and work extensively with big data.  

In general, applications for data apprenticeships at Meta begin in January and the programs begin in September. To be considered, you will need a background in IT and a demonstrated interest in both Python and SQL. 

Data Science Apprenticeship | British Airways

British Airways is currently offering a 3.5-year data science apprenticeship. Participants learn how to apply statistics, data mining, and data science techniques to analyze mathematical business models and metrics. Participants’ responsibilities involve developing quantitative and qualitative models, integrating data from various sources, and effectively communicating insights to non-technical team members. 

In addition to the full-time data science apprenticeship job, British Airways has provided a virtual simulation to give applicants a better idea of what a career in data science will look like. It covers topics like data visualization, web scraping, and data manipulation, and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. 

Data Science Apprenticeship | AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca offers a rigorous four-year data science apprenticeship program that starts with a mix of virtual and face-to-face academic training. Participants also complete a bootcamp in their third year. Once they begin working in a real role within the company, apprentices are assigned a mentor who will offer support throughout the program. 

Data science apprentices are able to communicate with and learn from the wider data science community, leading to a broad understanding of the importance of data science in developing new medications and technologies to address issues facing the world today. AstraZeneca usually posts new apprenticeship openings in January. 

How Do Data Science Apprenticeships Work?

Data science apprenticeships are unlike other training programs, like university degrees and bootcamps, because participants do most of their learning within the workplace, alongside real professionals. Apprenticeships are paid positions, usually longer and more intensive than an internship. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important features of a data science apprenticeship. 

Qualifications and Prerequisites

In most cases, you will not need professional work experience within the tech field to land a data scientist apprenticeship. Many companies are willing to hire beginners who are passionate about learning and display great potential. 

With that said, other companies will require that you have a degree in a field related to data science, such as mathematics, information technology, statistics, or computer science. More competitive positions might ask that you have demonstrable experience with technologies like Python, SQL, or Tableau. This will all depend on the company you are applying to.

Structure and Duration

Most data science apprenticeship programs last at least one year, but some last up to three. This is one thing that separates them from internships, which often only last a few months over the summer. Internships are also often part-time so that participants can attend school or work a second job simultaneously. Apprenticeships are nearly always a full-time commitment. 

On the other hand, data science apprenticeship jobs are different from full-time, entry-level jobs because they have an end date. Most companies do not guarantee that apprentices will be hired back on after completing their programs, but it is very common. You might also earn a certificate for your participation. 

Classroom and On-The-Job Training

Each program strikes its own balance between traditional learning and hands-on training. Most data science apprentices start with a period of intense skill development, often in the form of online courses or a bootcamp. During this time, you will practice the exact tools, programs, and techniques used by your company. 

Once you have the necessary background knowledge, you will be integrated into a team and begin practicing your new skills in the workplace. As you become more comfortable, you will begin taking on more responsibilities and completing tasks more independently. 

Mentorship and Support

An essential aspect of all data science apprenticeships is mentorship. Mentors serve as experienced navigators, helping apprentices bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications. They offer insights, share best practices, and provide constructive feedback, accelerating the apprentices’ skill development. 

Having a designated mentor helps new data scientists make connections with other people in their field, which has numerous long-term benefits. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you can stay in touch with your mentor for ongoing career guidance and to tap into their industry insights as you progress in your data science career. 

Data Science Apprenticeship Salary

The average data science apprenticeship salary in the US is about $74,000, according to Glassdoor. Data science is traditionally a high-paying field, though your exact salary will vary greatly depending on your company, location, and level of education. For example, the average data science apprenticeship salary at IBM is $120,000. 

How Do I Land a Data Science Apprenticeship? 

Most data science apprenticeship programs are competitive, and there are often limited opportunities available. As a result, landing one of these positions might take a fair amount of preparation and determination. Here are five tips to help give you the best possible chance of becoming a data science apprentice. 

1. Learn the Right Skills

Even though it is not uncommon for data science apprenticeship posts to have very basic skill requirements, it is still a good idea to make sure you have experience with essential foundational tools like Python, SQL, and R. You can practice these skills by enrolling in online classes, studying on your own, or joining a free data science bootcamp.

Becoming familiar with these tools will allow you to apply to a wider selection of data science apprenticeship jobs, since many companies only accept applicants with a certain level of experience. It will also give you a head start on all your applications, because completing data science projects proves your dedication and sustained interest in your craft. 

2. Create Job Alerts and Apply Widely

It is important to stay on top of companies like IBM, Google, and Microsoft, which have ongoing apprenticeship programs, because they tend to recruit new cohorts throughout the year depending on their internal needs. At the same time, don’t rely exclusively on large companies or waste time waiting for the perfect apprenticeship to come your way. 

Set up job alerts for apprenticeships in the data science field on job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed so that you don’t miss out on less publicized opportunities by smaller companies in your area. You also have a larger chance of success if you apply to a wide range of jobs, even if they aren’t a perfect fit, such as data analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence apprenticeships. 

3. Apply for Internships

There are significantly more data science internships than there are apprenticeships, and while internships don’t usually offer the same level of training and experience, they can still be highly valuable. You can apply for internships for additional skill training and experience on your resume, and to improve your personal network while you continue to look out for apprenticeship jobs.

4. Utilize Your Resources

Make sure you take advantage of any industry connections or networking relationships you have with people in the field to stay on top of new opportunities. If you have attended a data science bootcamp, you likely have access to a network of alumni or hiring partners through your school, so don’t be afraid to reach out. 

If you are struggling to find an apprenticeship on your own, you can also use online resources like New Apprenticeship, Generation.org, and Multiverse, which specialize in training and placing students in apprenticeships with partner companies.  

Should I Apply for a Data Science Apprenticeship?

Yes, you should apply for a data science apprenticeship if you want to accelerate your career in data science and secure a competitive edge in the job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the market for data science jobs will have a 35 percent growth rate over the next decade, which means you could be setting yourself up for a lucrative career with abundant opportunities. 

Participating in a data science apprenticeship program is certainly worth it if you are looking for a dynamic learning environment that combines theory with real-world projects. The mentorship and guidance you experience will be invaluable as you progress through your career, and you will have a very good chance of getting a full-time job with your company after your training. 

Data Science Apprenticeships FAQ

How do I break into data science with no experience?

The best way to break into data science with no experience is by enrolling in a data science bootcamp or working on technical skills independently before applying for entry-level positions, internships, or apprenticeships. Data science bootcamps come with professional career services designed to help graduates successfully land their first in-field position.

What do data science apprentices do?

Data science apprentices work on real-world data projects, analyze data sets, develop predictive models, and extract valuable insights. Under the guidance of mentors and experienced data professionals, apprentices learn to use tools like Python, R, and data visualization software to solve complex problems. 

Are there remote data science apprenticeships?

Yes, you can do a data science apprenticeship remotely with some companies, though this is not common. Google and Twitch are two companies that occasionally post remote data science apprenticeships, so keep a close eye on their company websites for opportunities. 

Is it easy to get hired as a data scientist?

It is easy to get hired as a data scientist if you have the right technical skills and educational background or experience. Data science is a very in-demand profession, so there are plenty of open job opportunities. At the same time, employers have high expectations so you will need to make sure you have an impressive resume and a wide breadth of knowledge. 

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