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The Best Computer Science Internship Opportunities

Computer science internships can make or break your chances of landing a tech job. It’s a crucial addition to your resume that speaks to your ability to work well with experienced engineers and solve real-world tech problems.

In this article, we walk you through everything there is to know about computer science internships. A bonus: we threw in a list of the best internships to help you score a sweet gig.

What Is Computer Science?

A pair of glasses placed in front of a computer screen
Computer science has quickly become one of the most popular majors in the US.

Computer science is the study of computer programming, software systems, and accompanying algorithms. It’s a tech field that involves using coding languages and design skills to develop computer programs.

To master the field, you can pursue a traditional four-year computer science degree or opt for a much shorter and affordable track: coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are immersive and non-traditional training grounds for aspiring computer scientists, programmers, data scientists, and more.

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Pair your education with the practical experience from computer science partnerships, and you’re good to go. A computer science internship is often the best way for students to learn the “ins and outs” of the industry. It prepares them for the workplace as they learn how to work in teams and brainstorm ideas with industry experts.

The Most Common Types of Computer Science Internships

A computer screen displaying lines of code
There are various types of computer science internships you can opt for.

Most people pursue internships while pursuing a computer science degree or immediately after graduating from a coding bootcamp. Below are the most common types of computer science internships that you can participate in.

Front End Engineering Intern

Front end engineering is the development and design of the elements that users see when they click on a website or use a platform. Front end engineers write code and build user interfaces using languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

As an intern, you’ll work side-by-side with front end engineers. This will give you the opportunity to help create new systems and work through real-world challenges. If you are interested in web design, this is the internship for you.

Backend Engineering Intern

Backend engineering focuses on writing code with high-level programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python, and Kotlin. This code connects the server to the database and works with the front end to deliver the final product back to the user.

Backend engineering interns typically support the engineering team in managing end-to-end backend development for the company’s products. Their tasks may include implementing or maintaining application functionality. They may also review codes to ensure that the codes are bug-free.

Data Science Intern

Data scientists help businesses make informed decisions by gathering, analyzing, and deriving insights from massive volumes of data. For example, data scientists work to better understand consumers by using statistical techniques and data models to evaluate social trends.

As a data science intern, you will perform data analysis to develop solutions to real-world business problems. This entails applying and interpreting complex mathematical models to gain insights from particular data sets.

Data science internships also allow you to work with big data, a rapidly growing field that deals with complex data sets. These are ideal if you want to become a data scientist, a data analyst, or any data-centric role.

Product Management Intern

Product management professionals work with computer engineers and marketing teams to ensure a product’s functionality before it’s deployed in the market. Interns assist in the process by running quality assurance (QA) tests, determining whether the product is up to quality expectations.

They also help in conducting market research and creating a strategy to create efficient products and successful campaigns.

Mobile Technology Intern

Smartphones have become one of the most convenient ways for the masses to use virtual internet systems. With both iOS and Android platforms being so popular, mobile tech has become a sought-after path by computer science students.

Mobile technology engineers code for both front end and backend systems. Depending on the platform you’re building for, you will work with different programming languages. As a mobile tech intern, you can help create new apps, build mobile features, and ensure every system is user-friendly. 

The Best Tech Companies to Intern For

While there’s no shortage of computer science internships, not all programs are created equal. The right internship program can help you break into the tech industry and help you land your dream tech career.

Below is a list of the best tech companies that typically offer internships:


Apple logo on a Mac computer
Apple is one of the Big Five tech companies in the world.

Apple Inc. offers computer science internships that allow interns to get hands-on experience with its latest technology. Depending on their interest, students can work in data science, product management, computer engineering, or mobile technology.

Interns learn more about the iOS system and Apple’s coding languages. They also get to participate in product launches and predictive analysis for future products.

Apple advances leadership as a key focus of its internship programs. This is why interns are taught and expected to offer original ideas and take the lead. Apple’s internship opportunities are paid, with positions are offered worldwide.


A tablet’s screen showing the Google homepage
Google is a leading player in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Known for consistently claiming top spots in the best places to work, Google also offers top-notch paid and full-time tech internships. Google’s internship program is called BOLD (Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development).

It offers students of all backgrounds the chance to gain more technical experience and potentially be hired by the company.


Facebook app on a phone screen
Facebook is committed to building technology that brings people together.

Facebook is another Silicon Valley native that offers internship positions worldwide. Facebook values its interns as intelligent and hard-working employees who can offer new concepts and ideas.

Former interns have given positive reviews, especially with equipping them with leadership skills. Facebook interns get the chance to take on their own projects and develop problem-solving skills.

Depending on your interest, you can work as an intern for computational imaging, data science, product management, computer engineering, and marketing.


A close up of an Intel processor
Intel supplies microprocessors for top computer manufacturers.

Intel interns get to work on professional projects by writing and optimizing code. The internships come with competitive salaries and real-world experience working with cutting-edge technologies.

They also give great networking opportunities and access to Intel University classes. These classes serve to supplement your training with professional and personal development lessons.

Hewlett Packard

A man working on a laptop
Hewlett Packard offers various kinds of business solutions

Hewlett Packard (HP) is another well-respected tech company that offers an internship program. Hewlett Packard internships come with great features. They can be taken full-time or part-time, are paid, and offered all over the world.

Most HP interns are hired as they complete the third year of their studies. Students get to pursue internships in data science, software engineering, or product management.

Get a Computer Science Internship Today

A person giving a presentation on a whiteboard
You can land your dream job with a computer science internship.

A computer science internship is one of the best experiences a student can have. As an intern, you get to work alongside computer science professionals. They can provide the guidance you need as you prepare for a career in computer technology.

You also get to have an early start with developing products and applications. Future employers are also more likely to trust your technical abilities if they see that you have undergone an internship program.

On top of that, an internship is one of many opportunities for you to assess your interest and capabilities in a specific field. A computer science internship can be a life-changing experience that is highly recommended for anyone interested in pursuing a tech career.

Computer Science Internships FAQ

How much do computer scientists make in a year?

Computer scientists earn an average salary of $122,840 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To learn more about the opportunities computer scientists receive, check out our computer science salary guide.

How do I get an internship at a top tech company?

There are several ways you can do to secure an internship at a top tech company. You can take advantage of your school’s career services, for instance. Coding bootcamps usually offer career services that help you secure an internship or a job.

Can I get a computer science internship even if I don’t have experience?

Yes, although there are steps you can take to boost your value as an intern. This includes participating in clubs, extracurricular classes, and even volunteering opportunities. Participating in any of these programs and groups demonstrates your commitment to honing your computer science skills.

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