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An Overview of Coding Temple’s Web Development and Software Engineering Bootcamps

Founded in 2014, Coding Temple is among the well-known bootcamps in the country. The Chicago-based bootcamp offers online software engineering, Python, and data programs that can be taken either full-time, part-time, or with its newest schedule—self-paced flex.

Read on to learn more about what Coding Temple has to offer. 

Coding Temple offers a real-world curriculum, small class sizes, individualized attention, and supportive instructors to help you start your tech career.

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An Overview of Coding Temple Programs

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10-Week Full-Stack Web Development Course

  • Tuition fee: $13,995 (Payment plans and scholarships available)

Coding Temple offers a full-time course that turns students into software developers in 10 weeks. Students are expected to attend classes and complete required tasks Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

The program’s real-world curriculum covers the foundational tech skills and practical tools students need to start a career in software development, particularly the following:

  1. Front-End. Students learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Angular, among others. This section teaches students how to design and create the look and feel of a website.
  1. Back-End. This section teaches students Python and Flask. Python is one of the most popular programming languages today, used by some of the biggest tech companies such as Google and Paypal.
  1. Data. Students learn how to create and manage databases using SQL, MySQL, SQLite, and POSTGRESQL.
  1. Data Science. Data science and data analytics are used as umbrella terms for data science-related areas, such as data mining and machine learning. Students will learn to use Tableau, Pandas, and NumPy.
  1. Environments. In this section of the course, students learn different development environments, such as Anaconda, Github, Git, and SQLServer.

The full-time course provides students with hands-on experience by building real-world applications in small classroom settings. After ten weeks, students will possess the coding skills they need to start a new career in software development.

12-Week Part-Time Software Engineering Course

  • Tuition fee: $10,000 (Payment plans and scholarships available)

For those who cannot commit to a full-time schedule, Coding Temple also offers a part-time course. Students are expected to attend classes and work on class assignments from Monday to Thursday, from 5pm to 9pm for 12 weeks.

Throughout their training, students divide their time between lectures, classroom discussions, whiteboard sessions, code-alongs, and real-world projects. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Programming. This section includes both front-end and back-end development concepts such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and React.
  1. Databases. Students learn how to use database tools like Firebase, POSTGRESQL, and SQLite.
  1. Environments. Students learn different development environments used to create programs and software products, such as Anaconda, Github, Git, and SQLServer.

After graduating from Coding Temple’s part-time course, students can pursue careers as front-end developers, back-end developers, and data professionals.

Self-Paced Flex Course

  • Tuition fee: $5,000 for 3-month access or $7,500 for 6-month access

Coding Temple also offers a self-paced flex course that allows students to learn the same skills and receive the same quality of instruction as the other courses, but on their own time. Students can choose between a three- and six-month access to the program. 

The online self-paced course is divided into seven modules that students are required to complete on their own. That said, each module has checkpoints that require students to turn in projects, which they’ll need to pass to proceed to the next module.  

The modules of the self-paced flex course are as follows:

  • Module 1. HTML/CSS
  • Module 2. Basic Python
  • Module 3. Advanced Python
  • Module 4. SQL
  • Module 5. Flask
  • Module 6. JavaScript
  • Module 7. React

Note that despite its self-paced format, you’ll need to complete all course requirements by the time your access expires.

All three programs offer the same top-rated quality of instruction, and graduates will come out of Coding Temple fully prepared to start new careers in software development.

Coding Temple Application Process

Coding Temple courses do not have any standard prerequisites, and the bootcamp welcomes students from all professional and personal backgrounds. Interested applicants must go through an admissions process that consists of the following steps: 

  1. Fill in an online application on the Coding Temple website.
  2. Complete a one-on-one phone interview with a member of the admissions team.
  3. Sit through a logical math reasoning assessment.
  4. Wait for the final decision.

Career Paths You Can Take After Coding Temple

Students can take on a variety of roles after graduating from Coding Temple. They can work in front-end and back-end development, data, and business IT. Some of the roles graduates are suitable for are the following:

  • Front-end developer
  • Front-end designer
  • UX/UI developer
  • Software engineer
  • Python developer
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Business analyst

Why Coding Temple?

An infographic highlighting four reasons to enroll at Coding Temple

Coding Temple sets itself apart from other bootcamps through several features. 

First, students receive individualized attention. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that all students are given the guidance needed to complete the course successfully. Student relation managers set weekly meetings and interviews with learners to ensure that they are on the right track and receive the help they need. 

Coding Temple instructors are also an important part of the bootcamp’s success. Instructors have a wide range of qualifications and come from diverse backgrounds. Some instructors have a computer science background and experience from a corporate environment. Others are self-taught and are real-world, battle-tested developers. 

The bootcamp’s instructors understand what it’s like to start from zero. With this in mind, all Coding Temple instructors teach their subjects with passion and empathy for the learner. They put great effort into making sure that all students feel welcome at Coding Temple. 

Moreover, the greatest method to learn, according to Coding Temple, is through application. Instead of focusing on theory, the bootcamp uses a project-based curriculum that gives students crucial hands-on experience in programming. In the full-time course, students build over 15 projects in ten weeks.

Finally, Coding Temple learners receive full career support to help them land their dream job. Students work closely with career coaches in building their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. They’ll also go through several mock interviews, including behavioral interviews. Students also have access to Coding Temple’s vast employer and alumni network. These important connections build essential relationships that also help graduates during their job search.

Student Reviews: Is Coding Temple Worth It?

A bootcamp’s success is directly proportional to the success of its students. Coding Temple students were more than happy to share their personal experiences with the program, the instructors, and how Coding Temple changed their lives. 

Laura Rivera

“My overall experience with Coding Temple was very positive. It was a challenging curriculum, and I knew it would be [going in]. But my instructor was always very available and very helpful. My cohort was also very supportive,” said Laura Rivera.

During her time at Coding Temple, Laura created a lot of websites and interactive web applications. She also made data projects that she found very useful. “Even if I didn’t have any experience in programming, Coding Temple really helped me feel confident in my skills and that my skillset would be marketable,” she continued.

Before attending Coding Temple, Laura felt her career was becoming stagnant because she wasn’t enhancing her skillset. “Not having a computer science degree, I was concerned I wasn’t going to be able to make this transition successful. Coding Temple opened doors that I never thought imaginable for me and my career.” 

“Going to Coding Temple was essential for me to excel in my career,” shared Laura, who now works as a data engineer.

Wanda Victores

Wanda was working for an events company and did not have programming experience before starting Coding Temple. She initially found programming hard because she had never done it before. However, her experience in Coding Temple changed her perspective on programming. 

“For my final project, I created a fully functional e-commerce site. Once I hit run, and everything came together, I saw the code I had written up there. That’s when I knew…I can do this.” Wanda said.

She also acknowledged Coding Temple instructors for all the help they gave during the program. 

“The instructors were really good. I was able to message them off-hours and on weekends whenever I was stuck. If I came in on Fridays, I would be able to talk one-on-one with them, and that made all the difference. The classes are a lot smaller here [compared to other bootcamps], and that made a huge difference in why I was able to learn so quickly,” she continued.

Wanda also relied on Coding Temple to help her land her first tech job. “After I graduated from Coding Temple…I relied heavily on business development here at Coding Temple. They helped set up different interviews. I was able to get several interviews, and I landed a great job at a global software consulting company,” she said.

Binit Patel

Binit was working in the healthcare industry, specifically with medical devices and quality assurance, before starting at Coding Temple. During his time at the course, he quickly took to programming. “I knew this bootcamp was working for me when after class, I would go home, and I would continue to work on the projects. It became a hobby for me instead of just learning it for the skill,” Binit shared.

He also credits Coding Temple for opening doors for its graduates. “Companies look at you when you have Coding Temple on your resume and have Coding Temple experience. Without Coding Temple, I don’t think I would have the opportunities I have today. Right when I was leaving Coding Temple, a lot of recruiters were coming in and talking to us about positions they had and other positions coming out in the software industry,” he said. 

Start Your Journey to a Tech Career with Coding Temple

Whichever program and schedule you choose, you’re sure to get high-quality, real-world training from Coding Temple. Hands-on projects, small classes, and a committed team of instructors are some features that set it apart from other bootcamps. Students can expect full support from the day they start their program until they land a job. All these features make Coding Temple unique in the bootcamp space. 

If you are interested in changing your life and want to pursue a career in tech, start your application for Coding Temple here.

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