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Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It in 2020?

Coding can be a flexible career. You may be able to choose what projects you will work on. There are opportunities for freelancing, working remotely, and working on projects about which you are passionate.

With so many free resources available online, you may wonder why paying to attend a coding bootcamp would be worth the cost. Of course, much of your decision will depend on your learning style, situation, and commitment. However, there are many benefits to attending a coding bootcamp that you may not immediately recognize. Let’s explore a few of the often overlooked benefits of coding bootcamp instruction.

Attending a Coding Bootcamp Can Open Other Doors

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The path you take now could open countless doors in the future.

It is often said that there is no such thing as “luck”. Rather, success in any endeavor hinges on looking for opportunities others may not see. And, most opportunities present themselves through your determination to be in the right place, at the right time, with open eyes and an open mind.

Finding a Job After Coding Bootcamp

Often, the most common reasons we hear from students about why they decided to attend a coding bootcamp is to find better job opportunities, update their skillset or transition to a better career. As the industry grows, more companies favor coding bootcamp graduates. As a result, many coding bootcamp graduates go on to secure lucrative careers at medium to large companies spanning a wide range of industries.

Regardless of the bootcamp you attend, the process will be easier than if you were to educate yourself and try to apply to jobs without a solid foundation of verifiable skill. Getting a job will take time and work on your part. But, if you attend one of the many bootcamps that offer job placement assistance, you will have support and guidance from professionals. This can make the process less stressful.

Networking Opportunities

Attending a coding bootcamp can open doors to networking events or hackathons and earn you contacts at various companies and organizations. As the old adage goes—and sometimes rings true—“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” However, networking opportunities are a drop in the bucket if you consider some of these other major advantages of attending a coding bootcamp.

Access to Support System

The best argument that can be made against relying on free resources as your sole source of training is that bootcamp students have access to a structured support system. The plethora of information available online can actually become overwhelming. You may find yourself lost in an ocean of information with no direction and no mentorship to help guide you. Learning in a more structured environment can help ensure the skills you learn are relevant to the demands of employers.

Evidence of Abilities

Additionally, tech job hiring managers will want to see concrete evidence that you actually have the knowledge necessary for the position you’re applying for. “Self-educated” on your resume may sound like it would be appealing to a hiring manager as it suggests that you take it upon yourself to learn independently.

But, that may not always be the case as employers often look to formal education as an indicator of commitment to the position you are applying for. Moreover, they see education as an asset you have and they desire. It is this rationale that is driving more companies to invest in continued education for employees.

Coding Bootcamps Do Have Some Disadvantages

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Everything in life has pros and cons. 

Bootcamps Can Be Expensive

The most common perceived disadvantage to coding bootcamps is the price tag. Despite the fact that they are usually less expensive and less time intensive than a traditional college degree, many people still experience a bit of sticker shock when they see the price. Bootcamps can range from less than $2,000 to more than $30,000.

Finding a way to pay for one may be a challenge. But many programs offer students multiple ways to pay for tuition, such as through income sharing, monthly payments, or other financing options. It is wise to explore every option to help pay for all or part of coding bootcamp tuition—to avoid spending money if you don’t have to.

Outcomes Can Be Less Than Ideal

Researching bootcamp reviews can help you decide if a coding bootcamp is worth it or not. But, it is important to remember that the projected outcomes in one region may not translate well to a different region. So, how can you be more confident that a bootcamp is right for you?

One of the best ways is to find coding bootcamp graduates on LinkedIn who live and work in the area you hope to work or attend a bootcamp. Ask them about their bootcamp experience and job placement after graduation. Also, ask them which bootcamp they attended and how they feel about their experience. Word of mouth is often more helpful in decision-making than skimming online reviews.

Commitment is Essential to Success

Commitment to successfully completing a coding bootcamp is essential. This means that you will find yourself sacrificing time with family, friends, and hobbies. Committing fully to the demands of the program will help ensure that your experience and outcome are positive.

Best Bootcamps, According to Graduate Experience

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Actions speak louder than words. Learn from experience.

Whether you are considering a coding bootcamp in data science, web development, software development, or even software engineering, the following are some of the highest-rated coding bootcamps arranged by industry focus:

  • Best web design bootcamps. Web design is one of the most common areas tech companies hire bootcamp tech talent for.

  • Best data science bootcamps. Data science is another highly sought-after bootcamp skill. The complexity of the field gives people in this area of expertise a lot of flexibility when looking for opportunities.

  • Best data analytics bootcamps. Data analytics experts often go on to make remarkable discoveries to solve problems with innovative solutions.

  • Best cybersecurity bootcamps. The ever-evolving security threats to companies makes this field of expertise one that will remain in demand for decades to come.

  • Best tech sales bootcamps. The focus in tech sales is not to create products, but to create innovative solutions to sell products. If a development job isn’t really your area of interest, tech sales may be an ideal way to break into the tech industry.

  • Best digital marketing bootcamps. Digital marketing is another great way to get into the tech industry without learning to code. Similar to tech sales, your skills for finding innovative ways to get products in front of potential customers will be in high demand.

  • Best product management bootcamps. Product managers take charge of the lifecycle of a product, from the design phase all the way through to its last days on the market.


Is a coding bootcamp right for you? Well, that really depends on your situation, your personality, and your overall dedication to joining the tech industry in one of the areas that coding bootcamps offer instruction. As you decide on your next move, remember that opportunity rarely comes to those who wait. It is often said that fortune smiles upon those who act with determination. So, really, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re ready to take the plunge or still deciding which direction to go, we’re here to help! Register to join us today and get started on a brighter path to tomorrow!

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