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Coding Bootcamp Job Placement Guarantees

Perhaps the number one reason for attending a coding bootcamp, according to the students, is to get a good job. Technology-related fields are experiencing a bit of a gold-rush era that shows no signs of slowing down. Many of the greatest names in the coding bootcamp industry offer some sort of guarantee surrounding your success upon completion of their course.

Some of the most common guarantees include:

  • Refunding all of part of your tuition if you are unable to find a job within a certain time frame
  • Career Services department that will actively hunt for you to find a job or apprenticeship
  • Some guarantee a full-time, salaried position upon graduation

While it may sound great, it is important to know a few things before you stake your money and time on a school based solely on their job placement guarantee (or lack thereof). The details of the guarantee are often buried in long contracts with a lot of legal terminology and may be difficult to understand. Others have high barriers such as submitting a certain number of applications per week or no refusal of any job offer.

Some questions to ask yourself and the school you are considering about their guarantee:

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  • Is the guarantee focused on a job or a job offer?
  • What are the graduation requirements?
  • What happens if you fail to meet an objective during the course?
  • Can you repeat a section of the course or the entire course if you’re not successful the first time?
  • Do you fully understand the prerequisites and job search requirements?

Bootcamps with Job Guarantees Have Many Benefits

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The benefits are great! But, you’ve got some work to do first.

If the school you are considering has a job placement guarantee, the odds are pretty high that they do so because they are highly confident in their ability to teach you the skills you need to succeed. Additionally, having a career services department to help guide you through the process gives you a tremendous advantage over attending a school with no guarantee.

Overall, you want to make sure you’re not going to spend money on a program where you won’t put the knowledge to good use quickly. Having access to a career services representative can help to ensure you get to work as soon as possible upon graduation.

What if There is No Job Placement Guarantee?

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Think hard about how important a guarantee is for you.

If the coding bootcamp you are considering doesn’t offer a guaranteed job, finding a job will require a combination of a little creativity and persistence. So, before you even decide on which online coding bootcamps you want to apply to, it is a good idea to take a step back and think about which field you want to be hired in first. For instance, if you’re interested in software development, take a look at the current job market for development jobs.

If the posted jobs don’t really fit with what you are looking for, maybe you could consider doing a job search for software engineers or web development. Software engineers are involved in developing software, but not all software developers are engineers. The market demands for each position will sway, but starting off your tech career by first knowing what is in demand will help you avoid the pitfalls of entering a saturated market.

As you begin your journey, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Is this a field I am interested in?
  • Is this a field that is growing or slowing?
  • Which coding bootcamps guarantee job placement in this field?
  • If not, will I consider a similar or different field?
  • What will I say if they offer a job that isn’t what I was expecting?

Sometimes, Bootcamps Can’t Live Up to Their Promise

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Dealbreaker: Who’s at fault?

Most of the players in the coding bootcamp industry aim to make each bootcamp student’s story one of complete success. Of course, it’s impossible to get it right 100% of the time. And, the formulas used to calculate job placement rate for some bootcamps can be a little complex.

As a result, you should always assume that even if there is a job placement guarantee, the outcome may not be as favorable as you would like. So, be prepared to help the career services department as much as you can by beginning to look for a job within about one to two months of graduation.

A Job and A Good Job Are Two Different Things

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The surface may be deceiving.

Some bootcamp grads may only find part time work, low-pay, or other less desirable offers when first starting out. Technically, these job offers might fulfill the bootcamp’s guarantee. But, it could be less than what you had hoped for. Remember, it’s ultimately up to you to fulfill your dreams.

With that said, should you take the first job that comes along or wait it out for a better one? Bear in mind that it’s always better to have a little experience rather than none when you’re aiming for your dream job.

Don’t Fall Into the Coding Interview Trap

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No Games or Gimmicks. 

When you’re ready for that first interview, do a little research or ask your career services representative about the company’s hiring practices. Sites like Glassdoor are great resources for current and former employee reviews.

If the company is one that uses a complicated hiring process (like Google’s infamous puzzles and brain teasers), you may want to hold off on the interview until you have more experience. Don’t waste a lot of your time trying to research the best ways to beat their interview questions. Instead, look for a company that doesn’t use trickery in their interviews.

Code Schools that Guarantee Jobs for Bootcamp Graduates

Planning for the future and having a Plan B is always a good idea. You’ve done your homework, made your decisions and now you’re ready to start looking at coding bootcamps. Here are some of the highest rated coding bootcamps that have job placement guarantees.

  1. Springboard
  2. Flatiron School
  3. Thinkful
  4. Tech Elevator
  5. GreyCampus

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