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A Guide to Coding Bootcamp Housing Options and Paid Bootcamps

While attending an in-person coding bootcamp can be a highly effective way of starting a tech career, it may require moving to a new city for the duration of the program. If you don’t live near a major city, you may be looking for a coding bootcamp with housing opportunities to help make this transition easier. 

While coding bootcamps with a living stipend or accommodation included are uncommon, there are a few exceptions. In this article, we will discuss all your bootcamp housing options, including how you can access a housing allowance for a coding bootcamp. We also discuss coding bootcamps with apprenticeship programs that allow you to learn while earning a salary.

Coding Bootcamps With Housing Options

If you are hoping to attend a coding bootcamp in the US that provides housing, your options are fairly limited. Some schools that previously offered accommodations changed their policies or adapted to online learning during the pandemic. You can learn about what options are currently available below. 


42 offers free tech training to students all over the world with campuses in major cities like Paris, Adelaide, Istanbul, London, and Fremont, California. It is a highly project-based course that emphasizes the importance of hands-on training and collaboration. 

Housing options vary depending on your location, but 42 has historically offered resources including free dorm rooms, deals with local hostels, and private platforms to help students find accommodations in the area. 

Big Nerd Ranch

If you are looking for a coding bootcamp with housing, Big Nerd Ranch is one to consider. It offers week-long bootcamps in Atlanta, GA, covering topics like iOS and Swift, mobile testing, Android and Kotlin, and machine learning. The cost of the program includes a hotel room, meals, and a shuttle to transport you to and from class. 

Deep Dive Coding

Deep Dive Coding in Albuquerque, New Mexico offers in-person programs in full stack web development, data science, software engineering, and digital media. The school recognizes that many students travel from out of state and has previously partnered with hotels in the area to provide affordable rates. You can contact the admissions team to learn about availability and pricing. 


Devmountain offers online and in-person courses in web development, software engineering, UX design, cyber security, and data analytics. While the full 16-week bootcamps cost $9,900, you can start with a basic coding course for only $49. 

Full-time in-person students at Devmountain have access to free dorm-style housing. The shared rooms typically hold between four and six students and are well furnished with Internet, laundry facilities, and more. Keep in mind that housing is temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coding Bootcamps With Housing Outside the US

If you love traveling and experiencing other cultures, you can opt for a coding bootcamp with housing that takes place in cities like Lisbon, Bali, or Cape Town. Often, programs like this include excursions and other tourist activities along with tech training. 

Institute of Code

You can pick up essential web development and marketing skills by attending the Institute of Code’s bootcamp in Bali. Students begin by completing an eight-week online program before spending 10 days learning through practical workshops at a private villa in Bali, Indonesia. Accommodation, meals, and excursions are included in the program fee of $6,250. 


University students can participate in a six-week combined bootcamp internship program at iXperience campuses in Lisbon, Portugal, or Cape Town. After spending the first two weeks working on technical coding skills, they work at a local company to complete a real-world project. Accommodation and excursions are included in the price.

Ruby on the Beach 

Ruby on the Beach offers project-based coding bootcamps that cover JavaScript and Ruby programming. During the four-week program, you will focus on building your skills by completing various projects with the support of a trained mentor. 

These bootcamps take place all over the world and previous locations include Thailand, Ecuador, and Bali. Depending on what plan you choose, accommodations can be included in your tuition fees. 

Tortuga Coders  

Tortuga Coder’s 10-week web development bootcamp takes place in Thailand and trains beginners in all the essential skills they need to start development careers. You’ll experience the local culture and learn alongside fellow digital nomads. The curriculum includes JavaScript, React, MongoDB, SQL, and NodeJS. 

Hacker Paradise

If you are a tech nomad or are simply looking to study or work abroad, you can look into Hacker Paradise. Hacker Paradise curates trips to destinations all over the world and provides accommodations, coworking spaces, and workshops in skills like cyber security, personal branding, and professional development.

Current locations include Buenos Aires, Valencia, Tokyo, La Paz, and Tallinn. The itinerary is flexible and you can choose your trip length from two weeks to 12 months. You can also choose to share a room with a member of your cohort to lower the price.

Coding Bootcamp Housing: Additional Options

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Many students use cost of living loans to cover housing expenses during in-person coding bootcamp programs. 

Since most coding bootcamps don’t provide housing, many students turn to alternative methods of covering the cost of their accommodation. Below, we will give details on various coding bootcamps and similar programs that will help you solve your housing needs through cost of living loans, scholarships, or grants. But first, let’s talk about coding bootcamps that actually pay you to attend their programs.

Coding Bootcamps That Pay You: Bootcamps With Paid Apprenticeships

One of the most direct ways of becoming a software engineer is to attend a software engineering apprenticeship. Apprentices gain invaluable exposure to the day-to-day workings of the industry while learning the ropes of their chosen trade and getting paid. Coding bootcamps that offer such opportunities are known in the industry as “paid bootcamps.” Below are the main ones:

Code Fellows

Code Fellows, a well-known Seattle-based training academy, offers a paid apprenticeship program in collaboration with American Apprenticeships Work (AAW). This Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship allows students to get paid work experience in software development and cyber security without incurring debt. 

Makers Academy

Makers Academy is a British coding school with centers in London, Bristol, Cambridge, and Manchester. It offers L4 Apprenticeship opportunities in software development, DevOps, and data and software testing. Students learn how to code, gain on-the-job experience, earn a competitive salary, and receive a valuable qualification that is equivalent to a degree.


Codecademy is a pioneer in online tech education that regularly takes in software engineering apprentices in programs that last 15 weeks. The goal is to help new developers become level-one engineers with the help of a mentor. If you are thinking of applying, make sure you have some experience with the company’s software stack, which includes React, Ruby, and Node.

Coding Bootcamps With a Living Stipend 

A coding bootcamp with a living stipend will provide you with funds that can be used for things like rent, bills, and transportation. You can always contact the admissions office to ask if they provide a housing allowance for coding bootcamp students in need. 

Albuquerque Game Developers Guild

This organization is dedicated to building and maintaining an inclusive game development community in Albuquerque. Along with regular meetups and game jams, it hosts special workshops, tutorials, and events for aspiring developers. 

Part of AGDG’s mission is to ensure everyone has the resources they need to pursue game dev skills and launch successful careers. It supports low-income students however it can by providing resources like scholarships, hardware, software, and mentorship. 

Kable Academy

Kable Academy has locations in Dayton and Cincinnati and offers 12-week IT bootcamps in web development, cyber security, IT support, and network support. Students in Ohio and Kentucky have historically been able to use funds from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to help cover tuition and living expenses. 

Recurse Center

Recurse Center holds coding retreats where programmers get a chance to work on projects without the distractions of daily life and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Recurse Center retreats are completely free and living expense grants are available for members of underrepresented communities in tech. 


Thinkful is a well-known coding bootcamp with a living stipend. Its flexible online programs cover subjects including data analytics, software engineering, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. Students who choose to pay for their course with a deferred tuition plan have the option of receiving an additional $1,500 per month to be used for living expenses. 

Taking out a coding bootcamp cost of living loan allows students to focus entirely on their studies without having to worry about how they will afford expenses like childcare, rent, and paying bills. You will be responsible for repaying the loan in regular installments after you graduate.  

Coding Bootcamp Cost of Living Loans

Ascent Funding, previously SkillsFund, is one of the largest lending companies in the bootcamp space and is partnered with many top coding schools. Along with helping students cover tuition, Ascent often provides cost-of-living loans. Partner schools that allow living expense assistance through Ascent Funding include:

  • 4Geeks Academy
  • Fullstack Academy
  • Flatiron School
  • LearningFuze
  • General Assembly
  • Grand Circus
  • CodeWorks

Co-living Solutions for Bootcamp Students

Oftentimes, tech hopefuls who aren’t able to find bootcamps with living stipends or free housing turn to co-living spaces. This makes sense: not only are these spaces cheaper than other alternatives, but students get to live and interact with like-minded folk. These are some of the companies offering this type of accommodation that have traditionally partnered with coding bootcamps. 


Common, specializing in co-living spaces, suits coding bootcamp students by fostering a supportive community. Shared living reduces costs and provides networking opportunities among tech-minded peers. Amenities and furnished spaces ease the transition, offering a comfortable, hassle-free accommodation ideal for focused learning during intense bootcamp programs.


Krash specifically targets programmers, designers, technologists, and enterprising people looking to have an impact. Its living spaces, known as Krashpads, accommodate up to 25 people and feature open common areas designed to stimulate intellectual conversation and curiosity. You can find Krashpads in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and other US cities.

In-Person vs Online Coding Bootcamps

Keep in mind that one of the main benefits of coding bootcamps is their flexibility. An online bootcamp can provide you with the same rigorous and comprehensive curriculum as an in-person option without you needing to relocate. Many online coding bootcamps provide live remote lessons where students can interact with instructors and peers, just as they would in a traditional classroom. 

If you are concerned about how you will cover your cost of living expenses while you study, you can also consider enrolling in a part-time program. Many part-time coding bootcamps offer a much more flexible schedule that doesn’t require students to quit their day job. 

Should I Attend a Coding Bootcamp With Housing?

If you want to attend an in-person coding bootcamp and don’t live in a major tech city, it is worth looking into coding bootcamps with housing options. While offering accommodation to students is uncommon, many schools allow students to take out loans for living expenses, which can ease the financial burden of moving to a new city for the length of your program. 

Keep an eye out as well for paid bootcamps that offer apprenticeships. A software engineering apprenticeship from a coding bootcamp gives the student invaluable work experience and exposure to the industry while earning a salary.

Attending a coding bootcamp will provide you with the skills you need to enter the workforce and succeed in your chosen tech career. According to BLS, data scientists, web developers, and information security analysts have some of the highest job growth rates of any occupation, which means gaining in-demand tech skills is a great decision for your future. 

Coding Bootcamp With Housing FAQ

How do you pay for a coding bootcamp?

You can pay for a coding bootcamp using a range of methods including a deferred tuition plan, installment payments, coding bootcamp loans, scholarships, or an income share agreement. Most coding bootcamps provide a range of payment options to keep their courses accessible to all students. 

How much does a coding bootcamp cost?

According to Statista, 52 percent of coding bootcamps cost between $5,000 and $15,000. However, some programs cost over $20,000. Many students take advantage of free coding bootcamp programs to master basic skills and languages. 

Can you use your GI Bill housing allowance for coding bootcamp programs?

Yes, you can use GI Bill benefits to cover both tuition and housing costs for certain coding bootcamp programs. Make sure you ask a member of the admissions team whether the school you have chosen is an approved vocational program. Code Platoon, Coding Dojo, and Code Fellows are among the best coding bootcamps for veterans.  

Are there coding bootcamps that pay you to learn programming?

Yes, you may be able to find a coding bootcamp or a similar program that pays you to learn programming, but these are rare. You may be required to work for the bootcamp or company for a set period of time after completing the course, so make sure you fully understand your contract before committing to a program. 

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