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How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost, and Are They Worth It?

Coding bootcamps have become the most popular alternative to traditional university degrees. If you’re thinking of attending a bootcamp, one of the first factors you should consider is tuition. How much do coding bootcamps cost? Is the coding bootcamp cost worth it in the long run? How much can you earn after graduating from a coding bootcamp? 

In this guide, you will find the answers to these questions as well as details about some of the best coding bootcamps in the industry. It also explains the most popular ways to pay for coding bootcamps. Read below to learn whether a bootcamp is the best choice for you and how you can pay for it.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost? 

The average coding bootcamp tuition in the United States is between $1,000 and $15,000. This can vary depending on the length and intensity of the bootcamp. If it’s online and self-paced, it will be more affordable. In-person immersive bootcamps can cost up to $20,000. Be sure to check bootcamp reviews to see if the price is worth it.

Generally speaking, coding bootcamps are much more affordable compared to getting a traditional four-year computer science degree. For example, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, tuition and fees for one year at Harvard University are $54,002. Multiplied by four, this is an extremely expensive investment.

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How to Pay for a Coding Bootcamp: 7 Financing and Payment Methods

Most coding bootcamps will offer several payment options. Your career journey is about more than just your job. Along with a dynamic learning experience, you need to plan your finances. Below is a list of some of the most popular payment methods for coding bootcamps, including explanations about how they work. 

Upfront Payment 

This is the most straightforward payment method for coding bootcamp education, and it’s also the most highly recommended. All you have to do is pay your tuition in full before you start attending classes. Most bootcamps offer discounts to students who choose this method. You won’t need to worry about interest, payment deadlines, or anything else after graduation. 

Income Share Agreement 

With an ISA, students enter an agreement with the bootcamp to pay a small portion of the tuition before they start, then pay the rest after they find employment. Students a percentage of their salary for a given time. The best income sharing bootcamps include Lambda School and Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp, which is offered by Trilogy Education Services.


Also called a payment plan, this method of payment allows students to break their tuition into smaller parts to ease the cost burden. Installments could be monthly, bi-monthly, or divided into a certain number of payments. It all depends on the agreement with the school. Typically, the first part of the installment is the largest. 

Deferred Tuition

Deferred tuition allows students to study first and pay later. A small deposit may be required depending on the bootcamp. It is similar to an income share agreement but is typically tied to the student’s success. After they find a job, preferably a tech job, they will be required to start paying in installments. Some schools offer deferred tuition along with a job guarantee. 

Loan Financing

With this option, lenders pay tuition to bootcamps on your behalf. Then, you are expected to pay them back when you start working and earning a certain amount of money. This option attracts interest and longer repayment times. Some of the best loan providers for bootcamp students are Climb Credit and Skills Fund.


Several organizations offer tech scholarships to students who cannot afford an education. The exclusive bootcamp scholarships may be based on merit, gender, or economic background. However, you should keep in mind that these can be highly competitive. Some bootcamps offer free education to qualified candidates. 

GI Bill Benefits 

If you’re a veteran or the family member of a veteran, you may be able to pay some of your tuition with GI Bill benefits under your name. There aren’t many bootcamps that allow payment with the GI Bill, so make sure you confirm before enrolling. Code Platoon is a coding bootcamp specifically for veterans, which is a good choice if you opt for this option.

Coding Bootcamp Cost and Financing Comparison

The 10 bootcamps in the table below all offer teaching and career services. The goal of this piece is to show you the location, tuition cost, and payment options available for each bootcamp. Note that the information was collected from the official pages of each bootcamp and is subject to change. 

Coding Bootcamp Location Programs Offered Tuition Cost Payment and Financing Options
Actualize Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Online Full Stack Software Development
$14,900 Upfront, Installments, Loan Financing
App Academy New York City, San Francisco, Online Software Engineering $17,000 to $20,000 Upfront, Private Loans, Income Share Agreement, Deferred Tuition
BrainStation New York, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Online
Digital Marketing Bootcamp, Web Development Bootcamp, UX Design Bootcamp, Data Science Bootcamp
$2,450 to $15,000
Upfront, Private Loans, Income Share Agreement, Deferred Tuition
Coding Dojo Los Angeles, Chicago, Bellevue, Boise, Silicon Valley Full Stack Software Development, Data Science $5,995 to $16,495
Upfront, Income Share Agreements, Scholarships, GI Bill
DevMountain Phoenix, Online UX Design, Web Development, Java Software Engineering, Python Software Engineering, Data Analytics, iOS Development, Software QA $4,900 to $10,900
Upfront Payment, Loan Financing, Scholarships
DigitalCrafts Seattle, Tampa, Atlanta, Houston, Online
Web Development, UX Design, Cyber Security
$9,950 to $14,950
Upfront Payment, Loan Financing, Scholarships, GI Bill
Flatiron School Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, New York, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Online Software Engineering, Cyber Security Engineering, Data Science, Product Design $9,600 to $17,000 Upfront Payment, Private Loans, GI Bill, Scholarships
Fullstack Academy New York, Chicago, Online Full Stack Software Development, Cyber Security, Data Analytics
$15,980 to $17,910 Upfront Payment, VET TEC, Private Loans, Scholarships
General Assembly Many Locations Front End Web Development, Product Management, Data Science, Python Development, UX Design, React Development, Visual Design, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing $950 to $15,950 Upfront, GI Bill, Income Share Agreement, Installments, Employer Sponsorship, Loan Options
Ironhack Online, São Paulo, Lisbon, Miami, Mexico City, Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris Web Development, Cyber Security, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics
Upfront Payment, Deferred Tuition, Loan Financing, Income Share Agreement

5 Best Free Coding Bootcamps: Learn to Code for Free

You don’t always need to spend money to learn the digital skills professional developers need. There are a few coding bootcamps that offer free education to students to reach their professional goals. If you qualify, you can enjoy all the benefits of part-time bootcamps and start a successful career without paying tuition. 

1. Software Engineering by Ada Developers Academy 

Ada Developers Academy offers free full stack web development and software engineering training to women and gender-diverse individuals. The intensive program for in-class lessons runs for about six months, after which students are placed in companies for a paid apprenticeship program that runs for about five months. 

2. Front End Development by Bridge 

This 11-week front end development bootcamp teaches technical skills to women and non-binary individuals for free. The program is meant for people who already know fundamental development skills but need more specialized training. It includes virtual classes and leadership opportunities during class time.

3. Data Science Fellowship by The Data Incubator 

This bootcamp is specifically for people who want to advance their data science careers. Students are taught with a proven curriculum based on real datasets and high-demand skills for solving real-world problems. The full-time program runs for eight weeks, while the part-time program runs for about 20 weeks. 

4. Coding by General Assembly Dash 

This online coding bootcamp follows a project-based curriculum for website development. You will learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for full stack web development. It focuses specifically on UX and UI design. Anyone can watch the online videos on the official GA Dash website as additional resources. 

5. Coding by Kenzie 

This is a prep bootcamp from Kenzie Academy that offers foundational knowledge of web development to those without experience in programming. Courses include JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It also comes with hours of hands-on projects after you have gathered specialized skills with remote learning. 

Coding Bootcamp Graduate Outcomes

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Coding bootcamp graduates get high-paying jobs in the tech industry.

The primary aim of attending an online bootcamp or in-person bootcamp is to land a successful career in the tech industry. In the United States, most coding bootcamps have an impressive reputation of ensuring that their graduates have received hands-on training and mastered in-demand skills employers are looking for.

Can You Get a Job After a Coding Bootcamp?

Yes, you can get a job right after you finish your coding bootcamp. Your bootcamp should teach coding skills that are in line with market demand to help you get a career in tech. Look for bootcamps with excellent career services teams to help with your coding journey, not just hands-on learning.

These career services can include salary negotiation, resume building, career coaching, professional profile building, training in networking, and mock interviews. They also help you accumulate your portfolio of projects. Some schools have employer partners that give job offers to fresh bootcamp grads or hold career fairs.

Most popular bootcamps like Flatiron School, Galvanize, General Assembly, Thinkful, and Fullstack Academy publish data on the success of their graduates. These schools have high job placement rates, ranging between 78 percent and 100 percent. Coding bootcamps typically have high student success and provide strong career paths.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Graduates Make?

Coding bootcamp graduates earn between $50,000 to $100,000 in their first job post-graduation. However, this isn’t a fixed rate, and it varies significantly depending on the bootcamp, program, specialized skills, location, and the company. Check the student outcomes from your bootcamp of choice for a clearer picture.

You should take a look at the job market for your career of choice as well. Check the average starting salary or median salary for your ideal job so you can match your bootcamp’s average cost. Online courses are cheaper, but in-person options might help you earn more in the long run because you can get hands-on experience for a better job.

Is a Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, coding bootcamps are worth it because they allow you to reach your career goals within a short time. Instead of spending four years and thousands of dollars trying to earn a computer science degree, you can save money with a coding bootcamp in a shorter period of time. These rigorous schools offer more experiential learning opportunities. There are even free coding bootcamps that you can enroll in to test whether this education format is right for you.

Make sure that you attend the best coding bootcamp and make use of every resource it has available. Your bootcamp experience might include a dedicated career coach, interview skills, and more. Many bootcamps can help you make career connections to help you on your way to landing your dream job. 

Coding Bootcamp Cost FAQ

Are coding bootcamps expensive?

No, coding bootcamps are not expensive when compared to traditional higher institutes of learning. They can cost between $1,000 and $20,000 for a full program, and some bootcamps are even free.

Are coding bootcamps good for beginners?

Yes, coding bootcamps are ideal for beginners who have no previous experience or level of education in tech and want to gain job-specific core skills. Most of these bootcamps offer introductory courses first.

Does coding require math?

Yes, coding requires some fundamental math skills. However, you don’t need to learn advanced mathematics to attract potential employers. All you have to do is learn the underlying concepts of math that make up the foundations of some programming languages for complex projects.

Can coding make you rich?

Yes, knowledge of coding can make you rich, but only if you put in the hard work. Attend industry events and build a professional portfolio with real-world projects to become a well-paid professional web developer.

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By continuing you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and you consent to receive offers and opportunities from Career Karma by telephone, text message, and email.