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Attending a coding bootcamp can be difficult. Most programs require a full time, in-person commitment, and if you don’t happen to live in a tech capital where most bootcamps take place, many courses will be unavailable to you. However, some bootcamps provide online learning solutions, and Codeworks makes an effort to make an online program that matches the quality found in in-person courses.

In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of Codeworks online offerings: what they cover, how much they cost, how to pay for them, and what results other students have seen from these courses.

School Overview

After Codeworks CEO, Alessandro Zanardi, went to a coding bootcamp to get an education in tech, they realized that the coding bootcamp industry could be further improved. Therefore, they set out to create their own in 2016.

Today, Codeworks’ 8-week and 12-week courses are offered at campuses around the world in major cities like Barcelona, London, Berlin, Austin, New York, Toronto, and online.

Codeworks Online Bootcamp

Codeworks students in a discussion.
Codeworks works to make their remote courses as viable as their in-person ones.

Codeworks recently invested in how its online courses function, both from a technical and curriculum standpoint to create an experience that provides the same quality that its in-person courses have.

Codeworks’ online campus is designed so that remote students can work with other students in the same time zone. The school also uses remote technology like Zoom and Teachable to keep students from missing out just because they aren’t there in person. In fact, the online courses are synchronized — those that attend Codeworks can seamlessly switch from online to in-person (and vice versa) mid-course.

Online Courses

Codeworks courses include two primary immersive bootcamps at every location, online included: one 12-week course and one 8-week course.

Software Engineering Immersive – $8,500

This is Codeworks’ flagship course. In 12 weeks, students learn software engineering skills that prepare them for work in the field. This course teaches students how to use JavaScript to create full-fledged programs, from complexity analysis to end-to-end testing, that they can later use in their work portfolio.

Web Development Immersive – $5,700

Codeworks’ new 8-week course is focused on web development. Students in this course will learn web development tools and programming languages that can guide them to create full-stack web applications using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, back end and front end frameworks, and database software, among others.

Admission Process

Codeworks’ admission process is highly selective. It starts with a coding test to determine if a student has enough baseline knowledge to start the course. For those with zero coding experience, the school provides a short course on learning to code with JavaScript, which will provide them with the skills needed to pass this initial test.

Subsequently, a personal interview will determine if any prospective student will be a good fit for the program. After that comes the technical interview, where an instructor meets with the applicant to determine their existing technical knowledge.

Then, applicants are asked to complete a coding assignment that they will review with their instructor. If all of the above goes well, the applicant becomes a student and starts their pre-course curriculum.

Finance Options

Students have multiple options for paying their tuition.

  • Students can pay the full cost upfront.
  • Students can pay with a loan from an institution of their choice or from one of Codeworks’ financing partners. 
  • Students can pay for their tuition after they find a job offer, although this option has limited seats and are provided to students from under-represented groups or with limited financial means before others. 

In addition, if students refer a friend that starts the course before they finish theirs, they will get 10% off their entire tuition fee.


According to an internal study, Codeworks boasts an impressive 100% hiring rate in related fields for graduates of their flagship software engineering course. Students from this course are now working at companies like Glovo, Tidal, Trivago, and E&Y.

Many students have reported having a positive experience with the software engineering course. For example, Luca, a 2019 graduate now working at a tech startup in London, had this to say about the course:

“The pace is vigorous but you will never feel lost because you will have the support of your instructors, your teaching assistants, and your classmates. The student selection process really works well, and your classmates will be some of the most driven, motivated and knowledgeable people you will ever meet.”

In addition, the final week of the flagship bootcamp is dedicated to preparing students for finding a job in the field, with practical lessons like portfolio building and interview training. This week also features a hiring day with Codeworks’ network of hiring partners, that can be held remotely or in person.



For many, learning remotely is the most efficient option for getting an education in software development, while for some, it is the only option. Codeworks provide a solid and viable choice for those seeking an education in the field, without compromising quality. 

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