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Codesmith Online Review

When you look at the job market, it becomes clear that folks with software engineering skills never hurt for employment and clean up on paydays. One of the quickest ways to enter the workforce as a computer programmer is to pick up training through a coding bootcamp. Immersive bootcamps help students obtain experience and education in a matter of months. Those in built-up areas have the option of attending brick-and-mortar classes, while busy students and people in low-population regions attend remote bootcamps such as Codesmith’s Remote Software Engineering Immersive programs.

This guide examines Codesmith’s online offerings and delves into the fine points of the program. We look at the curricula, costs, and admissions process. You also learn about former students’ outcomes and find out what sort of support the school provides its students and graduates. Our review of Codesmith helps you get the essential information and starts you on your way to a new career with great entry-level pay.

School Overview

Codesmith’s founders wanted to provide an educational opportunity to anyone who wanted to get the training, no matter their background. They believe that student success leads to inspiration, which leads to more student success. 

The school was founded in 2015 and uses an approach derived from Oxford University, alma mater to Codesmith’s CEO. The program’s pedagogy teaches students how to work independently by developing their ability to learn. This teaching tactic results in software engineers who know how to adjust as needed and be flexible.

Codesmith Online

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Codesmith online lets you study remotely.

Codesmith offers its immersive software engineering bootcamp to students onsite in New York City and Los Angeles and remotely to students elsewhere. The bootcamp courses are either part-time 9-month or full-time 3-month courses. Students who need to get up to speed before the bootcamp attend the prep courses to give themselves a head start.

Online Software Engineering Immersive

This course helps students advance in their tech careers or begin to switch to an engineering mindset. The course covers computer science and full-stack JavaScript fundamentals. During the 12-week bootcamp, students learn:

  • Computer Science – Algorithms, data structures, system design, programming paradigms, and design patterns.
  • Front End Development – React, Redux, HTML/CSS, and building modern web pages
  • Back End Development – Node, Express, authentication, and non-relational and relational databases.
  • Groundbreaking tech – Machine learning.
  • Real-World Engineering Practices – Technical communication, engineering tools like git and github, project management, and dev ops.

Prep Courses

Codesmith offers two preparatory classes for aspiring techies.

The JavaScript for Beginners class is a two-week course that lays out the programming fundamentals and shows students how to use those tools to pick up Javascript and other languages. Students learn:

  • Storing and using data (variables)
  • Looping and when to run code (control flow)
  • Saving and using code (functions)
  • Storing more complex data (objects/arrays)
  • How the web works

The CS Prep course shows students the basics of JavaScript tools and starts them on their way toward building web applications of their own. In the three-week class, students receive instruction in:

  • Functions and their execution
  • Data Types
  • Higher-order functions and callbacks
  • Closure
  • Recursion & algorithms
  • OOP & prototypal inheritance
  • Engineering soft skills like technical communication, problem-solving, and debugging

Admissions Process

Codesmith’s admissions process is rigorous; many students prepare for 6 months to a year and take the tech interview multiple times. Students start by filling out an online application. They then sit for a non-technical interview so that a counselor can assess their drive and dedication. After that, they go through a technical interview. Finally, if they pass the interview, the student will select their cohort and make payment arrangements.

Finance Options

Tuition for the immersive software engineering online bootcamp course is $18,800. Students have several different payment options:

  • Upfront payment—Pay in one lump sum.
  • Financing—Codesmith partners with several loan providers to help you find a payment plan.
  • Scholarships—There are scholarships available for at-need students, including scholarships offered to women in tech, the LGBTQ community, and veterans.


Codesmith offers career services that run concurrent to the coding instruction. Students develop their interview skills and find out how to build and advertise a resumé. After they graduate, the students maintain contact with the school and continue to train for the job search until they find employment.

The school has a Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) certification; the organization’s latest report (Jan-Jun 2019) shows Codesmith with a 92% success rate of their students finding mid- to senior-level jobs in tech firms within six months of graduation. These graduates had a median starting salary of $125k. Former students report that their time at the school gave them ample preparation for their new careers and instilled in them a new sense of value and purpose.


Codesmith online has a top-notch curriculum, and the school offers flexible schedules for remote learners. $18,800 is a bit pricey for a bootcamp, but the school’s approach and commitment to a personalized experience and outreach to underserved techies from diverse backgrounds makes this school worth a look.

If you live in a rural area or have a full schedule, consider checking out Codesmith online.

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