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Code Platoon Full Stack Course Review

If you’re a former military or a servicemember’s spouse, you might be in the market for a new career in a top-salaried tech job like full stack development. There are lots of resources you can tap to pick up the sort of training necessary to let you compete with other programmers for plum jobs in the field, but it’s crucial to understand which option caters best to your situation. One coding bootcamp, Code Platoon, works with veterans and military spouses to provide them with a quality full stack programming course at a price that they can handle. So, is this course the best choice for vets and their spouses?

Our review takes a close look at Code Platoon’s program and fills you in on the details that matter. We zoom in on the role of full stack developers, what sort of curriculum to expect at the school, and the costs associated. You also get information on the different payment choices you have, so you start your training and still have enough money to keep the lights on and your belly full. Coding bootcamps are a great option for getting a top-rate coding education in a short time, and we help you decide if Code Platoon’s full stack program is a good way to go for ex-military and spouses.

School Overview

Code Platoon students
Code Platoon operates out of its Chicago headquarters.

Code Platoon was founded in 2015 by Rod Levy, who recognized the need for a nonprofit organization that could give members of the military community a much-needed boost. The school uses cutting-edge training, hands-on support, and paid internships to get their students ready to join the tech community and start earning.

Code Platoon is located in Chicago and offers in-person and remote training. 

Full Stack Developer Course

Code Platoon’s primary offering is its full stack developer course, which is available online or at their physical campus. The class is available in both full- and part-time formats.

What is a full stack developer?

Many programmers in the past specialized in either front end (client-side) or back end (server-side) programming. In recent years, some new programmers have opted to study both aspects with full stack training courses.

Full stack developers are hot commodities in the tech world and generally have no trouble finding steady work for as long as they want it. The national average annual pay for full stack developers is about $106K.

What does this course cover?

Code Platoon approaches its courses with the notion that career preparation should occur throughout the entire educational process rather than adding a week of training at the end of the student’s time at school. Their program includes 50% more educational time to allow the incorporation of career support. Students also receive more than 100 hours of technical and behavioral interviews during their time at school. Students also receive support from a mentor with experience in the field.

The course is split into three modules:

  • Programming Fundamentals—Topics include version control, algorithm scripting, and OOP.
  • World Wide Web—Subjects featured include web-based languages, HTTP, and the overall web ecosystem.
  • Creating Applications—Students learn web app skills such as Python frameworks, API integration, and ReactJS.

How much does the full stack developer course cost?

Tuition for the course is $15,500. However, the school reports a median scholarship amount of $12,500, bringing the cost down to $3,000 for qualifying students.

The school allows students to pay for classes using a few different options:

  • Upfront payment—Pay your tuition out of pocket.
  • G.I. Bill—The school works with the VA and accepts G.I. Bill benefits.
  • VET TEC—Code Platoon also accepts tuition assistance payments via VET TEC.

Does Code Platoon Offer Any Career Services?

Code Platoon offers a unique internship program that matches students with corporate sponsors who will host students post-graduation. If attending the in-person program, students will get a three to six month paid internship, continuing their education straight into the workplace. This means that some students will be working at the same companies as their mentors.


Many schools have options to reduce costs for veterans or take G.I. Bill payments, but very few of them report such a low average price for their students. That makes Code Platoon well worth a visit for military community members who want to get tech training at a low cost.

 If you’re a vet or military spouse, consider getting your education from Code Platoon. Their goal of helping the military community transition to high-tech roles without breaking the bank might be just the thing to get you trained up and ready for the programming workforce.

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