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A Guide to Cheap Coding Bootcamps: Programs, Costs, and Benefits

Though coding bootcamps are a lower-cost alternative to college degree programs, some coding bootcamps cost upwards of $15,000, which can be difficult for many students to afford. If you want to join a coding bootcamp but aren’t ready for the financial burden of high tuition rates, you can benefit from cheap coding bootcamps. 

The cheapest coding bootcamps can cost as little as one semester at a university but still help you gain all the technical skills you need to break into the tech industry. In this article, we will cover the most affordable coding bootcamps, including both full-time and part-time options. We will also discuss how you can pay for bootcamp programs, what skills you’ll gain, and what jobs you can get after you graduate. 

The Best Cheap Coding Bootcamps: Full-Time Options

If you are ready to dive head-first into the world of coding, these are the most affordable full-time bootcamps. These programs typically require students to spend at least 40 hours per week in lessons and studying. From in-person to online options, check out the best cheap coding bootcamps below. 

Bootcamp Cost Subject Learning Format
CodeStack Academy $5,000 Software Engineering In Person
The Tech Academy $5,300 Web Development Online
theClubhou.se $5,360 Web Development In Person
TrueCoders $6,500 Software Engineering, Web Development Online
CareerFoundry $6,900 Data Analytics Online
Desginlab $7,249 UX/UI Design Online
CareerFoundry $7,900 UX Design, UI Design Online
Parsity $7,900 Software Engineering Online
The Tech Academy $7,950 Software Development, UX/UI Design Online
The Tech Academy $8,480 Data Science Online

A Closer Look at the Top 5 Cheapest Full-Time Coding Bootcamps

CodeStack Academy – Day Program

As a non-profit organization, CodeStack Academy offers one of the cheapest coding bootcamps you can find. Located in Stockton, California, the organization currently only offers in-person bootcamps.

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In the 10-month program, students learn a wide range of in-demand tech skills through a project-based learning model. Plus, students spend the last two months of the program completing an internship within the tech industry.

The Tech Academy – Front-End Web Developer Boot Camp

The Tech Academy offers a variety of programs, many of which are included on our lists of cheap coding bootcamps. However, of all the online coding bootcamps that the school offers, the web development program is the most affordable. Throughout a 10-week bootcamp, students will complete 400 hours of learning. The bootcamp covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as Agile and Scrum. 

theClubhou.se – Code Boot Camp

Another non-profit organization, theClubhou.se is on a mission to provide educational and community-building opportunities in the spirit of more inclusive entrepreneurial and technology development communities. As such, it offers a cheap coding bootcamp, in addition to other resources. 

Through its 12-week bootcamp program, students learn core web development skills that will prepare them to start a career in tech. These skills include HTML, JavaScript, Linux, and MySQL. 

TrueCoders – Full Stack Software Engineering and Full Stack Web Development

While TrueCoders already offers very affordable coding bootcamps at $6,500, students can get an even better deal by choosing the self-paced options, which costs just $4,500. In any case, students can choose between the software engineering and web development bootcamps. The live course options last for nine weeks, during which students learn a handful of common coding languages. 

CareerFoundry – Data Analytics Program

Even though it is a top bootcamp provider, CareerFoundry’s cheapest coding bootcamp costs just $6,900. As with all of its online bootcamps, the Data Analytics program from CareerFoundry includes one-on-one support, career services, and a robust curriculum. The full-time program spans four months, during which students gain skills in collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and presenting data. 

The Best Cheap Coding Bootcamps: Part-Time Options

Many of the cheapest coding bootcamps are offered on a part-time basis to accommodate students with busy schedules. While still providing quality education, these programs are designed for those that can’t put their entire day-to-day lives on pause to learn coding skills. If this sounds like you, check out the 10 most affordable coding bootcamps for part-time learners.

Bootcamp Cost Subject Learning Format
Altcademy $1,490 Web Development Online
Nucamp $2,124 Backend and DevOps Development Online
Nucamp $2,604 Full Stack Web and Mobile Development Online
Deep Dive Coding $3,399 UX/UI Design Online
Jax Code Academy $4,000 Web Development Online, In Person
LearningFuze $4,695 Web Development Online
Devmountain $4,900 Software Quality Assurance Online
Arkansas Coding Academy $5,000 Web Development Online
Montana Code School $5,150 Backend Development, Front End Development In Person
Data Application Lab $6,600 Data Science Online, In Person

A Closer Look at the Top 5 Cheapest Part-Time Coding Bootcamps

Altcademy – Full-stack Web Development

This affordable web development bootcamp lasts 20 to 25 weeks and includes 379 projects and assignments. It covers CSS,  HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and Rails, React, and more. While the Immersive Path costs just $1,490, you can also choose to pay $1,760 and also receive career services, one-on-one support, and access to two supplemental courses on data structures and TypeScript.

Nucamp – Back End, SQL, and DevOps Developer with Python

This 16-week program consists of online lectures, coding exercises, and portfolio projects. In addition to being one of the cheapest coding bootcamps, Nucamp allows students to pay in six separate installments of $354. In this bootcamp, students will learn about the software development life cycle and DevOps. In addition, they will also develop technical skills in AWS, Django, Python, Docker, and more. 

Nucamp – Full Stack Web + Mobile Development

Another affordable coding bootcamp from Nucamp, students in this web development program can also take advantage of an interest-free payment plan. This online program runs for 22 weeks, in which the content is split into four sections. Though run by Nucamp, it is offered in partnership with Google Cloud. 

To join this program, students should already have a knowledge base in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Then, they’ll learn how to work with technologies like Node.js, Bootstrap, React, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, and more. 

Deep Dive Coding – User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Design

This cheap coding bootcamp from Deep Dive Coding is aimed at those who want to learn UX/UI design. Over the course of 15 weeks, bootcamp students learn everything they need to know to begin their job search right after graduation. Students will learn how to work with popular software like Figma, Miro, Marvel, and Adobe Creative Suite. 

Jax Code Academy – Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

Jax Code Academy bootcamp grads work at top tech companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Students can choose to take the 12-week program either online or in person and will learn popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, PHP, and more. Even though this is one of the cheapest coding bootcamps, you’ll also have access to mentors that help ensure you have a positive bootcamp experience. 

How the Most Affordable Coding Bootcamps Compare: Average Coding Bootcamp Cost

According to data published by Statista, 54 percent of coding bootcamps cost more than $10,000. Though these programs are a more affordable education path when compared to college, tuition fees of $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 can be more of a financial burden than many students are willing to take on.  

However, opting for cheap coding bootcamps, like those highlighted in this article, allows you to gain the same in-demand skills at a fraction of the cost. In fact, the average coding bootcamp cost from the programs in this article is just $5,425, which is much more affordable. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you are on a budget, as even some of the cheapest coding bootcamps offer career coaches, foundational skills, and advanced courses in various coding disciplines. 

How to Make Bootcamps More Affordable 

A man sitting at a desk smiling and researching the cheapest coding bootcamps.
The most affordable coding bootcamps offer flexible payment options.

If you are concerned about financing your education, there are many ways to make even higher-priced coding bootcamps more affordable. Most coding bootcamps offer a wide range of financing options that help students either lower the total cost of their program or, at the very least, spread out payments. Below are some of the payment options that can help students afford any bootcamp. 

  • Deferred tuition. It’s common for coding bootcamps to offer deferred tuition plans, which allows the student to join a course and only start making payments after graduation. Under most deferred tuition plans, students pay a fixed amount every month once they land a job that earns them over a certain amount.
  • Income share agreements. Some bootcamps offer income share agreements, in which students only begin making payments once they secure a job and earn a minimum salary. Under these agreements, students typically don’t have to pay anything upfront, though a deposit is sometimes required. 
  • Scholarships. If you are looking for an affordable coding bootcamp, check into schools that offer scholarships. While most often offered to underrepresented groups in tech, you can take advantage of scholarship opportunities to lower the overall cost of tuition. 
  • Employee sponsorships. The most affordable coding bootcamps are those that you don’t have to pay for yourself. If you have already entered the workforce, you should check if your employer will sponsor your education. As one of the most in-demand professional skills, many employers will pay for employers to develop coding skills. 
  • GI Bill. If you are a veteran, you can use your GI Bill benefits to pay for coding bootcamps. Not all bootcamps accept GI Bill benefits, but many do. 

Skills You Can Learn Through Cheap Coding Bootcamps

Even the cheapest coding bootcamps offer hands-on experience and in-demand skills that can help you reach your career goals. Though the exact skills you’ll learn will depend on the type of bootcamp you attend and the individual provider, there are more general skills that all coding bootcamp cover. 

  • Coding skills. Regardless of whether you attend a cheap bootcamp or a costly one, you will definitely learn coding skills. Bootcamp programs primarily focus on the most popular coding languages in each discipline and your bootcamp may cover two or more different languages. 
  • Analytic skills. In the process of developing basic programming skills, you will also build strong analytical skills. By completing any cheap coding bootcamp, you will increase your analytic reasoning and problem-solving abilities.  
  • General tech proficiency. Whether you are studying to become a software engineer or data scientist, cheap coding bootcamps expose you to a variety of technologies. With this, you will increase your overall proficiency in technology and learn to work with a range of popular software programs. 

The Top Tech Jobs For Coding Bootcamp Graduates

Depending on what type of bootcamp you attend, there are several different career options you can pursue after graduation. Below are some of the top tech jobs that the cheap coding bootcamps in this article will prepare you for. 

  • Software developer | Salary $120,990. Even affordable coding bootcamps can help you get high-paying jobs in software development. As one of the highest-earning tech jobs, software developers design, write, test, and debug code for a variety of programs and applications. 
  • Software quality assurance analysts | Salary $109,020. In this position, professionals oversee the software development process while testing programs to look for issues that may occur. This is done to ensure the software is error-free before releasing it.  
  • Data scientist | Salary $100,910. Data scientists collect, analyze, and present data to key stakeholders to help inform strategies and drive business decisions. They need to work with databases and a variety of data processing and visualization software. 
  • Web developer | Salary $81,320. Web developers design, code, and manage websites and the applications found within them. You can work as a front end, backend, or full stack web developer. In this position, you may also work with UX/UI designers to help ensure your websites are user-friendly.  
  • UX/UI designer | Salary $78,300. The goal of a UX/UI designer is to create a better product or service experience for users in terms of both functionality and aesthetic design. To do this, the designer makes sure that the product or service makes sense from the user’s perspective and satisfies their needs. 

Are Cheap Coding Bootcamps Worth It? 

Cheap coding bootcamps are worth it because they provide a low-cost way to develop high-earning tech skills. Many affordable coding bootcamps also allow students to learn on a flexible schedule and provide valuable resources through career services, mentorships, and educational support.

Coding bootcamps, especially those that are more affordable, are more accessible than college degree programs. They are shorter, cheaper, and more focused. While you may not gain a lot of theoretical computer science knowledge in a coding bootcamp, you will gain practical, in-demand tech skills that will help you land a high-paying job. 

Cheap Coding Bootcamp FAQ

How much does it cost to start a coding bootcamp?

The amount it costs to start a bootcamp program varies widely with the program you select. Some bootcamps require a $500 deposit, while other bootcamp programs require that the full tuition is paid upfront. However, if you sign up for deferred tuition or an income share agreement, you may be able to start a coding bootcamp without paying anything initially. 

Are there any free coding bootcamps?

There are a variety of free coding bootcamps offered by some of the top bootcamp programs in the industry, such as App Academy, Flatiron School, and Fullstack Academy. However, these courses are often shorter and less comprehensive than paid coding bootcamps. In addition, non-profit organizations, like freeCodeCamp, also offer free coding bootcamp programs. 

Can beginners go to coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps are a great option for beginners, as the programs are often designed for those with little to no programming knowledge. Bootcamp training programs are made to help you go from complete beginner to working in a tech role within months of graduation. 

Are coding bootcamps a waste of money?

Coding bootcamps are not a waste of money if you are serious about launching a career in tech and fully apply yourself to your program. As an intensive training program, successful students go the extra mile in their bootcamp and take advantage of all of the resources provided to them. 

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