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The automotive industry is a shifting landscape, with new challenges facing manufacturers regularly. In recent years, the environmental impact of the cars we drive has become a central focus of new vehicle design and consumer ideology.

It should come as no surprise that Tesla, an industry leader in the transition to sustainable energy, is the fastest-growing car manufacturer in the world, according to Statista. In this guide on how to get a job at Tesla, we will share key information that you can use to take advantage of employment opportunities within this innovative company.

Tesla Background

Tesla Motors was founded on July 1, 2003 in Palo Alto, California. Founders Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning began their journey toward sustainable electric vehicle manufacturing after General Motors recalled its EV1 electric cars. Specifically, Eberhard created Tesla to be a car builder and a technology company all in one.

Tesla went in search of venture capital (VC) in 2004, connecting with well-known investor Elon Musk. Musk contributed a total of $14 million and became the chairman of the board of directors soon after. He began to focus on carbon-fiber-reinforced-polymer body stylization. Additionally, he developed and sourced designs for lithium-ion battery-powered solutions.

Over the years, Tesla Motors has managed to turn its award-winning vehicle designs and emphasis on green energy into a successful business model. In 2020, Tesla generated 31.5 billion dollars in revenue, according to Statista. What is more, a recent Forbes report noted that Tesla’s popular Model 3 is now the 16th bestselling car in the world.

What’s It Like to Work at Tesla

Employees at Tesla are at the forefront of creating environmentally innovative technology for the auto industry. Their passion for clean energy is rewarded with an excellent benefits package and job growth potential. Read on as we delve into all aspects of the company culture, employment perks, and work-life balance that Tesla team members enjoy.

What Employees Say About Working at Tesla

Most employees would recommend Tesla to other people. Through anonymous employee reviews, its workers have noted that the company gives them vast opportunities to grow and move up the ranks. They have also shown appreciation for employee stock options and other perks. These sentiments can be found on multiple employer review websites.

On Glassdoor, Tesla has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. The most popular aspect of the company is Elon Musk, who enjoys an 84 percent approval rating. Employees also tend to praise Tesla’s fast-paced work environment, its great benefits programs, its manufacturing process, and the high-quality vehicles it produces.

Tesla has an identical rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on ZipRecruiter. This is good enough to place Tesla in the top 35 percent of all similarly sized companies that have been reviewed on the website. The ZipRecruiter reviewers are most pleased with the pace of work, where Tesla ranks in the top 5 percent. Tesla also has a good track record when it comes to team perks and benefits.

Tesla Work Environment and Culture

The company culture at Tesla is defined by hard work. In return for their efforts, employees are provided excellent leadership, steady employment, and great salary incentives. The work environment fosters a feel-good mentality, with employees happy to be part of a mission that puts renewable energy sources at the forefront of a more sustainable auto industry.

Tesla also values job mobility and flexibility. To this end, the company invests in continuous learning opportunities for its employees while also offering discounts on daycare costs. At the end of the day, Tesla seeks to enrich its employees’ experience by catering to all of their needs, whether that be vocational fulfillment, family planning, or work-life balance.

Tesla Careers: Job Requirements, Salaries, and Descriptions

Tesla Careers: Job Requirements, Salaries, and Descriptions

We know that looking for a job or switching careers can be daunting. That’s especially true when researching how to get a job at Tesla, which is a vast company that combines software technology, battery manufacturing, computer science, and sales. To simplify things for you, we’ve gathered together some of the best tech job titles available at Tesla.

An equal opportunity employer, Tesla has openings for people of all experience levels, from entry-level to senior, so there should be something for you on this list. At the time of writing, its human resources department was accepting job applications for all of the positions listed below. All salaries are estimates based on publicly available data on Glassdoor.

Virtual Customer Experience Manager

Salary: $74,264

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 2+ years in customer service management

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience

Customer Service Experience Managers lead the recruitment, training, development, and management of store teams. They help support their team through coaching and motivation. They also analyze store sales to improve performance and customer relations.

Software - Energy Engineering Internship

Salary: $63,311

Level: Entry-level or mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: Proficiency in C, Golang, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, or Scala; communication skills; adaptability to new situations; the ability to learn new skills quickly.

Education Required: Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

Applicants for Tesla’s Software Energy Engineering Internship must be working toward an undergraduate or master’s degree in one of the fields listed above. Tesla software interns will work in various Internet of things (IoT) platforms designing and testing Tesla products. Experience with programming and cloud distribution systems is preferred.

Frontend Engineer - Energy Device Software

Salary: $120,111

Level: Entry-level or mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: Background in iOS, Android, and building web applications, as well as fluency in modern JavaScript tools

Education Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent

Tesla’s Frontend Engineers are commissioned to create flexible user interfaces that can be easily installed, configured, and diagnosed. They work with product managers and UX designers on implementation and development. Additionally, Frontend Engineers assist in formulating user stories and designing UI wireframes, mockups, and applications.

Software Automation Engineer - Maps and Navigation

Salary: $113,083

Level: Mid-level or senior

Minimum Experience Required: 1+ years of software testing, automation development, and/or quality assurance (QA) engineering experience

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Physics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or proof of skills in applicable fields, including practical software engineering experience

Members of the maps and navigation team with Tesla validate functionality and work hand-in-hand with automation engineers, developers, and testers. They lead development on future code and build automated testing scripts for UI/UX functionality within maps and navigation.

Site Reliability Engineer

Salary: $178,527

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 8+ years in services management distribution via Internet-scale nix environment; advanced experience in Linux administration and configuration management, such as Ansible, Puppet, or Terraform

Education Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent experience

Site Reliability Engineers are responsible for creating technical documentation for workflows and processes. They manage on-premise and off-premise Kubernetes clusters to support growing workloads. Additionally, they influence architectural decisions on security, scalability, and performance.

Technical Program Manager - Software

Salary: $110,315

Level: Mid-level or senior

Minimum Experience Required: 2 years experience in software product management or the equivalent for complex software products, experience with Agile software methodology

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Programming as well as proficiency in programming languages

Technical Software Programs Managers are responsible for defining and delivering Tesla’s product vision and roadmaps. They build sets of key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to measure client satisfaction and its impact on business. In addition, they develop design technology to build innovative software that promotes Tesla equipment and vehicles.

Control Systems CAD Designer

Salary: $77,033 – $84,187

Level: Entry-level or mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 3-5 years of hands-on experience with computer-aided design (CAD) and instrumentation as well as controls for industrial processes

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and/or equivalent experience

This position requires the candidate to develop, process, and design flow diagrams as well as piping and instrumentation drawings. CAD Designers coordinate with mechanical and electrical engineers as well as construction trades.

IT Manufacturing Support Technician

Salary: $53,376 – $57,513

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 5+ years experience in desktop support systems

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent

An IT Manufacturing Support Technician is primarily responsible for keeping manufacturing lines running optimally. In addition, they install and upgrade new and existing IT hardware. These technicians interface with operating systems and troubleshoot software issues.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)/Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Lead

Salary: $125,739

Level: Mid-level or senior

Minimum Experience Required: 8+ years of hands-on experience, expert knowledge of Autodesk Revit software, leadership experience

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil, Architectural, or Mechanical Engineering

This senior design engineering role requires design skills as well as leadership abilities. As a BIM/VDC Lead, you are responsible for the setup and maintenance of building models in eight to 10 design engineering disciplines. In addition, BIM/VDC Leads must collaborate on model production with the design team and with contractors.

Senior Software Engineer - Charging Data & Modeling

Salary: $150,000

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: Expert proficiency in Python and other languages as well as experience in Spark, Hive, or other SQL-on-Hadoop technologies; Java or Scala experience preferred

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

Senior Software Engineers who monitor Tesla’s charging data are responsible for deploying production-ready machine learning models. They must create reliable simulation forecasts and tools for charging-related analytics while bringing together management and data-related reporting.

How to Get a Job at Tesla

How to Get
a Job at Tesla

The initial application process can be daunting, but ensuring you have the right educational and background experience is essential. Investing in education is a key factor in getting your foot in the door. Applicants with a college degree in a discipline related to computer science or engineering will have the upper hand.

Tesla also has a complex and detailed interview process to ensure that only the best and brightest candidates are hired. Those who reach the interview stage for tech-related job titles need to be prepared to answer specific interview questions about computer science or whatever the position entails.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Tesla?

The short answer? Yes. Tesla recruits its employees from around the world, not just within Silicon Valley. As Tesla is an industry leader, it receives thousands of resumes and applications. This means you need to tailor your resume to the position you’re applying for to make sure it stands out above the rest.

Providing an explanation as to how you are the best candidate for the current role is a must. Give Tesla a reason to hire you instead of anyone else they’re considering.

How to Apply For a Job at Tesla

Tesla Hiring Process

There are various ways a person can apply for a job at Tesla. Utilizing the main Tesla website directly is the best way. In addition, applicants can find job postings on sites like Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter. To stand apart from other candidates, take the initiative to review Tesla’s previous products, history, software technology, and programs.

When applying for a job with Tesla, be sure to check the job description carefully. By studying the detailed job requirements, you can be sure your skills, aptitude, and education are a fit for the position. Once you know which roles you want to apply for, update your resume or CV so that it displays your technical and soft skills, credentials, and experience clearly.

The hiring process at Tesla takes time. Give yourself two weeks from start to finish. If you are shortlisted for a job interview, a hiring manager will interview you by phone and schedule a follow-up in-person interview. From there, Tesla will ask you to complete a testing process to demonstrate your experience and qualifications.

Sounds simple, right? To give you a more complete picture of the Tesla recruitment process, let’s look at each of these steps in more detail.


Initial Application

When filling out your application on the Tesla website, tailor your CV to precisely fit the position you are applying for. Be sure you can demonstrate the right skillset, educational background, and experience. If you’re struggling, you should consult online tools and resources designed to help you craft a better resume.


Phone Interview

Once your application has been noticed and flagged, a hiring manager from Tesla will contact you by phone for a first interview. They will ask questions specific to your skills and interests, so be prepared.


In-Person Interview

Tesla is very thorough in its hiring process and this means subjecting candidates to several rounds of interviews as well as a background check. Candidates will meet with several Tesla professionals to answer various questions. These questions include why you want to work at Tesla and what your goals are. If you don’t have any career goals beyond working at Tesla, you should set some.



To ensure it hires the best and brightest, Tesla runs new applicants through a testing phase. After your first in-person interview, the test begins with a series of technical questions regarding your educational background and experience. You will also be given a hands-on quiz to assess whether your knowledge matches the qualifications laid out in your resume.


Tesla Assessment Center

Upon invitation to the Tesla Assessment Center, you will engage in activities that further demonstrate your suitability for the position. You will participate in group discussions, act out work-related scenarios, and do some roleplays. Additionally, you will take part in a final round of interviews. After the assessment, Tesla will decide your future with the company.

What Should I Study to Get a Job at Tesla?

Tesla values education and relevant real-world experience. Being a leader in advanced sustainable energy initiatives, they want only the best for their company. This means that if you want to work for Tesla, you need the education to back it up.

If you want to become a software engineer, for example, you’ll need a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science to work at Tesla. If you see an opening at Tesla for a circuit design engineer, you should complete a degree in computer engineering.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Get
Me a Job at Tesla?

If you lack a traditional education in computer science or computer engineering, coding bootcamps can help you improve your skills and stand out in a competitive pool of applicants.

Coding bootcamps offer essential skills in various tech fields. They provide students with the opportunity to reskill or upskill. Three of the best coding bootcamps to prepare for a job at Tesla are listed below.

  • Flatiron School. The Immersive Data Science course at Flatiron school will prepare you for any position at Tesla that deals with managing raw data, interpreting it, and converting it into actionable insights. This program would be good preparation for any data engineering or data analytics job at Tesla.
  • Kenzie Academy. This bootcamp’s Software Engineering course focuses on JavaScript, cloud architecture, and Agile project management. It’s a good bet for any of the senior or managerial roles listed above, provided that you meet the other minimum requirements mentioned in the job ad.
  • Nucamp. This coding bootcamp specializes in web development, with an emphasis on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Any Tesla opening that requires knowledge of JavaScript would be a good fit for a graduate of Nucamp.

How to Get a Job at Tesla FAQ

What qualifications do I need to work at Tesla?

This depends on what type of work you are applying for. If you are looking at openings for a software engineer, then you should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or proof of the equivalent training.

What are the odds of getting a job at Tesla?

In 2017, Tesla’s human resources department received almost 500,000 applications for 2,500 open positions, according to industry reports. This means that the odds are around 0.5 percent. It is among the most exclusive tech companies and only hires the best of the best.

What skills do you need to work at Tesla?

Aside from education and experience, Tesla looks for employees with three key traits: innovation, drive, and the ability to collaborate with others. You should also have exceptional problem-solving skills and thrive in a fast-paced work environment.

What is a good answer when asked why I want to work for Tesla?

Simply put, Tesla aims to lead the auto industry in sustainable energy technology. This means getting on board with their goals and being passionate about the impact Tesla has on the global market. Potential employees should let Tesla know that they are motivated to be a part of its vision.

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