7 Steps to Get Hired at Netflix in 2024

Learning how to get a job at Netflix is more straightforward than you might think. To work for Netflix, you will need to be passionate about your career and about Netflix itself. You will need a strong work ethic, rich work experience, and technical and interpersonal skills. Getting a job at Netflix is very competitive, so this guide will help you gain an edge when applying for your dream job with the streaming service.

Netflix’s hiring practices are based on a modern approach of evaluating an applicant’s benefit to the company as opposed to evaluating education and previous experience alone. This means there may not be any specific educational requirements to land a job, while culture fit will be weighed more heavily. If you want to know how to get hired at Netflix, read on.

Netflix Background

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997, launching the online DVD subscription service two years later, in 1999. This revolutionary service allowed customers to select and order movies in physical DVD format that would be sent to them via snail mail.

Netflix’s unique product offering included algorithms that recommended movies to customers based on what they had rented before. In 2007, Netflix adjusted its business model to offer both online subscriptions and streaming. Currently, Netflix has more than 247 million subscribers in over 190 countries worldwide. Besides streaming, Netflix also produces Netflix Originals which are a range of movies and films featured solely on the platform.

1. Research What It’s Like to Work at Netflix

According to Statista, Netflix has 12,800 employees globally as of 2022. Netflix employees enjoy a wide range of company benefits, from affordable healthcare to free Netflix streaming accounts.

On Glassdoor, a review of Netflix by a former company director said that the company has a culture of open, honest communication and emphasizes inclusivity and psychological safety. The former director also commended employees working for Netflix for their maturity and high emotional intelligence.

Many past and current employees have enjoyed the work environment at Netflix. In particular, they pointed out the company’s compensation and benefits packages, the engaging nature of the work, and the opportunities for learning. In return, the company attributes its excellent business performance to the effectiveness of its team members.

2. Learn About the Netflix Work Culture

Netflix’s company values play a major role in maintaining a steady, comfortable work environment for its workers. The managers use a non-traditional management style, making it the employee’s responsibility to finish tasks and achieve meaningful results. You won’t be micromanaged at Netflix, but you will have to work hard and be evaluated on your output.

Glassdoor reviews from present and former employees praise the diverse and forward-thinking work culture, while also being critical about workplace competitiveness and the company’s low tolerance for mistakes.

3. Research Netflix Careers

Every day, thousands of new subscribers join Netflix’s online streaming platform, which creates many new job openings within the company. Below are some job opportunities to consider, all of which were current at the time of writing. Each job listed is accompanied by an estimated salary, education and experience requirements, and a job description.

Job Average Total Pay Location
Security Engineer $272,533 Remote
Machine Learning Engineer $223,030 Remote
Data Scientist $218,567 Los Gatos, CA
UI Engineer $207,680 Los Gatos, CA
Data Engineer $157,372 Los Gatos, CA
Creative Marketing Manager $143,388 Los Angeles, CA

Security Engineer (L4) – Detection & Response

Minimum Experience Required: Experience working in customer-facing security engineering support roles, experience with information security, system and network administration, and cloud computing

Education Required: None specified

Netflix seeks a security engineer to work with the Security Operations and Intelligence team, responsible for reviewing and triaging security threats. Besides responding to and remedying security threats, this role will provide information to relevant stakeholders, implement security measures, and develop security tools and automations.

Machine Learning Engineer (Simulation)

Minimum Experience Required: 5 years of experience in applied machine learning or machine learning systems/infrastructure

Education Required: None specified

This machine learning role works with the Ads Data Science and Engineering team to implement and fine-tune scalable machine learning algorithms. They are also responsible for designing and building data pipelines to generate data sets that represent real user behavior.

Data Scientist (L6) – Member Product

Minimum Experience Required: Fluency in data/software engineering skills, worked with product, design, and engineering leaders as an equal partner

Education Required: None specified

A data scientist working in the Member Product department is responsible for bridging the user experience and Netflix algorithms to identify high-value opportunities and present them to key product and engineering stakeholders. This role focuses on the future of Netflix and advises how best to shape future strategic investments in analytics, algorithms, and data.

UI Engineer – Media Infrastructure Platform Insights and Experiences

Minimum Experience Required: None specified

Education Required: None specified

At Netflix, this UI engineer role works on improving the developer experience of the platform. These professionals gather information on user needs – in this case the platform’s developers – to design and build interfaces that address these needs.

Data Engineer (L5) – Playback (Device)

Minimum Experience Required: None specified

Education Required: None specified

A data engineer working in Playback at Netflix focuses on the delivery of business datasets and metrics to certify and retire devices and categorize them. This role requires strong data intuition alongside a deep understanding of software development techniques and modern big data technologies.

Manager, US Marketing – Comedy

Minimum Experience Required: Experience working on 360 campaigns, experience concepting and creative directing marketing photo and A/V shoots

Education Required: None specified

The creative marketing manager position will be in charge of developing marketing campaigns for Netflix comedy series’ and specials, including managing creative budgets and scope. This role will work cross-functionally within Netflix as well as with showrunners, producers, and other external studios.

4. Craft a Customized Resume

The most important piece of the Netflix job application is your professional resume, which should effectively and succinctly demonstrate your education, work experience, and relevant skills. If you want to get hired at Netflix, you should ensure that your experience and education should meet the requirements of the position you’re applying for.

5. Submit an Application to Begin the Netflix Hiring Process

You can apply for a job directly on the Netflix website. After submitting your application, you will go through a lengthy hiring process. During this process, you will interact with hiring managers and other Netflix employees, all of whom will play a part in assessing your fitness for the role.

6. Undergo Interviews

If you advance beyond the application process you will be invited to take part in two different types of interview formats. During the job interview process, recruiters will look for evidence of your talent and your interest in entertainment and technology. Below, we expand on the types of interviews further and what you can expect from the multi-stage interview process.

Phone Interviews

Netflix’s hiring process always begins with a 30-minute phone interview. Before the call, you’ll receive a copy of Netflix’s core values and an overview of the company culture. A Netflix representative will ask why you’re interested in working for Netflix at this stage of your career. The caller will ask about your work history and briefly discuss your relevant soft skills and technical skills.

A few days after your initial phone call, you will receive a second call from a hiring manager or an engineering manager. You will be asked technical questions about your background and about what programming languages you know. You may also be asked about your resume, specific experience you have, and your knowledge of Netflix’s culture.

Face-to-Face Interviews

You will then participate in four face-to-face interviews, each of which will take about 45 minutes. Interviews are one-on-one and two-on-one. Make sure you are prepared for whiteboard challenges and questions that allow you to show your skills and relevant work experience.

Hiring managers are more interested in how you think and solve problems than what your answers are. So, you may be given a test of your technical aptitude even if the interview is for a non-technical position.

Three 45-minute sessions make up the second half of the interview process. The HR department, the hiring manager, and the engineering manager will take turns interviewing you. HR and the hiring manager will focus on behavior and culture while the engineering manager will ask more technical questions.

7. Wait for a Job Offer

If you’re successful, Netflix will offer you a job between one and two weeks after the on-site interviews. A hiring manager will contact you when the offer is sent to discuss salary, stock options, start date, and other items related to your onboarding.

8. Bonus: Consider a Netflix Internship

If you were unsuccessful in landing a Netflix job offer, another way you can get a job at Netflix is by participating in their paid summer internship programs. Internships offer first-hand experience working on real-world problems with various Netflix departments. Oftentimes, internships can lead to permanent Netflix employment.

Netflix internships are a minimum of 12 weeks long and are held either remotely, or in Los Gatos, California, or Los Angeles, California. Netflix interns are paid an hourly wage from $40 per hour up to $110 per hour. To be accepted for a Netflix internship, applicants must be pursuing degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, or even PhD level. Below are the three types of Netflix summer internships available:

  • Software engineer
  • Analytics engineer
  • Machine learning
a Netflix building at sunset. How to Get a Job at Netflix

What Should I Study
to Get a Job at Netflix?

Netflix is a large company with a wide range of career opportunities across many departments. An undergraduate degree is not usually required to get a job at Netflix, but you will need to show that you have the education and skills to do the job. For tech openings at Netflix, you should study software engineering, data science, information systems, or product management.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Get Me a Job at Netflix?

Coding bootcamps are a great way to get programming knowledge, skills, and expertise in a short amount of time. Their programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. If the Netflix job you’re applying for demands coding skills, a coding bootcamp can get you the skills you need to be attractive to the hiring team.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Netflix?

It takes hard work and strategic thinking to land a job at Netflix, and you will need to impress these qualities on the hiring managers during your job interview. A culture of self-motivation underpins the company’s rapid expansion, so a good mix of skill, experience, and dedication will be extremely beneficial.

How to Get a Job at Netflix FAQ

How Long Does It Take to Get Hired at Netflix?

Netflix usually offers a job within one to two weeks of the on-site interviews. This allows enough time to have internal discussions and draft an offer letter. At the appropriate time, the hiring manager will contact you to discuss the details of your contract.

Do Netflix Employees Get Bonuses?

In contrast to many large companies, Netflix does not use a bonus scheme. Instead, it offers higher base salaries. This approach has paid off for the company, which has found that employees prefer guaranteed income over the uncertainty of bonuses.

What Should I Wear to a Netflix Interview?

Candidates at Netflix are usually told to dress in a business casual style. However, this means different things to different people. Wearing comfortable clothing that gives you a professional appearance is the best approach.

Does Netflix Hire Remotely?

Yes, Netflix has numerous fully remote roles for US-based workers. The majority of these positions are tech roles, including full stack developer, QA engineer, and security analytics engineer. You can find information about current remote openings on the Netflix jobs website. 

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