Careers, Hiring Process, and Salaries

Whether you are a cyber security expert, a data scientist, a software developer, a machine learning engineer, or a digital marketer, getting a job at IBM means you’ll be on track for a future-proof career path.

This article is suitable for aspiring IBM job-seekers and those curious about IBM and its work culture. We will cover IBM’s company culture, its career paths and their salaries, and the company’s hiring process.

IBM Background

IBM, also known as International Business Machines Corporation, is a global information technology software and computer manufacturing firm headquartered in New York. The company was established on June 16, 1911 by Charles Ranlett Flint as part of the Computing-Tabulating-Recording (CTR) Company.

Today IBM is in over 170 countries and its products include integrated technology and business solutions, software, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology. The company has a global workforce of nearly 350,000 people, according to Statista.

What’s It Like to Work at IBM

Working at IBM requires an employee to be adaptive and have strong technical skills because the company is constantly updating its services in data management, AI with Watson, and cloud computing.

To remain a relevant part of IBM, it is crucial to be open to the company’s evolution, and this is especially true for employees in the tech department. Read below to find out what it’s like to work at IBM.

What Employees Say About Working at IBM

According to IBM’s most recent Diversity & Inclusion Report, 88.3 percent of IBM employees state that they can be their authentic selves at work. The company further reports its dedication towards a fair hiring process. Over the last three years, there has been a 20 percent uptick in minority hiring, and 36 percent of all promotions have been women.

The company’s inclusivity efforts are championed by several of its current and past employees. On Glassdoor, IBM received an impressive score of 4.3 out of 5 on diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, 86 percent of Glassdoor reviewers approve of IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, and 79 percent would recommend IBM’s workplace to a friend.

IBM also receives several negative reviews. Many employees feel that IBM’s salaries are often below the average market price for tech labor, and the massive corporate goals often mean long workweeks for employees.

IBM Work Environment and Culture

According to Indeed, IBM received a 3.9 work-life balance score and a 3.7 work culture score. Both scores are out of five. IBM caters to its employees’ wellbeing by providing long maternity leave, paid sick leave, health insurance, retirement services, and childcare. Around 25 percent of employees on Indeed say the company’s work culture is fast-paced.

IBM Careers: Job Requirements, Salaries, and Descriptions

IBM Careers: Job Requirements, Salaries, and Descriptions

The company offers multiple career paths in data science, business intelligence, sales, UX/UI design, customer service, and digital marketing. Below is a list of some of the more lucrative IBM tech job listings. These job listings are current and may be filled or removed at any point in the future.

Db2 Database Administrator

Salary: $91,095

Level: Entry-level

Minimum Experience Required: 0-1 year in Db2 LUW data administration, backup and recovery methods, troubleshooting, logical DBA tools, and Agile methods

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Note: The entry-level Db2 database administrator is great for high school graduates who have certifications in Db2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (Db2 LUW) and DBA tools. The job requires you to support the Db2 infrastructure and conduct administrative functions on vendor-supported tools. You are also required to maintain servers and their security settings.

To qualify for this position, you must learn SQL, TSM, Backtrack, and be proficient in Agile methods. Your chances of getting this job will increase if you have an understanding of Bash scripts, ITCS, Shell, DSM monitoring, and disaster recovery procedures.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer - Watson AI Elite

Salary: $98,223

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 3+ years experience in Python programming;
2+ years experience in data engineering, data modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence; 2+ years experience in containerization, Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud environments

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or another relevant field

Note: This AI engineer job at IBM revolves around the company’s AIOps and Watson AI Elite programs. Your key responsibilities include transforming IT operations using AIOps, finding high-value AI cases for business development, working with large data sets to identify business pain points, and automating IT tasks with machine learning models.

This position requires an undergrad degree and proficiency in big data, Kubernetes, deep learning, AI, Docker, and data science. Having experience with AI pipeline, GitHub, data ingestion, and IT operations will help you stand out in the candidate pool.

Technical Support Engineer

Salary: $86,457

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 2+ years experience in Linux; 3+ years experience in large-scale relational database management systems (RDBMS), data warehousing, and technical customer support

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development, Computer Science, or other relevant fields

Note: As an entry-level technical support engineer at IBM, your job duties include managing client expectations and queries regarding technical issues, as well as diagnosing and finding solutions. The job responsibilities also include working with Cloudera, MongoDB, and EDB, providing an action plan to IBM representatives, and recommending improvements to tech support.

The company prefers candidates with a big data certification in Cloudera and a database management certification in open source DBMS.

Data Scientist

Salary: $131,513

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 5-7 years experience in manipulating datasets and building statistical models; expertise in R, SQL, and Python; expertise in advanced machine learning algorithms, statistics, data processing frameworks, and information retrieval tools

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or other relevant fields

Note: A data scientist’s job responsibilities at IBM include finding innovative and effective business solutions using large datasets, statistical modeling, computer science, and math.

You will work with the product development team and optimize data models for business development.

Analytics Team Lead

Salary: $96,518

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 8+ years experience in data analytics, statistics, or predictive analytics; experience with statistical models and neural networks; 5+ years experience in data analysis with Excel, analytics development methodologies, data preparation, and data manipulation; 4+ years experience in SQL, data extraction

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science or other relevant fields

Note: The analytics team lead position is a data science position at IBM that requires you to develop analytics work products, manipulate data to assist clients, and recommend tools and processes to improve business outcomes.

This job requires a candidate with extensive experience in data analytics, statistical models, and data manipulation. Having leadership and management skills, Department of Defense experience, and a data science background will increase your chances of getting this job.

Security User Experience Designer

Salary: $133,025

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 3 years experience in solving complex user problems; portfolio with UI design work

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design or other relevant fields

Note: This position requires proficiency in user experience design principles and providing design solutions. Your key responsibilities include working with IBM Enterprise Design Thinking methodologies, improving the existing UX/UI security products, and developing highly detailed storyboards.

You are also responsible for working with cross-functional design teams using Jira and GitHub.

Senior Design Lead - AI Applications

Salary: $145,950 – $160,271

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 7 years experience in solving complex user problems; a portfolio of previous UI design experience

Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent

Note: You will lead the design team and work with developers, designers, product managers, and marketers. Your job duties will include translating UX designs from concept to final code and creating key UX artifacts.

Additionally, you will identify new templates and components to improve design standards. Experience in mobile design, software design, and delivery is preferred. You can qualify for this position by graduating from one of the best web design bootcamps.

Backend Software Engineer - Machine Learning

Salary: $108,000

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 3 years experience in Python, Java, or C++; experience in developing backend applications; background in design

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree in software development, computer science, or other relevant fields

Note: As a machine learning (ML) backend software engineer at IBM, you will work with the Watson Assistant’s ML infrastructure. You are responsible for designing, developing, and integrating fault-tolerant distributed systems. You will work with different teams including UX designers, data scientists, and product managers to improve business systems.

If you’ve taken the time to learn machine learning, CICD, and cloud applications such as Docker Engine, then your chances of getting this job will increase.

DevOps Engineer

Salary: $117,340

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 2 to 3 years experience in software development with Node.js, Python, JavaScript, SAP scripts and workflow, ABAP development, and SMART technologies

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development, Computer Science, or other relevant fields

Note: This DevOps engineer works on the cloud team. Your duties include enabling new application features, providing automation solutions, and coding. This position is best suited for those with ample knowledge of Agile, GitHub, React, Bash, AIX, Linux Pacemaker, Chef, Ansible, and SAP.

Penetration Tester

Salary: $106,849

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 3+ years experience in system administration roles, penetration tests, APIs, cloud technologies, operating systems, databases, and network devices; 2-3 years experience in cyber security operations, defensive integrations, cloud-based technologies, secure application development, Python, Ruby, Bash, serverless services, OWASP Top 10, and ATT&CK

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Security, Software Development, Computer Science, or other relevant fields

Note: This position requires you to perform security tests and conduct security monitoring across the IBM Public Cloud. Your job also includes finding vulnerabilities in the system, planning for risk mitigation, and improving security systems. Before applying for this role, you’ll want to learn penetration testing.

How to Get a Job at IBM

How to Get
a Job at IBM

To get a job at IBM, you must submit an application, complete an assessment, and pass one or more job interviews. You must showcase academic proficiency, industry expertise, and soft skills. Having an excellent professional portfolio and previous work experience will also go a long way toward securing job placement at IBM.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at IBM?

Yes, it is hard to get a job at IBM, as it is a Fortune 500 company. Be sure to make your resume, portfolio, and interview performance stand out.

How to Apply For a Job at IBM

IBM Hiring Process

You can apply for a job at IBM through its official website, and through job hiring boards including Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. You can also apply through your university’s career fair, and by networking with current IBM employees.

IBM’s hiring process is relatively simple and consists of an application, assessment test, and interview process.



The first step is to go on IBM’s official website or on job search websites and input your desired location and position. Once you find the position you are interested in, fill out an online application. To complete the application process, be sure to add all the relevant information.


Talent Network

The next step is to join IBM’s Talent Network online. This network will allow you to connect with IBM professionals and aspiring IBM job seekers like yourself.



If your application impresses IBM’s hiring managers, it will move forward and they will invite you for an assessment test. The test criteria will depend on the position you applied for. If you applied for a tech position, you will do a coding test. If you apply for a non-tech position, you will do a general assessment via video that tests your practical skills.



If you clear the assessment stage, you will be invited for an in-person interview. The interview process depends on your position. It could be technical, behavioral, or based on case studies. All IBM interviews are currently conducted online due to COVID-19.



If you pass the interview round, you will hear back from IBM’s recruiters in a couple of weeks stating that you got the job.

What Should I Study to Get a Job at IBM?

This varies depending on your choice of profession. For example, if you want to be an AI engineer, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science and learn machine learning, data modeling, and IBM’s Watson AI Elite program. If you want to become a software engineer, you will need to learn Python, software development, and Kubernetes.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Get
Me a Job at IBM?

Yes, a coding bootcamp can get you a job at IBM, as many popular bootcamp graduates already work at the tech giant. Getting a tech bootcamp education is ideal for those looking for a cheaper and shorter alternative to a traditional college degree.

Several coding bootcamps offer job guarantees and have high job placement rates. You can learn numerous tech subjects including software engineering, web development, UX/UI design, and product development at bootcamps. Graduates of several coding bootcamps, including Thinkful, Galvanize, and General Assembly, have gone on to work at IBM.

If you can’t fit a bootcamp into your schedule, the next best option is to take online courses in the subjects you need to learn. There are a number of free online coding classes, for example, that can help kickstart your career at IBM or elsewhere in the tech industry.

How To Get a Job at IBM FAQ

Is it easy to get a job at IBM?

Getting a job at IBM isn’t easy as it’s one of the leading tech companies in the world and it receives millions of applications for job openings. The hiring process can also take months, and the company has a rigorous hiring process.

What does it take to get a job at IBM?

Having a strong specific skill set, good grades in school, and good scores on the company’s online assessment and interview will help you get a job at IBM.

What does the IBM interview consist of?

IBM’s interview questions vary depending on the position. If it’s a tech position, the questions will be highly technical, and if it’s a non-tech position, then it will be mostly behavioral and case-study-based.

What are the best jobs offered by IBM?

IBM’s AI, robotics engineering, quantum physics, data science, and software engineering jobs are some of the best positions offered by the company.

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