2024 Hiring Process and Salaries

Are you aspiring to work for Apple, one of the world’s most iconic and innovative technology companies? If you’re ready to launch an exciting tech career with an excellent salary, incredible benefits, and opportunities to grow, this 2024 guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to get a job at Apple.

Read on for valuable insights into the Apple hiring process, including applying online, assessments, and the interview process, and how having a degree or coding bootcamp certificate can improve your chances of becoming an Apple employee.

Apple Company Background

Apple is a California-based company founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The company initially only sold Apple computers, but it expanded its operations over time and is now a giant in the computer hardware, software, and consumer electronics industries. The company now produces and sells iPhones, Apple Watches, MacBooks, and even its own operating system. There is an Apple store in 25 different countries.

What’s It Like to Work at Apple

Apple is well-known for having a very secretive work environment and company culture. As a result, it can be challenging to find information about what it is like to work for this company.

According to reviews on Indeed, many Apple employees feel that Apple provides a great work environment and an inclusive culture. However, these same employees also complain about a tricky work-life balance and frequent and confusing schedule changes.

Apple Work Environment and Culture

Both former and current employees often describe the business environment as diverse, welcoming, and challenging with high expectations and regular feedback. Candidates considered to be a good culture fit for Apple are those who value inclusivity and seek to advance in their careers.

Apple is known to promote a culture of collaboration. Employees are encouraged to use their interpersonal skills to work together on projects. They also receive regular feedback from project and product managers with constructive criticism.

Working for Apple may seem intimidating. However, you should consider it if you are pursuing a career in tech. With excellent benefits, high salaries, and opportunities to grow, Apple represents a fantastic career opportunity for any tech professional.

How Hard Is
It to Get a Job at Apple?

As with most tech giants, getting a job at Apple is not easy. With thousands of people sending applications every year, getting hired by Apple sees tough competition. Each opening receives hundreds of applicants, and Apple is extremely selective about who they choose to hire. Having a college degree or coding bootcamp certificate will significantly improve your chances.

How to Get a Job at Apple: Apple Hiring Process and How to Apply

The Apple hiring process is similar to that of many tech companies. First, you will complete an online application. The next stage will then be a phone interview. After the first interview, you will complete an online assessment and then a final interview. If you are successful throughout each step, Apple will make you an offer of employment.

Read on to learn how to apply for a job at Apple with the following steps:


Fill Out an Online Application

The first step is to fill out an application for the job you are interested in. While you can apply for some jobs at a physical location, the online application process is usually the most efficient option.

Go to the company’s official site and visit its careers page. Select the position you wish to apply for and fill out the online application linked to the job listing. Be prepared to provide previous work experience, describe your qualifications, and of course, attach a resume and cover letter.


Complete a Phone Interview

The company will contact you for a phone interview if your application impresses the hiring manager. This initial interview is to determine if you are qualified to work at Apple. Expect to be asked standard interview questions about previous projects or achievements in your career.


Complete an Online Assessment Test

An online assessment must be completed after the phone interview. This consists of a series of behavioral and technical questions to determine if you are a good fit for the company.


Pass the Final Interview

If you make it to the final step, you will have an interview with the director of the department you are applying for. This interview, which can be remote or face-to-face, gives you the opportunity to show why you are the ideal candidate for the job and ask questions you have about the job. It is recommended that you wear business casual attire.


Start Your New Apple Job

If you pass the final interview, Apple will offer you the job. You can now begin to enjoy all the benefits of working for this company, including employee discounts for all Apple products and a fantastic salary.

What Should I Study to Get a Job at Apple?

To work at Apple in a technical role, you will need to study computer science, engineering, or mathematics. The education requirements to work at Apple vary according to the position, but more often than not you will need at least a bachelor’s degree. Apple also considers graduates from the top coding bootcamps.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Get Me a Job at Apple?

A growing number of tech companies are hiring bootcamp grads, including Apple, so it is safe to say that a coding bootcamp can help you get a job at this company. Coding bootcamps are worth it: they will thoroughly prepare you for a career in tech and equip you with the technical knowledge and skills needed to work for the big names in the industry.

An iPhone Xr near a tablet on a blue table. How to Get a Job at Apple

Apple Tech Jobs: Requirements,
Salaries, and Descriptions

Below, we examine the most popular engineering and tech jobs at Apple available at the time of writing. You’ll find a detailed list including the Apple job requirements for each role and salary expectations. Your dream job at Apple may be on this list.

AI/ML Senior Data Scientist

Salary: $217,000

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 5+ years in relevant work

Education Required: Advanced degree in a quantitative field such as statistics, computer science, or mathematics

As an AI/ML senior data scientist at Apple, you will work with the search engineering teams to explore and develop methods to improve Siri. You will focus on search quality and guide options.

Candidates must show a passion for improving the customer experience through the use of data. They must be proficient in data science, analytics, and machine learning and be capable of leading a team and collaborating with others.

Design Manager

Salary: $214,000

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: N/A

Education Required: Degree in interactive design, visual design, or equivalent

An Apple design manager works with the applications design team throughout the application design process. In this position, you will help design applications that provide an excellent user experience. In addition, you will manage the team and work to improve the application design process.

To succeed in this position, you should be a great team player and problem-solver. You will also need to have excellent interpersonal skills. Apple design managers are visionaries and must stay ahead of trends to take Apple’s software designs up to the next level.

OS Performance Engineer

Salary: $197,000

Level: Entry-level

Minimum Experience Required: Experience with iOS/macOS frameworks, performance tracing tools, and systems engineering

Education Required: BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent

As an OS performance engineer, you will work to analyze and improve upon Apple’s operating systems. You will work with a software performance team to solve challenging problems with iOS, macOS, and WatchOS. To succeed in this position, you need experience with iOS frameworks and performance tracing tools.

Senior Firmware Engineer

Salary: $193,000

Level: Senior

Minimum Experience Required: 10+ years in firmware development, 7+ years in BMC

Education Required: BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field

The senior firmware engineer is responsible for developing Apple’s servers and storage server designs. You must create and seamlessly integrate firmware into the existing server infrastructure.

Since this is a senior position, you’ll need at least ten years of experience in firmware development. You will also need to have experience using real-time operating systems and low-level debugging tools.

Machine Learning Simulation Engineer

Salary: $191,000

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 2+ years in industry or equivalent

Education Required: MS in Engineering with a focus on machine learning or robotics

At Apple, a machine learning simulation engineer works on software projects involving machine learning techniques. You will work to develop and improve simulation tools for Apple products.

The ideal candidate for this position has proficiency in C++ and Python. To apply, you must be an expert in statistical modeling, parameter optimization, and system identification techniques and be able to work both autonomously and as part of a team.

Backend/Big Data Software Engineer

Salary: $186,000

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 4+ years in software development and architecture design

Education Required: Master’s Degree in Computer Science

An Apple backend/big data software engineer designs and implements computer vision and deep learning algorithms. You will work with a team of algorithm, data, and software engineers to optimize Apple’s computer vision products.

To become a software engineer at Apple, you’ll have to be a good team player. Apple software engineer jobs also require professionals to have experience writing code for web applications, as well as using various frameworks and computer vision tracking systems.

Hardware Design Engineer

Salary: $185,000

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 5 years in industry

Education Required: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in Electrical Engineering or related field

As a hardware design engineer, you will help develop new Apple hardware. The job description includes tasks such as component selection, schematic capture and review, and PCB layout management. You will have to work with other Apple teams to bring your designs to life.

Hardware design engineers need to be capable of leading a team. Candidates need to be good at networking and maintaining relationships with vendors. They should also be good at solving complex problems with creative solutions.

Software Engineer

Salary: $179,000

Level: Mid-level

Minimum Experience Required: 8+ years in object-oriented programming

Education Required: BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent

As part of this software development engineer position, you will work with the Apple Pay team to build client and server test automation in collaboration with other teams. The goal is to improve the Apple Pay infrastructure for better performance.

An Apple software engineer job requires a professional with at least eight years of programming experience. In addition, you will need to be experienced in API testing, RESTful web services, Unix-based systems, and test frameworks.

iOS Facetime/Phone Engineer

Salary: $169,000

Level: Entry-level

Minimum Experience Required: Experience with high-quality software releases, Swift 3, C++, and 3D game engines

Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent industry experience

An iOS Facetime/phone engineer assists in creating the newest features for iPhones. You will work on feature development, iterations to existing infrastructure, and refining some of the more popular Facetime and iPhone components.

This position involves working closely with multiple teams, so you will need excellent communication skills. You will also need to be creative and excited to bring new ideas to the table.

smiling man using macbook. How to Get a Job at Apple

How to Get a Job at Apple FAQ

What do you need to work at Apple?

You can become a tech salesperson or customer service representative at Apple with little to no experience or education requirements. However, other job positions require bachelor’s or master’s degrees in a tech-related field, as well as years of experience.

Do you need a degree to work at Apple?

Not all positions require a four-year degree. However, earning a four-year degree can significantly improve your chances of being seen as a potential employee and getting hired. Having a coding bootcamp education alongside a degree is even more impressive to the hiring manager.

Is working for Apple a good job?

Working for Apple is a good job that provides employees with high job satisfaction, great benefits, and an excellent annual salary. Many Apple employees have reported a challenging work-life balance, but most report being happy with their jobs overall. If you are a job seeker in the tech industry, Apple should be at the top of your list.

Do Apple employees receive free Apple products?

Apple employees do not receive free Apple products, but they get an employee discount, which usually amounts to 25 percent. Employees also receive Apple store credit when they reach significant milestones in their employment.

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