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CareerFoundry – UX Design Review

User Experience (UX) design is essential to any user-end software or design product. No matter how useful or brilliant your product is, nobody will want to use it if the experience is unpleasant. UX designers work to make products both useable, and enjoyable to use. 

UX design is a tech field that offers attractive perks. According to Payscale, the median salary for a UX designer in the US is nearly $74,000 a year. The field is expected to continue growing by 10% or more over the next few years.

You might be asking yourself what it takes to enter the field of UX design. While there are multiple avenues, one of the best and fastest is via a UX design bootcamp. In this article, we are going to look at CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program and what you can expect from signing up.

CareerFoundry Overview

CareerFoundry started in 2014 with the goal of offering an online platform for those looking to change careers. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, CareerFoundry continues to pursue this mission by offering a human-centric education experience aimed at those looking to make career transitions. 

Its self-stated goal is to produce online courses that offer just as much as in-person courses, while still offering flexible schedule options that allow students to keep their day job. 

The 60-person team behind CareerFoundry is as multi-national as its students, representing 30 different nationalities—many of whom are career changers just like their students. 

UX Design Program

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CareerFoundry’s UX design course has flexible pacing that lets students keep their fulltime job while getting an education.

CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program is, like all of its programs, flexibly paced. The course has a maximum duration of 10 months, but can be completed in five months of full-time study. The course works with student’s lives and responsibilities, allowing students to set their own pace within the given timeframe. 

What Is UX Design?

UX design, or User Experience design, mixes elements of design and psychology to create a product or interface that is not only intuitive but enjoyable for the user.

See CareerFoundry’s video on the topic for more information:

What Does This Course Cover?

According to CareerFoundry’s website, this course will help you “learn all of the skills, tools, and processes necessary to become a UX designer.” The school holds up this promise with multiple UX specializations such as voice design and front end development, created to match the UX field as more and more specialized job titles crop up.

Here’s a rundown of the course curriculum:

  1. Intro to UX
    Create an app while learning UX basics
  2. UX Immersion
    The bulk of the course, covering topics like design thinking, user empathy, and usability testing. 
  3. Specialization
    At the back end of the course is the specialization, where students can choose one of three different UX focuses: 
    • UI for UX Designers
      A course that focuses on the UI element in UX design. 
    • Voice User Interface Design
      A course that works with Amazon Alexa to focus on UI design for voice commands.
    • Front End Development for Designers
      This course section uses programming languages and tools like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a portfolio website. 

How Much Does the UX Design Course Cost, and How Do I Enroll?

The UX design course has a tuition of $6,900, with two payment options:

  • Upfront: Paying for the course upfront gives students a 5% discount, for a total of $6,555.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Students can pay their tuition monthly at a rate of $550 per month for 10 months, along with $1,400 paid upfront.

CareerFoundry also has scholarships for underrepresented groups and promotional offers that run regularly. In addition, all of its programs have a job guarantee. If you complete the course and can’t find a job after six months of active searching, you can claim a refund on your tuition.

Enrollment for CareerFoundry courses is simple. It starts with booking a call with the Enrollments Team to see if the program is right for you. There are no prerequisites, technical tests, or pre-courses needed to start. All of the courses—UX Design included—are beginner-friendly. 

What Career Services Are Offered with the Course?

CareerFoundry has a unique mentorship system called the Duel Mentorship Model which pairs each student with two industry professionals for the duration of the course. Students can take as many calls as they need with their mentors.

Every program includes a job preparation course that teaches job-finding skills like interview techniques, networking, and self-presentation. Career specialists help graduates understand the job market and assist in their job search. Students can also find jobs through CareerFoundry’s alumni network, employer relationships, and the internal job board.

CareerFoundry has a video featuring alumni giving advice on finding a career in UX Design:

CareerFoundry also offers lifetime career support; alumni can return when transitioning to a future job.


UX design is a desirable and expanding field that more career changers are venturing into. Taking a UX design bootcamp is a great way to jump into the field, and CareerFoundry’s solid career services and dedication to students make it a highly viable choice.

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