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In today’s economy, you need web development to make your voice heard, your brand seen, and your objectives fulfilled. But you cannot do any of this without knowing the differences between front end vs back-end web developers.Basically, front end developers work with the parts of a website that users see, whereas back-end developers work under the hood to keep the

There is a huge demand for anyone who can seamlessly enhance a company’s technological infrastructure without disrupting the flow of business. Computer systems analyst, business systems analyst, and system analyst are all titles that describe this essential job role. But how does one gain the specific forms of technical knowledge and skills required to qualify for a computer or business systems

Do you ever wonder how Google ranks articles on search engine results pages, or SERPs? Well, producers of web content wonder too, which is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Digital enterprises learn SEO principles to achieve better search rankings. By taking SEO courses, you can learn how to apply these same principles to your website.As businesses compete to

No network is flawless, and hackers are always trying to find new ways to exploit system vulnerabilities. By learning network security and taking network security courses, you can help prevent unauthorized attacks on networks and secure them from cyber threats. This guide will drive home the importance of network security and provide you with vocational resources that you can use to

The Python programming language is a popular choice in the coding community. Perfect for beginners, Python has a simple syntax, similar to the English language, which will have you working on Python projects and designing your own simple Python programs in no time. As a general-purpose language that comes preinstalled on Linux and Mac OS, Python is a natural place to

As coding bootcamps become popular training grounds for aspiring tech professionals, admission into these programs has grown competitive. Because of this, interested candidates have had to double down on preparation to increase their chances of getting in. This is where coding bootcamp prep courses come in.Coding bootcamp prep courses, by definition, were created to prepare students who wish to enroll

Penetration testing is the future of all businesses that go online. To safeguard themselves against any potential cyberattacks, businesses need security professionals to devise security strategies. This has made calls to learn penetration testing more important than ever. As more businesses shift to cloud, hackers have been crafting more ways to bug systems, applications, and networks. To combat them, companies have

Data science was once dubbed as the "sexiest job of the 21st century," and with good reason. As the amount of data generated every day grows, it's become a powerful tool for organizations to remain relevant in the market. This has left companies scrambling for qualified data scientists who can utilize data to their advantage. Below, we put together a complete

Software engineering is already a well-established field, with many tech enthusiasts keen on pursuing a career in the area. But although data science is a similar field that also requires a background in computer science, it is much less popular. This is partly because data science is a newer career path.Though data science and software engineering are similar in many

The Internet of things (IoT) is a new approach to the world around us. Learning IoT, you can contribute to remaking the world into a more modern, more high-tech, and more automated version of itself. The replacement of older methods with the Internet of things has various material benefits, such as energy-saving smart homes and autonomous vehicles. As you can imagine,


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