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How To Build Your Personal Brand As A Digital Marketer

If you are a digital marketer, building your personal brand could help you grow your career in leaps and bounds. It’s on par with having a great CV. Even if you are working for a company, building your own brand is a worthwhile investment. It will allow you to establish a unique position in the industry you work in. And

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How to Become a Python Developer

It is known that there are many different career choices when it comes to the tech industry. A Python developer happens to be one of the more in-demand jobs at the moment. Those who are looking to enter the industry are probably asking, “How do I become a Python developer?”. Meanwhile, those who are looking to make a career transition are

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How a Computer Science Internship Can Help Land Your Dream Job

When you are on a job hunt, one of the most important things to include on your resume is internship experience. An internship shows an employer that you have worked closely with other industry professionals and that you have had hands-on experience in the field. This article will discuss what computer science is, the types of internships you can get, the

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Best Tech Startups in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is known for its delicious food, its gorgeous city landscape, and its commitment to space exploration. What you might not know is that Houston is also an up-and-coming tech hub, attracting many new startups to settle down in the Lone Star state. While Silicon Valley and Seattle remain the most popular choices for tech startups, they can be extremely

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Computer Scientist Salary

The average computer science salary is $99,050. This rate changes significantly depending on the company you work with and the seniority of your position. Some computer scientists earn upwards of $138,000 a year or even higher, based on their responsibilities. In fact, computer science is one of the highest-paying positions people working in the tech industry can acquire. Due to the

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Ace Your Coding Bootcamp Interview with These Top Questions

You’ve got your sights set on a coding bootcamp in your pursuit to move forward in your career. Now that you’ve got an interview, it’s time to seal the deal. Your coding bootcamp interview, like a typical job or university interview, is an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths and excitement for learning and growing in the field.It’s also

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The Best Tech Companies in Denver

Beginning a career in computer technology takes training and drive. But it also requires you to know where to look and which businesses offer the best opportunities for experience, pay, and potential advancement in the field. That’s why having an idea of the best tech companies in Denver gives you an edge when you begin your job hunt. Knowing which


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