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Best C++ Events to Learn and Get Support

If you are an expert software engineer or are just learning C++, attending C++ events in 2022 will help you meet like-minded people, take advantage of networking opportunities, and land a dream job. Eighty percent of professionals believe networking is critical to their professional success, according to a LinkedIn global survey. 

This article tells you more about the best C++ events, shares the benefits of attending C++ conferences and meetups, and gives you the list of the best C++ conferences and meetups in 2022 that take place in person in the United States or online. 

What Are C++ Events?

C++ events are gatherings of C++ experts and enthusiasts. These events are often open to both in-person attendees and online attendees. Some C++ events are organized by the C++ committee, while others are arranged as commercial events with corporate sponsors. 

C++ Conferences

C++ conferences are large-scale events that typically last three to six days. They are usually ticketed events with varying admission prices. Today, it is more common to see a hybrid conference to accommodate online attendees and in-person attendees. 

C++ conferences will cover a wide range of topics and usually feature onsite sessions, breakout sessions, minute sessions, introductory talks, keynote speakers, and lightning talks. Often, an entire software team will attend C++ conferences as they are beneficial to anyone working within the tech industry.

C++ Meetups

C++ meetups are casual events that are often organized by smaller C++ communities, such as Slack communities. While they can be free to attend, you may be required to book a place in advance, especially if capacity is limited. You can find meetups advertised via tech blog posts or sites like Eventbrite.

Meetups focus on performance improvements by providing practical examples of C++ projects and encouraging collaboration and questions. C++ meetups are a great way for newcomers to seek out help but are also beneficial to professional developers. For example, a senior engineer may use meetups to seek out and hire a freelance software engineer.  

Benefits of Attending C++ Events, Conferences, or Meetups

C++ events, similar to other tech events, allow developers and programming enthusiasts to meet some of the world’s most brilliant C++ developers and experts, like Gabriel Dos Reis, Herb Sutter, Bjarne Stroustrup, and Hana Dusíková. Below are some of the key benefits of attending C++ events.

  • Learning from experts and peers. Attending C++ events will allow you to meet with other experts who’ve undoubtedly dealt with similar challenges as you. Everyone is welcome to share their insights and support you. This may enable you to notice something you previously overlooked. 
  • Building a professional network. Another fantastic benefit of attending C++ events is the opportunity to network with professionals and peers in your sector. You might be able to form relationships with some of them and collaborate with them in the future. 
  • Advancing your career. The greater your skillset, the better you will be able to help your company as an employee. As a C++ user, there are a multitude of similar occupations. Some of them are more advanced with high pay, such as a software architect. C++ events can help you achieve a successful transition into these more senior roles.
  • Sharing knowledge about technological advancements. C++ experts will be up-to-date with technological advancements in the world of C++. Conference keynotes will give aspiring developers insight into advanced usage of C++ via onsite sessions and lightning talks. Online attendees can use breakout sessions to share knowledge about technological advancements.

Best C++ Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List 

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
Association of C and C++ Users (ACCU) 2022 Conference April 6-9 Bristol, UK, and online Conference £385 – £775 (approx. $525 – $1057)
C++ Now May 1-6 Aspen, Colorado Conference TBA
C++ On Sea July 4-7 Folkestone, UK, and online Conference £400.00 + £80.00 VAT (approx. $655)
C++ Russia June 6-9 Online Conference 15,000 RUB – 84,000 RUB (approx. $195 – $1094)
The Computing System Technology Conference (CoSy Tech Con) October TBA Online Conference Free
CppCon Conference September 11-16 Aurora, Colorado, and online Conference $50-$1950
Meeting C++ Online March 15-16 Online Job fair Free
NVIDIA GTC March 21-24 San Jose, California, and online Conference and training Free
Work Group 21 (WG21) Standard C++ Foundation Meeting November 7-12 Kona, Hawaii Meetup Free
Work Group 21 (WG21) Zoom Virtual Plenary Meeting July 25 Online Meetup Free

Best C++ Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

Over the past two years, C++ events have been limited to mostly online attendees. However, in 2022, events are once again opening their doors to in-person attendees. Most events have also adapted a hybrid format, permitting both in-person and online attendees. Below are further details on the best C++ conferences and meetups in 2022. 

ACCU 2022 Conference | April 6-9

  • Location(s): Bristol, UK, and online
  • Cost of Registration: £575 (approx. $784) ACCU member onsite ticket. £675 (approx. $920) ACCU non-member onsite ticket. £385 (approx. $525) ACCU member digital ticket. £485 (approx. $661) ACCU non-member digital Ticket.  

The ACCU 2022 Conference is organized by the Association of C and C++ Users (ACCU). The main purpose of this conference is networking and socializing. Two of the five streams will focus solely on C++. This is a hybrid event, so online attendees are welcome. Conference keynotes will be Guy Davidson, Hannah Dee, Patricia Aas, and Titus Winters.

C++ Now | May 1-6

  • Location (s): Aspen, Colorado
  • Cost of Registration: TBC

C++ Now is a conference for C++ professionals and enthusiasts. This conference will provide in-depth and technical C++ experience, ideal for any C++ developer. The conference schedule has long breaks between the sessions to give participants opportunities to network. This is an in-person event only, so conference journey planning is key if you live out of state.

C++ On Sea | July 4-7 

  • Location(s): Folkestone, UK, and online
  • Cost of Registration: Early bird ticket – £400.00 + £80.00 VAT (approx. $655)

C++ on Sea is an international C++ conference held near the sea in the United Kingdom. The physical location is in Folkestone. Hana Dusková, Kevlin Henney, and Jason Turner are the keynote speakers. The call for speakers and virtual events option is still open for expert developers who are looking to get involved.

C++ Russia | June 6-9

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: 15,000 RUB (approx. $195) for a standard personal ticket. 84,00 RUB (approx. $1094) for a corporate full pass ticket.

This online conference aims to develop an international community of C++ developers through networking and shared experiences. The conference focuses on technical talks. These are designed to connect eager C++ developers who are willing to share their knowledge and debate solutions to difficult challenges and projects.

CoSy Tech Con | October TBA

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

The Computing System Technology Conference (CoSy Tech Con) is a free virtual Systems Programming conference aimed at developers. The conference will feature two keynote speakers, as well as 30-minute and 60-minute sessions from leading experts. The conference is organized by Shepherd’s Oasis software consulting company. 

CppCon Conference | September 11-16

  • Location(s): Aurora, Colorado, and online
  • Cost of Registration: $50 for online students. $200-$350 for online. $1450-1950 for a full ticket.

CppCon is an annual, week-long event aimed at the entire C++ community. This hybrid conference features motivational speakers and a welcoming environment for both C++ beginners and experts. The CppCon YouTube channel features archive videos from noted C++ experts such as Bjarne Stroustrup, Herb Sutter, Lisa Lippincott, and Michael Caisse.

Meeting C++ Online | March 15-16

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

Those attending this online job fair can opt to register for one or two days. This online event aims to bring together C++ employers and job seekers. This is a great opportunity for C++ developers who are looking to break into the industry and find employment. Employers must book a table in advance, while job seekers do not need to register and can log on at any time.

NVIDIA GTC | March 21-24 

  • Location(s): San Jose, California, and online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

NVIDIA GTC is a four-day conference focused on the technologies that are transforming the tech industry. NVIDIA GTC will allow C++ developers to connect with experts, network with like-minded professionals, and discover technical breakthroughs and ground-breaking studies.  

WG21 Standard C++ Foundation Meeting | November 7-12 

  • Location(s): Kona, Hawaii
  • Cost of Registration: Free

Standard C++ Foundation is a week-long face-to-face WG21 meeting organized by the ISO C++ committee. Attendance is limited to about 150 people and attendees will be organized into smaller subgroups for more focused collaborations and learning. 

WG21 Zoom Virtual Plenary Meeting | July 25

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

This online C++ event is organized by the ISO C++ committee. The committee is made up of qualified experts from varying countries who are engaged in C++ work. WG21 Zoom Virtual plenary meeting is one of many free virtual events organized by the ISO C++ committee.

Should I Attend C++ Events in 2022? 

Yes, you should attend C++ events in 2022 as they are a great opportunity to learn from experts, network, advance your career, and share your knowledge with aspiring C++ developers. If you want to learn C++ you should enroll in a C++ coding bootcamp

C++ Events FAQ

What are events in C++?

Events in C++ is a technical term used within C++ code development. These events are user actions such as a key press, click, or mouse movement. C++ events are also gatherings of C++ professionals and enthusiasts at a pre-disclosed location. These events will feature introductory talks, onsite sessions, and conference keynote speakers with a focus on C++.

Why should I attend C++ events?

C++ in-person and virtual events are fantastic opportunities to expand your C++ knowledge and become an efficient coder. These events can offer novice coders support and job opportunities. Senior developers will learn how to motivate their employees. Furthermore, events may feature conference keynotes from global C++ experts. 

Is C++ worth learning?

Yes, C++ is worth learning as it is one of the world’s most extensively used programming languages. Its cross-platform tools are utilized in software development, video game creation, artificial intelligence application, and 3D film production. It offers a wide range of uses in a variety of tasks. Its standard library and standard algorithms make learning C++ a good option if you’re an aspiring software engineer.

Can I attend C++ events for free?

Yes, you can attend some of the C++ events for free. Each event will have different admission rates. Bear in mind, if an event is free you may have to register in advance to guarantee admission.

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