Burlington Code Academy students

Burlington Code Academy UX Design Course Review

You’re a tech-minded person, and you’re interested in a career in user experience (UX) design and development. User experience design is one of the hottest fields associated with software development and is a key part of creating more user-friendly and intuitive applications and interfaces.

Burlington Code Academy’s UX design course provides students with a comprehensive training program to prepare them for their new career. The school traditionally offers all its bootcamps in-person and on-site in Burlington. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the bootcamp is temporarily moving to an online environment. This means that folks everywhere have the opportunity to get their software development education. So, it’s time to ask the big question: is this program right for you?

Our guide to Burlington Code Academy’s UX design bootcamp helps you decide for yourself. In this review, you get information on the school, the course curriculum, and associated costs. Many people reading this article are at home and interested in taking this opportunity to make career adjustments, and that makes this the perfect time to take online courses in UX or full stack development; our look at Burlington Code Academy’s UX course helps you find the right option for your needs and sets you on the way toward your new life.

School Overview

Burlington Code Academy students
Burlington is accessible and features a project-based curriculum.

Burlington Code Academy was founded in 2017 by Benny Boas and Alex Horner. The two founders wanted to develop a bootcamp that is accessible to anyone interested in programming and that provides graduates with skills that guarantee them a solid return from their tuition costs.

The bootcamp focuses on preparing students for their transition into the software development workforce and helps them obtain real-world work experience through networking and partner companies. The bootcamp boasts comprehensive professional development assistance, partnering with more than 30 employers to ensure that graduates find a job with a reputable company. Burlington Code Academy is the first bootcamp of its kind based in the state of Vermont.

UX Design

UX designers dedicate themselves to improving human-to-machine interactions. They develop improved software interfaces for everything from smart appliances to computer apps, and their work helps to speed up processes while making the experience of navigating those processes more enjoyable.

To be a successful UX designer, you’ll need to master a range of skills, including conducting thorough user research, increasing your understanding of users through personas, storyboards, and scenarios, and creating interactive wireframes and prototypes. Although programming knowledge is not essential, many successful UX designers have mastered languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Like other tech careers, UX design is an evolving field. This means that to be on the cutting-edge of your profession, you will have to invest heavily in professional development. Career development is key to grow into more fulfilling user experience design roles and avoid stagnation. Becoming a leading industry professional in this field is simply not possible without a heavy focus on self-development.

As a UX designer, you will be considered a software and web developer, and you will be bringing home a handsome salary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly wages of web developers and digital designers is about $77K.

What Does This Course Cover?

Burlington Code Academy’s UX design bootcamp is a full-time course and is taught online to comply with self-isolation guidelines. The class lasts 12 weeks and includes interaction with actual clients to give students the opportunity to develop their communication and project development chops.

In the UX design course, students receive instruction in cutting-edge techniques and approaches that incorporate user interface (UI) and UX design. The course focuses on fundamentals such as prototyping and interface development. The project-based learning approach seen in the course lets students create a portfolio that aids them in their job search after graduation.

The course is split into four modules:

  • UX Design Fundamentals—Introductory UX topics include problem-solving and user research.
  • Usability & Prototypes—Topics include app and website design and construction, ease-of-use evaluation, and wireframe sketching.
  • Iteration & Synthesis—Students explore topics such as performance goals, test results and feedback, and handoffs.
  • Client Project—This module allows students to use their training to work with a client and address actual issues in the industry.

How Much Does the UX Design Course Cost?

The UX Design course costs $9,950. There are different payment options available:

  • Upfront payment—Pay the tuition 30 days before the class begins to receive a 5% discount.
  • Scholarships and grants—Tuition reduction is available to qualifying students.
  • Income sharing agreements—This is a relatively new payment option taking the industry by storm. With income sharing agreements, you pay nothing until you land a position in the industry. Once you have a job and are making above a certain threshold, you start making regular monthly payments.
  • Financing—The school partners with finance companies to provide loans to students.


Burlington Code Academy’s UX design course has a lot going for it. The cost of $9,950 is already on the low side compared to similar programs at other schools, and the various scholarships and grants offered by the bootcamp make it possible to drop that price down even further. And, because Burlington Academy has moved its classes online to continue serving students during COVID-19, it’s possible to get their training from your self-isolation home base.

If you’re on the hunt for a quality UX design education at a low price, add Burlington Code Academy’s course to your list of likely prospects.

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