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five women around a table, three sitting and two standing Coding Bootcamp for Women

Best Coding Bootcamps for Women: 2021 List

Today, there are many high-quality coding bootcamps exclusive to women that provide everything you need to start your career in tech. Any woman can join these bootcamps to gain technical skills and make their mark in the tech sector.  Below are some of the best coding bootcamps for women, as well as a few websites that help women

Three women sit around a table with a laptop computer and notebooks Getting a Job After a Coding Bootcamp

Is Getting a Job After a Coding Bootcamp Easy?

A coding bootcamp can teach you in-demand programming languages as well as soft and technical skills to maximize your starting salary. But is landing a job after completing a coding bootcamp easy?  This article will define coding bootcamps and dive into the most common job roles for coding bootcamp graduates. We also take a look at other opportunities

Woman counting money on a desk. Tech Jobs That Pay $100K

Top 10 Tech Jobs That Pay Over $100K

Tech employees are known for having significantly higher salaries than professionals in other industries. The average salary for computer and mathematical occupations is $96,770 a year, according to BLS. By contrast, the national average wage for all occupations is just $56,310. This is a major difference between the tech industry and other sectors of economic activity. This figure

Confident young woman with business analytics skills pointing at a graph Learn to Use Microsoft Excel Like a Data Analyst

An Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

Microsoft Excel is inarguably the most common spreadsheet program for PCs. It is used to carry out different calculations and offers statistical functions that can be used by data analysts. This guide will cover top Excel features so you can learn how to do data analysis using Excel.  Using Excel for Data Analysis Excel is used by data analysts

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