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What Is Back End Web Development?

Back end development is a form of development focused on how websites work in relation to their servers. There are three aspects of back end web development, which is the server, application, and database. The code written by back end developers is what allows the database to communicate with the browser. Simply put, there are several things related

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Computer Scientist Salary

The average computer science salary is $99,050. This rate changes significantly depending on the company you work with and the seniority of your position. Some computer scientists earn upwards of $138,000 a year or even higher, based on their responsibilities. In fact, computer science is one of the highest-paying positions people working in the tech industry can acquire.

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Is HTML a Programming Language

Many people wonder if HTML is a programming language and if not, whether it is worth learning compared to other languages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Created in 1990, the language has been used to create webpages and inform browsers on how to handle the text located on a webpage.Technically speaking, HTML does fit within the


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