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Why Learn Product Design with Flatiron School?

User experience (UX) professionals, which include roles like product designers, are seeing high demand, according to LinkedIn. In its 15 Jobs on the Rise for 2021 report, these roles take the 13th spot, indicating a strong outlook for the near future. “The demand for people who specialize in how users interact with apps and websites grew as millions

A triangle of time, cost, and quality Coding Bootcamp Cost

How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost, and Are They Worth It?

Coding bootcamps have become the most popular alternative to traditional university degrees. If you're thinking of attending a bootcamp, one of the first factors you should consider is tuition. How much do coding bootcamps cost? Is the coding bootcamp cost worth it in the long run? How much can you earn after graduating from a coding bootcamp?  In

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