The 10 Best WordPress Bootcamps of 2023

If you want to learn WordPress this year, bootcamps can help you get there. The best WordPress bootcamps will provide you with the essential resources to become a website developer or a web designer. These courses are extensive and immersive, so you can learn WordPress the right way.

Why Study WordPress?

You should study WordPress because it might be the most popular web development platform out there. Seasoned developers and beginners alike use WordPress to create websites—the platform records over 20 billion page views every month.

WordPress’s popularity is here to stay. If you’re not sure yet about enrolling in a bootcamp, below are the best reasons to learn WordPress and become a WordPress developer.

Reasons to Learn WordPress in 2023

  • Easy to use. WordPress has one of the most straightforward interfaces of any platform. It’s easy to learn, so anyone can upload content with no trouble.
  • Excellent pay. The demand for web developers is increasing. The average developer earns $50 per hour. If you master WordPress, you can land a lucrative job.
  • Businesses love WordPress. The content management systems allow business owners to curate their content easily. Many companies are now seeking an online presence.

Why Study at a WordPress Bootcamp?

You should study at a WordPress bootcamp because you can learn the platform quickly and efficiently. A bootcamp will immerse you in learning WordPress, and you can also network and communicate with others in the field.

These courses will help you develop career-oriented skills and the best practices for coding. Below are more benefits of attending a WordPress bootcamp.

Benefits of WordPress Bootcamps

  • Global community. WordPress has plenty of communities around the world. No matter where you go, you can have a family in tech. You can explore WordPress Norway, Cape Town, and Singapore, just to name a few.
  • Maximum exposure. WordPress bootcamps often have partnerships with leading companies. They offer networking sessions so you can interact with prospective employers and get a great tech job upon graduation.
  • Career-oriented curriculum. College courses might not go as in-depth as WordPress bootcamps. These individual courses are specifically for WordPress so you can apply your skills to the field.
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The 10 Best WordPress Bootcamps

Learning how to build a WordPress site is an essential skill in 2023. More and more businesses are migrating to the platform.

Business owners want to hire employees with web development skills so they can put their best foot forward online. Below are the best WordPress bootcamps in 2023.

Austin Coding Academy logo

Austin Coding Academy

Austin Coding Academy provides a curated, research-based curriculum. The school aims to make its courses accessible to everyone.

Austin Coding Academy Key Information
Program WordPress Fundamentals
Locations Online
Cost $10,960
Financing Options Upfront, Deferred Tuition, Income Share Agreement, Month-to-Month, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

This WordPress bootcamp is specific to the platform and can help you learn exactly what you need. The Austin Coding Academy can teach you how to use WordPress and apply your skills in the tech field. This course is perfect if you want to learn WordPress without any filler.

Austin Coding Academy alumni work at top tech companies such as Verizon, Walmart, and various Austin startups. Many students also become freelance coders or UX designers.

Berkeley Boot Camps logo

Berkeley Boot Camps

Berkeley Boot Camps will help you become a web developer with industry-standard education. They have dozens of resources to help you become a tech expert.

Berkeley Boot Camps Key Information
Programs Digital Marketing, Full Stack Web Development, UX/UI Boot Camp
Locations Online, San Francisco
Cost $9,495 - $12,995
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, Income Share Agreement, Month-to-Month, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

At Berkeley, you don’t have to have any prior experience to enroll. This school provides a pre-course tutorial to make sure you’re learning everything you can. It also provides career services so you can be successful after graduation.

Berkeley provides personal mentorship sessions, soft skills training, portfolio review, and social media support. The bootcamp covers essential topics such as HTML, jQuery, MongoDB, and MySQL. The full-time and part-time sessions are available live, and you can take courses online from anywhere in the world.

Cognixia logo


Cognixia has dozens of training bootcamps for anyone in tech. You can learn web development with experts in the field.

Cognixia Key Information
Program Full Stack Developer Training
Locations Basking Ridge, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Jersey City, Raleigh, Seattle, Vadodara, Phoenix
Cost $2359 (varies)
Financing Options N/A
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

This 120-hour course can help you learn web development, no matter your experience level. You’ll learn different programming languages and skills you can apply to WordPress or any other platform.

You can learn full stack development online or at one of Cognixia’s in-person locations. If you enjoy learning with Cognixia, you can take a look at their many other courses. Its JUMP program can also help you build more well-rounded tech skills.

DevelopMe_ logo


DevelopMe_ practices social inclusivity so everyone can learn to code. It offers quality learning opportunities for minorities, veterans, and women.

DevelopMe_ Key Information
Programs Coding Fellowship, User Experience Design, UX Fundamentals Workshop
Locations Bristol
Cost $600 - $8,450
Financing Options Upfront, Payment Plans, Scholarships
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

DevelopMe_ is a career-oriented, inclusive tech school. Its instructors have extensive web development and UX design experience. Their in-person classes make anyone feel welcome, and they can teach you tech skills just as well as any other bootcamp.

This coding school uses mock interview sessions and other career training to help you enter the tech world. Its career coaches are essential to help you put your best foot forward. DevelopMe_ also offers networking opportunities and community initiatives.

4Geeks Academy logo

4Geeks Academy

This coding school is great for beginners because it doesn’t require any previous experience. 4Geeks can take you from novice to master in just a few weeks.

4Geeks Academy Key Information
Programs Desarrollo Web Full Stack, Full Stack Development, Web Development
Locations Online, Miami, Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Costa Rica, Caracas, Maracaibo
Cost $1,920
Financing Options Deferred Tuition, Month-to-Month, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

4Geeks Academy has locations around the world—and online—to help you learn to code hands-on. Since they only allow seven students per instructor, you can experience personal learning and develop connections for life.

This bootcamp will cover essential topics such as HTML, CSS, SQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, user experience design, and PHP. The course, 16-weeks or nine-weeks, will help you learn the vital aspects of web development. By the time you graduate, you can easily develop a WordPress website.

HyperionDev logo


This bootcamp provides full-time and part-time courses for passionate web development students. Its programs can help you grow your skills and WordPress knowledge.

HyperionDev Key Information
Program Certified Full Stack Web & Software Engineer Bootcamp
Locations Online, Cape Town, Johannesburg, London
Cost $3,945 - $7,492.50
Financing Options Upfront, Installments, Free Trial, Funding Partners
2023 Start Dates March 5

HyperionDev has a career-oriented curriculum to identify the skill gap and help you learn efficiently. It also offers one-on-one mentorship sessions to guide you through the job hunt and tech industry.

This coding bootcamp can teach you MongoDB, HTML, PHP, CSS, ReactJS, and ExpressJS. HyperionDev runs a six-month bootcamp that immerses you in the tech world. You will learn how to create a software application, manage the front and back ends of a website, and manipulate data as you see fit.

Juno College of Technology logo

Juno College of Technology

Juno College of Technology is a postgraduate coding school that attracts students from all over the world. The school offers the best programs for prospective web developers and web designers.

Juno College of Technology Key Information
Program WordPress & Shopify Development
Locations Online, Toronto
Cost $2,000
Financing Options Upfront, Income Share, Scholarships, Grants, Installments
2023 Start Dates March 1

Juno College of Technology aims to build a diverse community of professionals in the tech industry. Its project-oriented programs provide hands-on experience and current industry knowledge. Juno’s courses are led by experienced, professional instructors.

This bootcamp is a great way to start a tech career or climb the tech ladder. It can teach you everything to know about designing websites with WordPress. Juno College of Technology is also affordable compared to other bootcamps, and they have great financing options.

Skillcrush logo


This online coding school provides a 12-week bootcamp in web development and web design. Skillcrush helps students learn essential digital skills to begin their careers in tech.

Skillcrush Key Information
Programs WordPress Developer Blueprint, Front End Developer Blueprint, Front End Developer + ReactJS Blueprint, User Experience Design Blueprint, Visual Designer Blueprint, Web Designer Blueprint
Locations Online
Cost $549 - $699
Financing Options Upfront, Month-to-Month, Private Loan
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

Skillcrush can guide you step-by-step to become a professional WordPress developer. You’ll have access to quality learning materials, expert instructors, and exceptional career coaches. This three-month bootcamp creates a structured environment for immersive, efficient learning.

The WordPress developer course will help you foster a versatile skill set. You will learn PHP, Git, and mobile design. This bootcamp will teach you to build great WordPress sites.

Skillcrush offers many exceptional courses to help you become a well-rounded developer. They cover different UX design topics, HTML, CSS, Ruby, jQuery, and JavaScript. These programming languages will help you become more versatile.

UCF Boot Camps logo

UCF Boot Camps

This platform can help beginners with no experience advance their skills in technology. They provide hands-on learning in WordPress, Facebook Ads Manager, and Google Analytics.

UCF Boot Camps Key Information
Program Full Stack Web Development
Locations Online, Orlando
Cost $10,995
Financing Options University Resources
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date, Quarterly

This all-inclusive bootcamp will cover CSS3, HTML5, Heroku, user authentication, responsive design, and MongoDB. Its hands-on projects and training sessions can help you become a coder under 24 weeks.

With project-oriented learning, you can tackle different web development and web design issues. You can take a bootcamp part-time, full-time, or online. UCF also provides career coaching and mentorship sessions so you can get a job in tech.

UT Austin Bootcamps logo

UT Austin Bootcamps

UT Austin is an excellent platform to help you become a WordPress developer. They design their bootcamps to fill the current and future market needs of the tech industry.

UT Austin Bootcamps Key Information
Programs Digital Marketing, UX/UI, Full Stack Web Development
Locations Online
Cost $11,500 - $11,900
Financing Options University Resources
2023 Start Dates Rolling start date

With these university-level courses, you can learn digital advertisement, web development, marketing strategy, programming languages, and web development. UT Austin has great student resources and support for beginners and experts alike.

At UT Austin Boot Camps, you’ll learn HTML, Ruby on Rails, database modeling, and advanced JavaScript. Its hands-on approach and exceptional instructors can help you change your career or earn a promotion.

Should You Enroll in a WordPress Bootcamp?

Yes, you should enroll in a WordPress bootcamp. These immersive courses can take you from beginner to advanced, depending on which course works for you.

WordPress is one of the leading web platforms in 2023. A WordPress bootcamp will look great on your resume and help you get a lucrative job in tech.

Find the right bootcamp for you
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