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Best Tech Startups in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas is known for its delicious food, its gorgeous city landscape, and its commitment to space exploration. What you might not know is that Houston is also an up-and-coming tech hub, attracting many new startups to settle down in the Lone Star state. 

While Silicon Valley and Seattle remain the most popular choices for tech startups, they can be extremely expensive, and finding office space has become next to impossible, forcing startups to look elsewhere. Houston’s bustling city combined with the high-quality life that Texas offers is the perfect environment for any new startup company to thrive in. 

This article will take a look at some of the best and fastest-growing tech startups based in Houston, Texas. 

Galen Data

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Galen Data offers a cloud platform that fits your digital healthcare needs.

You can find Galen Data’s headquarters in the heart of Houston. It is a cloud-based organization that works with the healthcare industry to provide cost-effective medical device connectivity. Galen Data ensures that proper security measures are in place, and its cloud access control engine allows access without sacrificing compliance. 

Galen’s cloud platform also analyzes data in real-time, predicts and identifies potential issues, and provides necessary services for healthcare professionals. The company prides itself on its ability to quickly and easily demonstrate data to physicians and patients. 

From software development, to design development and data science—Galen Data employs some of the best in the tech industry. 

Centre Technologies

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Centre Technologies believes in using the latest in tech to spur business growth.

Centre Technologies is a great option for IT professionals looking to settle down in Houston, TX. It works with companies to employ the latest and greatest information technologies into their business processes. Centre Technologies hopes to help organizations conquer their goals through the use of advanced technology. 

Centre Technologies looks to employ IT experts and software engineers. With a passion for researching and using the latest technologies, its main mission is to provide solutions to help businesses thrive. 


A person holding a smartphone
P97 is a winner of the Shell US Retail Technology Partner of the Year Award.

P97 has proven to be one of the best tech companies in Houston, with rapid expansion and advancement in the last several years. P97 aims to help businesses that do not have computer systems reach consumers that feel more secure and enjoy the convenience of mobile purchases. P97’s app allows consumers to securely make purchases through their smartphones. This service is frequently employed at gas stations and is taking hold in several states across America.

P97 employs top-of-the-line software engineers, web developers, data scientists, and more. It appears that its platform is gaining more popularity every day and it is taking Houston’s tech industry by storm. 


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HostGator provides reliable and secure website hosting services.

HostGator is the perfect startup to work for if you are interested in web design or web development. HostGator is a web hosting service that helps users create a website to bring their businesses or ideas to life. Websites can be blogs, forums, content management systems, photo galleries, and so much more. The company prides itself on its convenient and secure databases. It also guarantees 24/7 support, money-back guarantee, and 99% website uptime.

HostGator hires experts for its application development, system coding, and data analysis. One of the most interesting services is migration assistance. It has a designated team to help transfer existing content from the prior host and configure it to perform optimally on its platform.

Web development is a rapidly growing field and HostGator is one of today’s top competitors. 

Optech 4D

Optech4D has experimented with wearable technologies to help field engineers in the oil and gas industry.

Optech 4D is a Houston-based tech company known for its augmented virtual reality and simulation glasses. The company specializes in virtual reality and has one of the most advanced and cutting-edge visualization software, as well as Smart Glasses and devices. It is also adopting these technologies across operations, maintenance, and health and safety to empower field technicians to achieve maximum operational efficiency.

It focuses on equipment visualization, 3D full immersion safety and operations training, dynamic simulation, augmented reality, wearable technology, mobile applications, and technical staffing. Optech4D is constantly looking for software developers and professionals in design development to help perfect its virtual reality software. 


View of a stadium during a sporting event
With SEATz’s in-seat delivery, fans can skip the line and focus solely on the game.

SEATz is another tech startup that has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years and is only continuing to grow. It is an app-based delivery platform that lets attendees purchase items—like food, apparel, alcohol, and more—throughout an entertainment venue without having to wait in line. This allows attendees to watch an event without having to miss it due to long waits. All items will be brought directly to you as you are sitting in your seats. 

SEATz is also using the Touchless Transaction Technology which keeps transactions short and simple—no physical contact, no cash or card exchange, and no waiting for receipts. The company is also looking for app developers, data analysts, coders, and more to join its team.

CS Disco

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Disco is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and keeps your data secure, confidential, and accessible round-the-clock.

CS Disco is a tech company that has partnered with corporate legal departments and law firms to create efficient and effective legal technology. Disco helps lawyers by making some complex and time-consuming tasks much easier and faster through its advanced algorithms. Its computer system is being used at over 400 different legal firms in the US, making it one of the fastest-growing e-discovery solutions in the country.

Because the service is quickly expanding to other law firms across the nation, Disco is looking for experts in software engineering, design development, data science, and more. 

Optima Ninja

A person working on a computer
Optima Ninja provides digital solutions that can supercharge your company’s growth.

Optima Ninja is a tech company that has quickly staked its claim as one of the best startups in Houston. Optima Ninja helps clients administer the latest technologies to help their businesses be the most effective and efficient it can be. Optima Ninja helps with everything—including logo design, graphic design, product UX/UI design, website development, app development, software development, advertisements, and so much more. 

Optima Ninja has a full stack development team which it claims can make any request happen for a client. The team is prepared to help create a solution for any industry and any problem. The company is highly motivated and passionate about helping businesses and organizations take off by using information technology and computer systems to their advantage. No matter your specialization in the tech industry, Optima Ninja has a place for you. 

Begin Your Path in the Tech Industry Today

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Get started on your tech journey today.

Choosing to embark on a tech journey is just the first step in your career path. Once you have completed one of the many coding bootcamps in Houston, a computer science degree, or any other professional certifications, the next step is to choose where you want to live and work. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are the most well-known tech hubs but those are not your only options.

In recent years, Houston has become a very popular and desired place for tech startups, offering a wide range of products and services and attracting tech gurus from all over the world. Just like them, you too can find major success in the Lone Star state.

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