Best tech sales bootcamps 2023

The 10 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps in 2023

Working in tech sales requires a unique mix of interpersonal skills and industry knowledge. Once you have the right training, it can be a lucrative and dependable career path. That is why so many students attend popular tech sales bootcamps to kick-start their careers. 

At a sales development representative (SDR) bootcamp, you will receive more than introductory tech sales training in a traditional classroom setting. Tech sales bootcamp programs also provide one-on-one mentorship and extensive career services to ensure you have all the tools and guidance you need to land your first job. Keep reading to learn more about the best tech sales bootcamps available.

The 10 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

Bootcamp providers and online communities have made tech sales training more accessible than ever. In many cases, you can begin your training, and even access valuable mentorship opportunities, without paying tuition. Here are further details about the best tech sales bootcamps available.

Bootcamp Cost Length
Always Hired Free 60 minutes
Aspireship $180 4 weeks
Careerist $4,200 10 weeks
Elevate N/A 10 weeks
Fuel Sales Academy Free 6-12 weeks
Prehired $30,000 (60 monthly payments of $500) 6-12 weeks
PreSales $7,000 8 weeks
Springboard $5,000 12 weeks
SV Academy $9,990 4 or 8 weeks
Vendition Free 5 days
always hired logo
Always Hired

Always Hired is a training program that specializes in technology sales. During the residency, students work full-time as sales development representatives while accessing one-on-one mentorship and coaching from Always Hired professionals.

Students also have access to the tuition-free bootcamp to learn tech sales basics. The Always Hired sales bootcamp takes less than 60 minutes to complete and will give you an idea of what you can expect in this career path.

Aspireship logo

This tech sales bootcamp consists of 20 hours of on-demand material covering essential topics like multi-channel prospecting, qualifying leads, pipeline management, and consultative selling. Students can choose between the SaaS Sales Foundations course and the Customer Success Foundations course.

After you complete the training, you will practice your job application skills and interview with Aspireship’s hiring partners. You can preview the course content and video library for free, but to earn a certification and access career coaching, you will need to pay the $180 program cost.

Careerist logo

Careerist offers one of the best tech sales training programs for students interested in sales engineering. The course consists of six weeks of studying and four weeks of an internship. You do not need any previous experience to apply.

In the Sales Engineering program, you will be paired with a career advisor who will provide one-on-one mentorship. Some of the topics covered include prospecting, objection handling, negotiation and closing deals, the sales cycle, and networking. After you complete the tech sales training, you will gain real-world experience through a remote internship.

Elevate logo

To apply for the Elevate sales bootcamp, you will need to meet with the admissions team for two interviews and submit a short video where you discuss your career goals and interests. The program is a mix of live instruction, personalized career coaching, and access to a recruiting network.

Throughout this SDR bootcamp, you will learn from guest speakers, sales leaders, and successful alumni. After you land a role in the field, you will continue to meet with your mentor regularly to ensure you succeed and become a leader on your team.

Fuel Sales Academy logo
Fuel Sales Academy

Fuel Sales Academy offers a B2B software sales bootcamp where students are paid to train and build their skills before being recruited by partner companies. The bootcamp begins with an intensive certification course where you will gain traditional classroom training in foundational skills.

After this initial training, students work on behalf of partner companies to practice their skills through real-world experience. You will be paid an hourly rate and earn a commission. Graduates are then made available to vetted companies currently hiring sales development representatives.

Prehired logo

Prehired is a sales community that helps members gain the right skills, get hired, and access promotions. Your technology sales training will begin with 60 to 120 hours of coursework and assignments. You will be paired with a mentor who will assess your progress and help you identify when you are ready to move on to the career search process.

Once you have paid the fees, Prehired membership lasts for a lifetime, which means the community can help you with every stage of your career. Most members don’t begin paying fees until they land their first job. If you complete the training and meet all of Prehired’s criteria, but don’t land a job that pays at least $60,000 within one year, you will be eligible for a refund.

Presales Academy logo

This tech sales training bootcamp prepares students for roles such as sales engineer, solutions consultant, and product consultant. When you work in presales, you will not be responsible for cold calling or negotiating. Instead, you focus your time on developing deals and projects for customers.

Students at PreSales Academy receive hands-on training and mentorship while attending live online classes. The courses include a range of assignments and group work. At the end of the program, you will be introduced to hiring companies.


Springboard’s technology sales bootcamp includes 12 weeks of live remote training followed by a period of career support. Some of the topics covered include pipeline development, engagement strategies, the SDR tech stack, and qualification call preparation.

After the successful completion of the technology sales bootcamp, students will receive six months of career services to assist them with the resume, interview, and job application process. If you don’t land a job within six months, and you meet all the qualifications, you will be eligible for a refund through Springboard’s job placement guarantee.

sv academy logo
SV Academy

SV Academy offers a full-time, four-week and a part-time, eight-week technology sales bootcamp. In addition to mentorship and live online classes, students get a chance to work on a real-world project with a partner company. SV Academy costs $9,990, but students also have access to a deferred tuition plan. This allows you to pay for training after you have landed a job.

After completing the training, students receive six months of job search support. Your career transition specialist will assist you with every step of the job hunt, from creating your resume to signing your offer. You will then have access to six months of on-the-job coaching to ensure you have the support you need to reach your metrics, land promotions, and reach your career goals.

Vendition logo

Vendition’s sales bootcamp is a free, five-day training program that focuses on outbound prospecting, opportunity generation, and job application tips. You will have daily assignments to ensure you fully understand the course content.

You will also have the option of joining the Vendition community by creating a candidate profile with basic information about yourself. The Vendition team will then assess your skills and promote you to its various partner companies.

Why Should I Join a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

Tech sales, even though it doesn’t involve any coding, fits well into the bootcamp model. Bootcamps cover topics like Salesforce quickly and concisely before switching their focus to real-world experience and training through internships and workshops.

While some employers prefer applicants with a college degree in business or a related field, this is becoming less common. If you are wondering how to get into tech sales quickly, a bootcamp is a strong option to consider because it will provide industry contacts and networking opportunities that can help you get ahead, even if you have limited experience.

How Much Do Tech Sales Bootcamps Cost?

A tech sales bootcamp costs anywhere from $0 to $30,000, depending on the school you choose. Some tech sales training programs even pay you for your time. You can access free tech sales training at bootcamps like Always Hired, Vendition, and Fuel Sales Academy.

Many of the best tech sales engineer bootcamps offer a range of payment options, including loan financing, deferred tuition plans, and scholarships. As a result, your finances should not be a barrier to your education.

What Tech Sales Jobs Can I Get After My Bootcamp?

After completing your bootcamp, you will be ready to apply for various tech sales jobs in major companies around the country. In most cases, you will have personalized career coaching and other job search assistance from your bootcamp program, which will make starting your tech sales career significantly easier. Here are a few technology sales jobs to consider.

Sales Development Representative

A sales development representative, or SDR, is often an entry-level position. In this role, you will be responsible for sales prospecting and reaching out to new leads. To do this, you will need impressive interpersonal skills and a comprehensive knowledge of the products or services you are selling.

Sales Engineer

If you want to make an above-average tech sales salary, becoming a sales engineer is a strong option. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a sales engineer who works with computer systems is $127,180.

To become a sales engineer, you may need a year or two of experience in the field, but this is not always the case. Sales engineers consult with clients and customers, secure deals, and collaborate with product development to ensure their company is making products that appeal to consumers.

Sales Manager

While sales managers are often responsible for communicating with clients, the majority of their responsibility lies with managing and supporting sales teams. They might also analyze and set performance metrics, research new territory, and monitor the sales landscape. When you first start your tech sales career, you will likely be working under a sales manager.

Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers work with promising and newly-acquired clients. They are in charge of supporting new active users of a product to ensure customer loyalty and work to build long-term relationships.

Account Executive

After a sales representative or sales engineer lands a new client, they generally hand the account over to an account executive or a customer success manager. The account executive is responsible for supporting the client and maintaining a long-term relationship. In some cases, an account executive may also be the one to close major accounts and sales.

Is a Tech Sales Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a tech sales bootcamp is worth it if you are passionate about entering the sales field. It can be difficult to start off in this industry if you don’t have relevant work experience or a college degree, so the mentoring and connections you find in a tech sales bootcamp can make a big difference.

Additionally, many of the top tech sales bootcamps are very affordable, or even completely free. If you are considering starting a career in sales, but aren’t quite sure it is the right path for you, a tech sales bootcamp might provide the clarity you need.


What is tech sales?

A tech sales representative’s job is to sell technology-based or scientific services and products to business representatives. This position includes selling products at a high level where there are enormous expenses involved.

Is tech sales a good career?

Tech sales can be a great career. The industry is growing and the demand for technology-based products is continuing to rise. The salary is very high as well. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a tech sales representative is $99,632.

How do I get into tech sales with no experience?

The best way to get into tech sales without experience, or without a related degree, is to build the right skillset and improve your qualifications by attending a tech sales bootcamp or a similar training program.

Are there online tech sales coding bootcamps?

Yes, there are tech sales coding bootcamps that allow you to study online. Some coding bootcamps also offer self-paced, part-time, and full-time programs. Some tech sales training programs even include completely remote internships.

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