The Best Tech Sales Bootcamps in 2023

Tech sales is a popular field in the industry, and opportunity is everywhere for good salespeople. Tech sales is quite similar to other sales careers, making it easy for people with sales experience to feel at home. However, the field has added complexity due to the nature of the products. That’s why a tech sales bootcamp can make a world of difference and help establish a solid foundation for a lucrative career.

Tech sales professionals have enormous earning opportunities. For example, Facebook technology sales engineers earn an average base salary of $115,774 per year, with an additional $36,000 in bonuses or commission. That brings the total average compensation to $152,036 per year. And while that might be close to the extreme end of the scale, average salaries are still good. Glassdoor reports that the average annual salary for tech sales workers is $82,309. Plus, annual bonuses and commission average $68,409 and up to a whopping $174,201 in additional compensation.

Tech sales bootcamps are another major benefit of the field. Many of these programs are short-lived and come with a job guarantee at the end. In fact, some bootcamps are tuition-free if students agree to work for a partner company. Demand in the field is high, and bootcamp graduates are sometimes handed jobs (quite literally).

Why Choose a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

Tech sales, even though it doesn’t involve any coding, fits well into the bootcamp model. Bootcamps cover topics like Salesforce quickly and concisely and prepare students for this booming industry. Remember, a college degree in business or a related field is likely to help. But it’s not even remotely necessary for many positions—including high-paying tech sales jobs. Bootcamps can prepare students for the workforce and line up a job in a matter of weeks, and sometimes with no out-of-pocket cost.

The 4 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

always hired logo

Always Hired

Always Hired is a training program that specializes in technology sales. It prepares students to start their careers as sales development representatives. Students can take part in the program’s training program or take part in its bootcamp.

If students choose to work with one of Always Hired partners, they can take part in the bootcamp’s tuition-free education program.

Springboard logo


Springboard’s technology sales bootcamp provides students with the fundamental skills they need to excel in the tech sector. This part-time, remote program lasts for 12 weeks and will cost between $7,000-$9,900.

After the successful completion of the technology sales bootcamp, students will be offered career services to assist them with the resume, interview, and job application process.  Springboard is backed by a 100 percent job placement guarantee.

sv academy logo

SV Academy

SV Academy is a part-time technology sales bootcamp. Students who attend SV Academy participate in the bootcamp’s mentorship program with job commitment requirements. The program is 12-weeks long and students spend a minimum of 1-year with the academy’s company partner.

Students earn a base salary of $79,000. Tuition for the program is free if graduates choose to stay in any of SV Academy’s select cities.

uc berkeley extension logo

UC Berkeley Extension

UC Berkeley offers several part-time and full-time programs to its students, which include software engineering, data science, digital marketing, and tech sales.

Upon completing the UC Berkeley tech sales program, students are fully prepared to work in the industry. Graduates from the program receive employment help through the bootcamp’s career services.

Should You Enroll in a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

All sales bootcamps structure their programs differently. However, these programs generally divide the curriculum into business and sales sections. Bootcamps begin by covering the fundamentals of business, so students understand that they’re dealing with. Many programs focus on the nuances of the tech industry, the specifics of which can be vastly different from other sales fields.

Later, sales strategies become the focus of the course. Students learn the industry buzzwords and ‘sales syntax’ early on and learn the intricacies of crafting a deal. Sales terminology is just part of the equation—bootcamps work to help students develop an understanding of sales in the tech industry and tie it all together as they go. The end aims to create a tech professional with a symbiotic understanding of the tech industry, sales, business, and negotiation.

If you want to become a tech salesperson or work in tech sales, then a bootcamp is a great way to get started.


What is tech sales?

A tech sales representative’s job is to sell technology-based or scientific services and products to business representatives. This position includes selling products at a high level where there are enormous expenses involved.

Is tech sales a good career?

Tech sales can be a great career. The industry is growing and the demand for technology-based products is continuing to rise. The salary is very lucrative as well. The average annual salary of a tech sales representative is $82,309.

Are tech sales coding bootcamps expensive?

While tech sales bootcamps can be expensive, they are still less expensive than degree programs. Bootcamps also offer scholarships, tuition deferment plans, and income share agreements.

Are there online tech sales coding bootcamps?

There are tech sales coding bootcamps that allow you to study online. Some coding bootcamps also allow for self-paced, part-time, or full-time programs.

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