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Best Tech Jobs in 2020

With the industry growing and changing, the potential for a career in tech continues to grow. Now more than ever, companies are looking for people to help with pushing the industry towards new heights. There are several tech jobs in demand now and they are all great career paths for anyone that wants to work in a long-lasting field where they can truly make a difference.

However, all of these options can be overwhelming. There are so many aspects to tech that anyone can find a position that suits them. Whether you have experience with coding or you work in sales, there are several career opportunities out there for you.

After taking a look at the most in-demand and lucrative positions, we’ve created a list of the best tech jobs in 2020. If you’ve wanted to switch to a new career path and do something new, exciting, and impactful, then these are the jobs for you.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a major part of modern technology and there are continuous efforts to advance it further. We are already seeing signs of AI being used for various types of software therefore the development of AI is sought after by many major companies.

Among the best tech jobs for the future, AI and Machine Learning positions are at the top of the list. As an Artificial Intelligence engineer, you use tons of data to train technology to do various tasks—from processing languages to predicting trends in the economy and much more. With an average base salary of $146,085, this is a tech career to go after. 

Full Stack Developer

Full stack development involves many tasks seeing as it comprises both front and back end sides of things. In fact, it’s difficult to accurately list everything that a full stack developer has to do. There is an increase in demand for developers in the industry and their skills and knowledge are highly desirable for many tech companies.

As a full stack developer, you may be tasked with handling various technologies, such as Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and more. You will also develop APIs, do scripting, coding, and even a bit of web development. 

The many responsibilities of a full stack developer make them useful in various work situations and they can even use their skills for more specific fields. The average salary of a full-stack developer is $100,000.

Java Developer

Java development is used for a number of things and many companies are hiring Java developers for various projects. Java developers are in high demand and the position allows you to work in various industries. From web development to mobile apps, research, and working in big data, there are numerous applications to Java development and you can take your skills in any number of directions.

The average salary of a Java developer is $103,464 and it can be higher depending on the company you work with and your responsibilities. If you are interested in working in the tech industry and want a wide array of job opportunities, Java development is a great career to pursue.

IT Manager

Information Technology (IT) Managers are tasked with maintaining and implementing the infrastructure of a company’s technology. Businesses rely on IT managers to keep everything up and running so that communication and technology systems are always operational.

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment and had someone fix your computer when it wasn’t working or told you that the network would be down temporarily, odds are you were seeing an IT manager at work. As more companies rely on technology for tasks in and outside of the workplace, IT managers are becoming more necessary.

In the United States, the average salary of an IT Manager is $85,253, but the salary could be much higher for people working for larger companies or those who end up in senior positions. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists work in a diverse field where they have several responsibilities based on where they work. Simply put, data scientists evaluate the information they receive to give insights on what a company should do in the future or what the current market trends are like. This data may even have an impact on how companies expand or improve upon artificial intelligence systems.

The requirements for being a data scientist is that they have a strong understanding of application and theory when it comes to statistics. In addition to this, data scientists must have strong coding skills.

With the increase in data and more tech companies relying on it, the position is in high demand, especially among larger companies. The average salary is $113,309 a year.

Web Designer

Web designers are always in demand in the tech industry. From the fact that you’re using a website right now to companies in all sorts of industries needing a website to stay connected to their customers, having a web designer is important in this day and age for any business.

Web designing involves several tasks and a strong understanding of programming. Depending on the size of the website or company you work with, you could end up creating a website that involves bringing together the ideas of several people while satisfying the needs of their client.

The average salary for a web designer is $52,691, but there are opportunities to work as a senior web designer and earn even more.

Systems Administrator

Systems Administrators have several responsibilities. They are tasked with the configuration, upkeep, and management of computer systems for businesses and organizations. From installing the computers for everyone in the business to working with servers, systems administrators are tasked with a great deal to keep a company running smoothly.

In most cases, systems administrators are tasked with general IT operations without a focus in any particular field. However, larger businesses require specialized administrators due to the complexity of their systems. 

Many businesses and organizations require an IT team and systems administrator to keep things running, especially when they are largely reliant on those systems for business operations. Systems administrators have an average salary of $82,050 a year.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineering is a relatively new career path in the tech industry. In this position, you specialize in creating and implementing architecture and solutions through blockchain technology. This industry and the technology surrounding it is rapidly growing. Technology firms are still trying to develop the best ways to utilize it.

In order to be a blockchain engineer, you need strong programming skills and extensive knowledge in the technology behind various things, such as Etherium and Bitcoin.

The requirements to work as a blockchain engineer are numerous, but in doing so you can earn an average salary of $150,000 and $175,000.

Security Engineer

The growth in technology means that businesses and organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks. When a company’s system goes down and it can’t be repaired, it could lead to irrevocable damage.

As a security engineer, your job involves creating systems that can defend itself against malicious attacks, natural disasters, and other potential disruptions. If you’ve ever used a form of software that has protected you from a virus or an unknown file is downloaded on your computer, odds are a security engineer had a part in making it.

New technology and software often have some sort of fault or bug to them and even older programs have the potential to be exploited. Security engineers have to constantly stay ahead of the trend and protect a company’s assets.

In the United States, the average salary of a security engineer is $107,201

Mobile App Developer

Developing mobile apps is important for many companies. The field is relatively new and the tech is constantly improving alongside the increased performance of new mobile devices. Mobile app developers are in high demand and the position requires a great deal of creativity and a strong focus on solving people’s problems.

Mobile app developers have the potential to create apps for businesses. These apps then have the potential to be used by millions of people. When working with organizations and businesses, you are tasked with creating something that allows them to better serve their customers.

When working alone, you have to put your knowledge and problem-solving skills to test and create something that people all over the world can utilize for a better life.

The median salary for a mobile app developer in the United States is $126,087.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers have the important task of overseeing code released by companies. These engineers work closely with the IT staff and developers of a company to make sure that code is released without issue.

Typically, DevOps engineers are developers themselves who specialize in network operations and code deployment or they are system administrators who have skills in scripting and coding.

These engineering positions are important to ensure that software is released probably and runs efficiently. You can find DevOps engineers for technology companies in a wide array of fields and they have an average salary of $99.604.

UX Designer

UX designers have a very important task of making sure a website looks and feels enjoyable to the user. Working in UX requires a strong understanding of user psychology and implementing important research data to give people a better experience.

As a UX designer, you will find yourself working closely with web developers and creating websites, as well as usability tests to make sure the design is successful. As more people use websites and do common tasks online, UX designers become more important towards ensuring a seamless experience for users.

On average, a UX designer earns $85,277 a year. Some companies offer senior positions for more experienced designers.

Tech Sales Engineer

You don’t need a background in tech or coding knowledge to get a career in tech. Working as a tech sales engineer means selling complex technological services or products to other businesses.

The position requires strong sales knowledge. Job security and income are all based on commissions and completing sales successfully. Working as a tech sales engineer also requires some people to work irregular hours or do additional tasks to meet the client’s needs.

Sales engineers work in a stressful environment, but they also work closely with the latest tech without having extensive knowledge of programming or computer hardware and software.

The average salary of a tech sales engineer is $101,420 and there is expected job growth for the position between now and 2028.

Requirements for Working in Tech

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Anyone can work in the tech industry

There are dozens of tech careers out there for you. Some of these positions require years of knowledge and experience, but there are others that anyone can do. The best thing about working in tech is that you can go far based on your knowledge and capabilities.

Even if you’ve only been coding for a few months, you still have the potential to work with a tech company if you meet their requirements. If you don’t have any experience working in tech, that’s all right. Anyone can get started and there are several ways to learn.

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