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Best Tech Companies in Seattle

When you first think of Seattle, you may remember the city’s 38 inches of rain a year or the iconic Space Needle. While these are pretty interesting things, the city also has a booming economy and tech scene that’s worth noting. From major corporations to bustling startups, the city of Seattle is thriving. 

With so many different corporations and startups throughout the city of Seattle, how do we determine which businesses are the best? What even defines a “good” company? Which companies do you think will make the top of the list? We took a closer look at Seattle’s economy to break down the numbers and give you the facts.

Seattle’s Economy

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Tech innovation continues to come a long way in Seattle and beyond!

The city of Seattle is a bustling hub of technical activity, and the area’s economy reflects it. With so many corporations and startups working to acquire talent in the area, salaries and perks of the job are also dramatically increasing. Just how great is Seattle’s economy doing? Let’s take a look at the numbers. 

Seattle by Numbers 

While the average cost of housing in Seattle is around $750,000, it’s still significantly less expensive than other tech hubs of the West coast. Additionally, the minimum income required to live comfortably in the city is $72,000. The median salary for a tech worker in Seattle is around $132,000 (not including bonuses and stock options) which is well above what you need to survive.

Seattle saw an influx of 33,000 additional tech jobs between 2016 and 2017. Additionally, tech accounted for 93% of all office jobs in Seattle during 2017. In short, the tech industry in Seattle is growing at an incredible pace.

Top Companies in Seattle

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Tech remains one of the most lucrative career markets in the world.

Now that we’ve gotten a comprehensive background of the bustling tech economy of Seattle, it’s time to dive deeper into the companies that make Seattle so great. We’ve scoured the streets of Seattle to bring you the top companies in the city. To simplify the explanation, we split them into two categories: large corporations and startups. So, let’s explore Seattle’s tech ecosystem. 

Large Corporations 

1. Microsoft

It should come as no surprise to see this pioneering company of innovation at the top of the list. Not only is Microsoft hailed as one of the most profitable tech companies in the world, but it’s also headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington, just across the bay from Seattle. The enormous campus spans over 8 million square feet through 125 buildings. The campus is home to over 51,000 employees.

Microsoft is one of the pioneering tech companies in the area and has helped Seattle’s tech scene become what it is today. Of course, other major tech companies have followed since the campus’ first opening in 1986. 

2. Amazon

Another major player in the tech community, Amazon is one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms. With offices and processing centers across the globe, it only makes sense that Amazon would want a slice of Seattle’s economic success. The company is headquartered in downtown Seattle with over 50,000 people at the Seattle campus. The campus totals over 40 buildings, including a variety of perks and extracurriculars for employees. 

3. Boeing

This aerospace manufacturer is one of the largest in the industry. With an annual revenue of $101.1 billion, the company is continuing to grow and set up shop across the globe. Boeing’s primary manufacturing facility is located just 25 miles outside of Seattle. The company is one of Washington’s largest employers with over 80,000 employees at the Seattle campus. 

4. Expedia Group

Expedia Group is the mastermind behind some of the travel industry’s biggest technical applications. With, Travelocity, Trivago, Hotwire, and many more, the company is one of the leading online sources for travel booking. Originally founded by Microsoft, the company became independent in 1999 and has continued to have success since then. The company’s headquarters are currently located in Bellevue, Washington. 

5. T-Mobile

The major telecommunications company is one of the biggest in the U.S. The company, which is also active in the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Netherlands, is a subsidiary of the German company Deutsche Telekom AG. The U.S headquarters of the company is located in Bellevue, Washington. The company is an integral part of the community, and it built the major baseball stadium (T-Mobile Park) which is home to the Seattle Mariners. 


1. OfferUp

The major second-hand sales platform is continuing to pick up traction with users across the U.S. The eCommerce platform has been skyrocketing over the past two years and is now worth over $1 billion. The company is currently headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with 200 employees at its campus.

2. Convoy

Convoy is another Seattle startup that is changing industries across America. The company was founded in 2015 and recently nominated for the Start-Up of the Year Award. The company’s main goal is to match truck drivers with shippers looking to move goods. Convoy currently has over 500 employees in the Seattle area. 

3. Porch

A newcomer to the Seattle tech scene, Porch is changing the way homeowners get stuff done. The platform connects contractors to homeowners who need specific services. The platform currently has over 3 million professionals, with 130 million completed home improvement projects. The company currently has about 450 people at its downtown Seattle campus. 

4. Outreach

This sales automation platform has an evaluation of over $1 billion. Founded back in 2014, the company aims to help other corporations educate their teams on driving revenue and making education sales decisions. The company is an excellent combination of technology and commerce industries. The company also combines various marketing strategies to drive company sales to all-time highs. The company boasted over 3,500 customers in 2016, including major clients such as Adobe, DocuSign, eBay, and more. 

5. Amperity 

Founded in 2016, Amperity helps companies perfect their marketing campaigns by connecting a variety of data sources about individual customer’s habits across the internet. This helps consumers only see marketing campaigns that are relevant to them. This merging of the advertising and technology scene is changing the way people market products. Year revenue growth was up by 355% in 2018. Amperity also raised $50 million during the same year. The company currently has 120 employees in the Seattle area.

What’s the Takeaway?

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How does all this info affect your career goals? 

Seattle is one of the biggest tech hubs of the western United States, and definitely the biggest tech city in the Pacific Northwest. From major corporations to small startups, the city of Seattle is constantly growing. Corporations and startups in Seattle is enjoy some of the healthiest competition in the tech industry. Seattle is living proof that when startups and corporations work together, awesome things happen. 

Seattle is also a major hub of cross-industry innovation. From the financial and medical industries to aerospace and agriculture, the tech scene in Seattle touched many fields in the area and beyond. 

If you’re looking to begin your career in the technological hub of the region, the first thing is to consider a variety of employment options. Also, don’t immediately dismiss small startups. In fact, working for a startup gives you a lot of freedom and learning opportunities that may not be available at major corporations. There is also more room to work your way up to bigger roles in small companies. That said, if your dream is to work for a major Seattle company, then aim high and go for it. Wherever your career in tech may take you, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the tech industry. You never know when a new tech innovation may change the way we see the industry. 

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