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The Best Tech Companies in Denver

Beginning a career in computer technology takes training and drive. But it also requires you to know where to look and which businesses offer the best opportunities for experience, pay, and potential advancement in the field. That’s why having an idea of the best tech companies in Denver gives you an edge when you begin your job hunt. Knowing which Denver tech businesses are on their way up allows you to eliminate dead ends and focus on the cream of the crop.

You’re in luck, because we’ve got a rundown of some of the top tech industries in the Denver area. Our examination of these hot companies provides you with a foundation of likely prospects when you start to sniff around for your next web design or network engineering job. We look at exciting Denver businesses such as Ciber, Xero, Zoom, and Enavate and give you an idea of what sorts of tech workers they need.


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Ciber aids businesses in logistics and transportation tasks.

Many businesses in the Denver area have an online presence or produce specialized apps and environments to reach their client base and offer and sell their products. Not all of those companies can afford a permanent software development shop, though. Software consulting concerns such as Ciber have sprung up to meet the needs of businesses that require development expertise on a budget.

This company needs lots and lots of programmers, so entry-level coders and industry veterans alike will find open arms when they apply for positions there. If you’re looking to start your training, get versed in Java, Python, XML, JavaScript, and other languages to make yourself a competitive candidate. And the more you know about how the development cycle works, the more appealing you’ll be as a hiring prospect.


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Xero aims to make cloud-based accounting available to any business who needs it.

The cloud is one of the most-used buzzwords in technology, and for a good reason. Cloud computing is the future of information technology and promises a future in which companies can access a central storage and processing platform for low cost. Integrating cloud solutions into accounting and other key business sectors reduces costs and improves speed, reliability, and security. Xero’s accounting platform lives in the cloud, and the company is thriving.

To qualify for the sorts of jobs that Xero has to offer, get educated in all aspects of cloud computing. Learn about Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, which are two of the top cloud solutions around today. Knowledge about network engineering is a vital aspect of working within the cloud, so take the time to pick up some certifications in networking from Sun or Cisco. Having experience working with mass storage is a big plus, too.

Zoom Video

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Zoom provides video conferencing solutions for businesses and individuals.

Anyone who’s worked from home (and that’s a lot of us in recent months) knows how important it is to have a reliable teleconference platform. Remote meetings happen all the time nowadays, and it’s crucial for companies to know that they have a solid and dependable option when they want to break out the webcams and get down to business. One of the leaders in the field, Zoom Video, has a robust local presence in Denver.

Network engineers and video streaming specialists are in luck, as Zoom needs plenty of both. Your network skills need to be top-notch to tackle the jobs at Zoom, so make an effort to study for and pick up a few certifications in the subject. Server expertise helps in these jobs as well, and that means brushing up on Linux, Windows, MacOS, and more. A little effort on your side sets you up for a great job at Zoom.


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Enavate provides platform solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more.

Customer relations are a vital aspect of businesses, and the companies that manage them well are the ones with good long-term prospects and a loyal client base. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 take the process into the digital age and help make businesses more responsive and adaptable. Local up-and-comer Enavate helps Denver companies optimize their customer relationships.

If you have expertise in Dynamics 365 or a similar CRM platform, consider a position at Enavate. To qualify for CRM architect roles at the company, do a deep dive into Dynamics 365 as well as general CRM concepts and approaches. You need top interpersonal abilities to do well in these jobs, and it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few Microsoft certifications to show to hiring managers that you know your stuff.

So that’s the whole story, readers. Denver is a tech hub, and there are plenty of cutting-edge businesses on the rise in the region. Our guide highlights some of the top local tech businesses and helps you start your job search off right.

Do you have any questions or thoughts about Denver tech companies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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