The 3 Best Swift Bootcamps of 2023

Apple holds the biggest smartphone market share in the US, and businesses are eager to get their apps on iOS. Apple introduced their new programming language Swift in 2015. Ever since then, the best Swift bootcamps have been helping people like you start new careers every day.

As the worldwide smartphone user base continues to grow, so do software development opportunities. There are several Swift bootcamps and online courses where you can learn iOS and macOS development. Whether you want another language on your resume or you’re just starting your tech career, you should learn Swift.

Why Study Swift?

You should study Swift because companies need Swift specialists to develop and maintain their apps. If you’re looking for an entry point to the tech field that’s not as crowded as other forms of software engineering, Swift might be right for you.

Swift is versatile and easy to learn. You can use Swift for everything from game development to building life-saving medical tools. By studying at a Swift bootcamp, you’ll learn to succeed in app development. You can turn the skills you learn in your bootcamp into a lucrative app with some effort and good luck.

Reasons to Learn Swift in 2023

  • In-demand. Every company, large and small, needs an app on the iOS App Store. As long as there are iPhones, there will be jobs for Swift developers.
  • Versatility. Swift is native to the iOS platform and can do anything from tracking your transactions to using your location in a game. iOS and Swift create a dynamic team for versatile apps.
  • Well-loved. Swift is often in the top 10 most-loved programming languages in Stack Overflow’s yearly developer survey. In 2015 and 2016, it took the top spot for most-loved.
  • Startup potential. Every famous app once started as an idea, but software developers brought them to life. Learning Swift can help you build the next world-changing app.

Why Study at a Swift Bootcamp?

You should study Swift at a bootcamp if you want to get all the information you need in one place. With self-guided study, you may have to sift through irrelevant information that wastes your time.

Bootcamps also provide career services that can help you complete the next steps upon graduation. You shouldn’t enter the job hunt without a plan. With career coaching and job guarantees, bootcamps give you more security than other learning methods.

Benefits of Swift Bootcamps

  • Less expensive than traditional education. The average price of these bootcamps is $4,910. The average year of public college costs around $19,490. A Swift bootcamp can get you a new career without the exorbitant price tag.
  • Quick, efficient study. It’s possible to teach yourself how to design and develop iOS apps on your own. Bootcamps can help you learn in just a few months without any filler content. A clear learning path will simplify and shorten your path from novice to expert.
  • Career services make your job hunt easier. You may not know how to get a job in your new field. Every bootcamp has career services that walk you through building a resume and performing interviews. Some also provide networking services, which can give you a head start on the job hunt.
  • More than coding. Coding bootcamps teach you valuable teamwork skills to thrive in a work environment. Some bootcamps practice collaborative coding and pair programming, so you’ll have the soft skills to succeed after graduation.
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The 3 Best Swift Bootcamps

We’ve discussed the benefits of the best Swift bootcamps, but now it’s time to dive into the camps themselves. These four Swift bootcamps should have you programming iOS apps in no time.

Big Nerd Ranch logo

Big Nerd Ranch

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs recruited Big Nerd Ranch’s founder Aaron Hillegass, so this bootcamp has a unique background. It can help you learn Swift and iOS quickly.

Big Nerd Ranch Key Information
Programs Advanced iOS, iOS Essentials, iOS & Swift Essentials, Swift Essentials
Locations Online, Atlanta
Cost $4,200 - $5,200
Financing Options Upfront Payment
2023 Start Dates April 19, June 12

Big Nerd Ranch offers courses that teach the basics of Swift and iOS. Some courses are individual, and others bring those skills together. You can choose the right course depending on your experience level. Big Nerd Ranch also teaches skills like JSON, Xcode, UIKit, and Objective-C. You’ll graduate with a strong foundation to build great full-stack apps.

All of Big Nerd Ranch’s bootcamps are full-time sprints that last from two days to a week. Though that may not seem like an in-depth learning experience, the pre-work and efficient curriculums make the most of your time.

Brainstation logo


BrainStation offers a part-time iOS App Development Course with a rich curriculum. You’ll learn the basics and then some.

BrainStation Key Information
Program iOS App Development
Locations Online, New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, Vancouver, London
Cost $3,250
Financing Options Payment Plan, Scholarships, Employer Sponsorship
2023 Start Dates Rolling start dates

This course teaches the fundamentals of Swift. You’ll then have no problem learning other object-oriented languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and C++.

BrainStation gives you the UI/UX skills you need to make user-friendly apps. You’ll also learn the protocols and delegates to create logins and interactive forms. At the end of the course, you’ll work on a class project or your own complete app.

This course teaches everything you need to start a career as an iOS app developer. You’ll also learn adaptable problem-solving skills to advance your toolkit later if you decide to change your path.

DevMountain logo


This full-time online bootcamp teaches you Swift in just over three months of study.

Devmountain Key Information
Program iOS Development
Locations Online, Lehi
Cost $7,900 (online) or $9,900 (in-person)
Financing Options Private Loan, Scholarships
2023 Start Dates April 12

This course emphasizes collaboration in Github and Xcode, and programming in Objective-C and Swift. Students spend eight hours a day in class with regular homework on the weekends.

This class is designed for students with light coding experience. Complete beginners can do pre-work to get on track. Devmountain wants to get to know you, your goals, and your personality during the application process. Its collaborative curriculum requires your full attention.

If you’re interested in an in-depth, immersive program, this course may be right for you. It requires a bit more commitment, but you can become a great iOS developer.

Should You Enroll in a Swift Bootcamp?

If you’re interested in learning how to build apps for Apple products, you should enroll in a Swift bootcamp. Over the next few years, Swift is likely to become the sole programming language for Apple products. You’ll be ready for the transition by learning Swift now.

Even if you’re interested in developing cross-platform apps for Apple and Android, you’ll still need Swift skills to optimize your app. After learning Swift, you’ll have a good grasp on the basics of object-oriented programming languages. That basic understanding will make your transition to learning other languages like JavaScript easier.

The right Swift bootcamp can give you a new career building apps for a device you use every day. If that sounds like something that interests you, give Swift a try.

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