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The Best Summer Coding Bootcamps 

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills today and it is relevant in every industry. Regardless of your career goals or level of education, learning how to code is key to achieving success in the ever-changing STEM job market. A summer coding bootcamp can be the perfect opportunity for you to equip yourself with new skills and gain hands-on experience.

A summer coding camp will provide an engaging and immersive experience where you can learn from industry experts and prepare for your next steps. This article has compiled a list of the best summer coding programs suitable for high school students, college graduates, and those looking to begin a career in the tech industry. 

What Is a Summer Coding Bootcamp?

A summer coding bootcamp is a short intensive computer program that runs during summer and equips participants with critical technical skills. Bootcamps are an excellent way to learn fundamental programming languages and develop critical skills in software development or data science. CNBC reports that a coding bootcamp is a suitable and cost-effective alternative to obtaining a computer science degree from a college. 

Summer coding bootcamps teach students how to solve real-world problems, complete complex projects, and build a professional portfolio. Some are aimed at adults looking to launch careers upon graduation, while others are designed for high-school students looking to advance their skills or prepare for college. We will provide examples of summer coding programs for all ages below. 

The Best Summer Coding Bootcamps

Summer bootcamp students sit around a table and work on laptops.
The key skills you need to break into tech can be learned at summer coding classes offered by top bootcamps.

The summer coding bootcamps listed below are perfect for college students and adults looking to break into the tech industry. They cover a wide range of technical skills designed to prepare you for your chosen field and can be completed part-time or full-time, depending on your schedule. A major benefit of these coding summer classes is that they come with expert-level career services to help you successfully enter the job market.   

Bootcamp Name Program Length Cost
Code Fellows Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript 10 – 23 weeks $12,000
Coding Dojo Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp 24 weeks $15,995
Devmountain UX Design Bootcamp 16 weeks $9,900
DevPoint Labs Remote Part-Time Web Development 11 weeks $5,500
DigitalCrafts Software Development Certificate Bootcamp 17 weeks $9,500
Flatiron School Data Science Bootcamp 15 weeks $16,900
General Assembly Python Programming 10 weeks $4,500
Hackbright Software Engineering 10 weeks $12,900
LearningFuze Part-Time Data Science Bootcamp 12 weeks $11,990
Lighthouse Labs Intro to Data Analytics 8 weeks $2,000 (CAD)

Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript | Code Fellows

This summer bootcamp teaches you how to create progressive web applications using front end development frameworks. You’ll also learn software development models and procedures, data structures, and innovative practices that will help you succeed in the industry. Graduates receive a certificate of completion, portfolio reviews, and career guidance from dedicated professionals.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp | Coding Dojo

This bootcamp introduces you to the world of data science and machine learning. The process of data extraction, analysis, and processing will be highlighted. You will learn how to retrieve and manipulate data using Python and SQL. There are also weekly exercises, professional materials, and interview prep to teach the skills and expertise you need to meet industry standards.

UX Design Bootcamp | Devmountain

This immersive summer coding program teaches you the skills required for UX and product design. It covers topics such as information architecture, Agile methodologies, analytics, and prototyping. The course runs three times per week but is intensive nonetheless. You will be given regular exercises that will help you build your portfolio of projects and innovative designs.

Remote Part-Time Web Development | DevPoint Labs

DevPoint Labs, in collaboration with the University of Utah, provides this program to train individuals in full stack web development. You will learn to use key programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and you will receive career coaching upon completion.

Software Development Certificate  Bootcamp | DigitalCrafts 

This bootcamp program is designed for beginners who want to start a career in web development. You will learn HTML, CSS, Node.js, and Python, among other programming languages. With its intensive curriculum, you will learn full stack web application development and how to build real-world projects with the help of an academic team.

Data Science Bootcamp | Flatiron School

Students who complete this summer coding bootcamp will be able to combine their understanding of statistics with their expertise in software engineering to analyze data. They will approach data science from a technical perspective, develop algorithms, and create automated systems. Graduates enter the job market fully prepared, with career coaching from a professional network of experts.

Python Programming | General Assembly

This program covers everything you need to know about Python. You will learn to leverage the Python programming language and application framework opportunities to build web and traditional applications. This bootcamp will provide you with professional materials and a series of virtual classes to gain the necessary experience valuable to future employers.

Software Engineering | Hackbright Academy

Hackbright Academy offers this 12-week intensive program for women who want to become software engineers. It covers computer science fundamentals and the entire scope of a full stack web application. The reason Hackbright is considered one of the best coding bootcamps for women is that graduates receive assistance from a career services team. This team walks students through getting jobs with employer partners in Silicon Valley to begin their careers. 

Part-Time Data Science Bootcamp | LearningFuze

This bootcamp focuses on data technologies that are in high demand in the market. Full-time instructors will guide you through an immersive curriculum designed to meet market demand. Students receive training and interview prep from a career material advisor to develop the necessary soft skills to become complete professionals in the data science field.

Intro to Data Analytics | Lighthouse Labs

In this part-time bootcamp, you will learn to read, interpret, and analyze data to influence business decisions. Data analytics is a high-value skill in today’s digital economy and many businesses require analysts to help generate leads for their operations. This program has a flexible course schedule and is ideal for achieving a work-life balance.

Summer Coding Bootcamps for High School Students

Summer coding programs for high school students focus less on career preparedness and more on curating passion and curiosity with hands-on, engaging projects. These summer coding camps are perfect for teenagers who want to learn more about computer science, artificial intelligence, and programming.

  • iD Tech Camps. This organization hosts dozens of coding camps for teens in major universities all over the country. High school participants receive mentorship and expert instruction as they attend classes on topics ranging from game development to robotics. 
  • Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code offers a two-week immersive coding program for high school students who identify as female or non-binary. The camp focuses on introductory computer science, UX design, and the iterative design process with a strong emphasis on building community amongst participants. 
  • Emagination STEM Camps. This two-week camp offers overnight and day options for campers eight to 17. In addition to traditional camp activities, participants receive daily training in their chosen area of study, including topics like programming, game design, digital arts, and engineering and robotics. 
  • EXPLO Pre-College Programs. EXPLO hosts world-class coding programs for high school students that focus on preparing them for university. Participants work on real-world projects and experience life on a college campus for three weeks. Available concentrations include artificial intelligence and machine learning, business, engineering, and entrepreneurship.
  • Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Programs. Sophomore students who are serious about a future STEM career can apply to Carnegie Mellon’s four-week computer science residential program. Participants learn through hands-on research projects and college-level courses and have access to weekly seminars on relevant topics. 

How to Choose a Summer Coding Bootcamp

Choosing a summer coding bootcamp to attend can be difficult. With so many options available, each with its own set of benefits and resources, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Consider some of the factors listed below to guide your decision.

  • Traditional or online bootcamps. You should decide where you want to study and if you prefer online courses. If you live in a big city like San Francisco or New York, you’ll have plenty of summer coding bootcamps to choose from. An online bootcamp is ideal if you have other responsibilities that prevent you from attending a traditional bootcamp.
  • Your desired place of work. It is preferable to participate in immersive programs in the city where you want to work. This allows bootcamp providers to link learners to employment opportunities and career connections in their areas.
  • Your career choice. The career path you’re interested in should help you decide which summer coding program to attend. For example, if you want to be a software engineer, you should only attend a bootcamp that offers a software engineering program.
  • Cost. The cost of education is a major consideration. Although prices vary, the average cost of a bootcamp is around $11,450. Some bootcamps provide scholarships and flexible payment plans
  • Outcomes and reviews. You can check the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting for outcomes and reviews of the bootcamp’s immersive courses. If you can’t find them here, go to the bootcamp’s official website to see reports on their outcomes. The research you conduct will assist you in determining whether the coding bootcamp meets your needs.

Types of Summer Coding Programs

There is a wide range of summer coding classes available. While some prepare individuals for a new job in tech, others provide a platform for aspiring tech enthusiasts to join and explore the industry as early as possible. Whatever category you fall into, there are coding bootcamps with numerous benefits that suit your needs.

Coding Bootcamp Summer Cohorts

Usually, these bootcamp programs are not limited to summer and are available throughout the year. The programs available during the summer often adhere to a slightly different curriculum schedule and are usually more intensive. This form of summer coding bootcamp is perfect for college students and other adults who are hoping to launch a tech career in the near future.

University Coding Bootcamps

University bootcamps are intensive programs that teach coding skills like full stack web development. University bootcamps prepare college and high school students to be proficient in in-demand technologies. Students have access to a variety of opportunities and gain practical experience by solving real-world coding challenges.

Coding Bootcamps for High School Students

Summer coding camps are designed to give high school students a headstart in the tech industry. These programs have simpler structures than other bootcamps. The goal is to break down the concept of coding into its smallest bits to aid comprehension and prepare high school tech enthusiasts to enter the tech industry or apply for colleges.

Should I Enroll in a Summer Coding Bootcamp?

Yes, you should enroll in a summer coding bootcamp if you are eager to launch a new tech career or gain a host of new hands-on technical skills. Summer coding programs are the perfect way to gain the experience and support you need to embark on your future career goals in a short period of time. 

Whether you are a tech professional hoping to upskill for a promotion or a high school student passionate about entering the tech industry one day, you’ll be able to find a summer coding camp that fits your needs. 

Summer Coding Bootcamps FAQ

Do I need any general education or background in coding for summer coding bootcamps?

Not necessarily. While knowledge of computer science fundamentals and previous experience with coding might be helpful, most programs are designed to accommodate complete beginners. Many bootcamp providers also offer free or inexpensive prep courses to get you ready for the full program.

Are coding bootcamps worth it without a degree?

Yes. Coding bootcamps are worth it and are often taken to be acceptable alternatives to college degree programs. You can begin your career journey with a bootcamp certificate with the help of your school’s career services team. 

How long do summer coding bootcamps last?

A summer coding bootcamp lasts an average of 10-16 weeks. It has a rigorous curriculum that includes hands-on projects that will allow you to build a strong portfolio while learning. Summer coding programs for teenagers are usually shorter, lasting three or four weeks.

Can I still work while attending a summer coding bootcamp?

Of course. Depending on the coursework, you can work while attending a summer bootcamp. Part-time bootcamps and virtual classes will give plenty of room to attend to other demands. However, you have to create time for projects and individual practice and examine whatever class material you receive. 

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