Best SQL Bootcamps 2021

The Best SQL Bootcamps of 2024

Careers in data are in demand in 2024 and a SQL bootcamp can prepare you for a role as a data scientist or data analyst. The best SQL bootcamps teach students how to harness data for better decision-making in the real world.

When it comes to choosing a SQL bootcamp there are plenty of options, from full-time to part-time study to in-person, online, or remote learning. In this article, we help guide you through the various bootcamp program options and share why these intensive programs are the best way to learn SQL to achieve your career goals.

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The 8 Best SQL Bootcamps

An SQL bootcamp is any coding bootcamp that includes SQL in its curriculum. These programs are the best way to learn SQL for specific professions. Whether you attend your SQL bootcamp online or in person, you can expect training for a career in data analytics or backend development. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best SQL bootcamps.

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BrainStation is a fantastic coding bootcamp that provides immersive training in software engineering, web development, data science, digital marketing, and UX design. Its software engineering, data science, and web development programs cover SQL.

BrainStation Key Information
SQL Program(s) Data Science, Software Engineering, Web Development
Locations Online, New York City, Miami, London, Toronto, Vancouver
Cost $16,500
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Month-to-Month Installments

BrainStation has fantastic data-related bootcamps. BrainStation’s full-time data science bootcamp runs for 12 weeks and aims to prepare students for a career in data science. The course focuses on teaching students in-demand skills and real-world knowledge.

Additionally, BrainStation offers several short courses for a fraction of the cost of the immersive bootcamp programs. These part-time courses last five to ten weeks. Subjects covered in these part-time courses include data manipulation, business intelligence, and of course, SQL. With its focus on data, BrainStation is easily one of the best SQL bootcamps.

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Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo is a coding bootcamp that offers fantastic software development and data science programs. If you’re looking for the best SQL courses for mastering full stack web development or becoming a data scientist, this is the place to go.

Coding Dojo Key Information
SQL Program(s) Data Science, Software Development
Locations Online
Cost $9,995 - $16,995
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing

Coding Dojo believes in assisting anyone and everyone in finding their passion. As such, Coding Dojo offers fantastic full-time and part-time courses in software development. The full-time version lasts 14 weeks and covers SQL as part of its four-week unit on the Java full stack. The part-time data science program includes a week on SQL.

There is no need to rush to find a spot, as Coding Dojo offers various start dates with flexible options. Additionally, there are a few payment plans available to help students cover the cost of their tuition. These include installment plans and loan options through Ascent and Climb Credit. Coding Dojo also offers several $1,000 scholarships.

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Flatiron School

Flatiron School is one of the best coding bootcamps out there. Its excellent software engineering and data science programs make it one of the best places to learn SQL.

Flatiron School Key Information
SQL Program(s) Data Science, Software Engineering
Locations Online, Denver, New York City
Cost $16,900 - $17,900
Financing Options Upfront Payment, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing

There are numerous data-related curriculums at Flatiron School. In the data science immersive program, students use SQL and Python to learn the essence of data analysis. Students quickly learn advanced statistics, machine learning, and big data, before finishing things off with a data science project.

Along with its unique SQL bootcamp options, Flatiron provides a free coding bootcamp prep course. This is a fairly standard program, teaching you the fundamentals of coding. Its lessons on how to use JavaScript and Ruby familiarize students with the foundational concepts they’ll need to be successful in the main bootcamp. 

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General Assembly

General Assembly is a highly accessible coding bootcamp with courses on web development, data science, and other fields that use SQL.

General Assembly Key Information
SQL Program(s) Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Engineering
Locations Online, London, Manama, New York City, Paris, Singapore, Sydney
Cost $16,450
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Income Share Agreement, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing

At General Assembly, one of the most impressive and comprehensive coding bootcamps, anyone can learn how to query databases with ease. In the data science program, students learn SQL and other data skills in five units. In an online prep work course, students learn basic background information about Python.

Most courses last around 12 weeks, with excellent instruction provided by industry experts. While the $16,450 price tag may seem steep, there are multiple ways to finance your education. General Assembly’s income share agreement provides students the flexibility to pay back their tuition once they land a job.

General Assembly has a fantastic track record. Over 90 percent of graduates who take part in career services land jobs within 180 days of graduation. General Assembly also offers coding bootcamp programs to companies that want to upskill their teams. 



Simplilearn is an online education provider that offers bootcamp-style training and certification courses in a variety of subjects, including software development, project management, and data science. 

Simplilearn Key Information
SQL Program(s) SQL Certification Training
Locations Online
Cost $1,199
Financing Options Upfront Payments

Simplilearn is the best SQL bootcamp for you if your goal is to learn SQL and nothing else. Much of the reason Simplilearn’s SQL Certification Training Course is cheaper than other options on this list is that its focus is so narrow. For just over $1,000, you will learn how to manage and organize databases and get a crash course on MySQL.

If you pass the exam at the end of the course, you will be presented with a Simplilearn certificate that you can show to prospective employers. Over 60,000 people have taken this course, and 90 percent of all course completers are satisfied with their training.

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Springboard is an online coding school whose SQL bootcamp offerings are among the cheapest available. Each of its bootcamp programs that cover SQL offers a job guarantee, which gives eligible students a chance to recoup their tuition should they fail to find work.

Springboard Key Information
SQL Program(s) Data Analytics, Software Engineering
Locations Online
Cost $8,500 - $9,900
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Deferred Tuition, Month-to-Month Installments, Loan Financing

The bootcamp experience at Springboard is dictated by students of the school, which uses a self-paced learning model to deliver its curricula. By plugging away for six months at a rate of 15 to 20 hours per week, students can complete their bootcamp, get a certificate, and be ready to apply for the SQL job of their choice.

The two Springboard programs that cover SQL are the Data Analytics Career Track and the Software Engineering Career Track. In the former, students get acquainted with SQL by way of a 30-hour module on databases. In the latter, students explore SQL in a unit on backend development. If you get stuck along the way, a personal mentor will be there to help.

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Thinkful offers a variety of online coding bootcamps, both full-time and part-time. Programs last between four and six months, depending on the subject. Both of Thinkful’s data programs include modules on SQL, making them solid options for an SQL bootcamp.

Thinkful Key Information
Program(s) Data Science, Data Analytics
Locations Online
Cost $8,240 - $13,475
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Deferred Tuition, Deferred Tuition With Living Expenses, Month-to-Month Installments

Thinkful is an excellent option to learn the fundamentals of SQL and data science. Since the two intertwine, you will be learning a lot about both. The core curriculum covers big data, machine learning, data analytics, and how to master SQL. The data science program is also part-time, making it a great option for students looking for a more flexible schedule.

As an added benefit, Thinkful also provides deferred tuition. Students have the option of deferring their tuition until they earn at least $40,000 post-graduation. All you need to enroll in this bootcamp is a high school diploma or GED, computer proficiency, and good time management skills. Not a bad deal.

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Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or a novice seeking to advance your career, this comprehensive SQL bootcamp offers a seamless journey from foundational principles to advanced techniques, delving into timestamp data and variable character handling.

Udemy Key Information
Program(s) The Complete SQL Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero
Locations Online
Cost $84.99
Financing Options Upfront Payments, Installments

Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platforms. In this course, you’ll go from basic syntax to complex commands, delve into real-world scenarios, and master the art of data manipulation. By the end, you will be able to leverage SQL and PostgreSQL effectively, opening doors to a multitude of SQL-based databases.

The class is taught by industry veterans and features multiple hands-on exercises to get the practical expericne you need. It is one of the bestsellers on the platform with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Reasons to Learn SQL in 2024

Learning SQL means gaining in-demand skills and opening the door to a wide range of data-related career paths. Below are the top reasons to learn SQL in 2024.

Easy to Learn

Compared to some other aspects of computer science, SQL isn’t too tricky. Learning Python and SQL, usually taught in tandem, can open up numerous career possibilities.

Useful for Data Analytics

Since SQL helps users access and manipulate data, it obviously creates an advantage for data scientists and data analysts. Using gathered data, experts parse, analyze, and formulate hypotheses about data. This is perfect for things like digital marketing, business intelligence, and software engineering.

In-Demand Skill

Knowing how to operate SQL puts you in a relatively advantageous position. Mastering SQL shows real-world employers that you can take seemingly unrelated data, access and manipulate it in real time, and illustrate correlations. This is perfect for a career in data analytics or data science.

Easy to Troubleshoot

Anyone familiar with in-depth coding understands how frustrating it can be to know there’s an error in your syntax somewhere. Finding it and editing it can be a hassle. The simpler syntax of SQL, however, removes a lot of the headache associated with most programming languages.

Makes Compiling Data Easy

Compiling data from multiple sources can be a huge task. You need to find data sources, know how to efficiently combine or manipulate them, and compile them in one place. Working with big data is much more manageable with SQL than with more limited tools like Microsoft Excel.

Top Qualities to Look For in an SQL Bootcamp

Not all SQL bootcamps are created equally, and some are better than others. One way to assess a given bootcamp’s SQL training is by comparing it to others in terms of quality and return on your investment. Here are five factors to consider when seeking out the best SQL training money can buy:

  • Flexible learning format. Most people can’t afford to drop everything to attend a bootcamp. If this describes you, you should consider online and part-time programs.
  • Career services. Getting a job is the whole point of coding bootcamps. A high-quality SQL bootcamp should pair a strong curriculum with resume help, mock interview opportunities, and an employer network.
  • Job guarantee. Bootcamps that offer job placement guarantees put their money where their mouths are, refunding tuition for graduates who aren’t able to find a job.
  • Payment plans. Most bootcamps cost more than $10,000, but you can alleviate the financial burden by choosing a program that allows you to pay in installments or defer your tuition.
  • Scholarships. In addition to payment plans, many coding bootcamps have a scholarship fund. While a good portion of bootcamp scholarships is reserved for members of underprivileged groups, some are open to everyone.

Pros and Cons of SQL Bootcamps

SQL Bootcamps pros and cons infographic

An SQL bootcamp is not the only way to learn SQL. As you sit down and decide your learning path, you’re going to want to consider the benefits and downsides of bootcamp education compared to the alternatives, such as degrees, online courses, and SQL certification courses. Below is a brief rundown of the pros and cons of SQL bootcamps.

Benefits of SQL Bootcamps

Learning SQL can be tough on your own. However, by enrolling in a coding bootcamp, you are giving yourself the best starting position. Let’s see how attending some of the best SQL bootcamps can give you an edge in the real world.

  • Structured learning. Students learn about machine learning, big data, and data analysis fundamentals with a tested, trusted syllabus. The structured curriculum is more intensive and efficient than what you would get by simply taking online SQL classes. Whether the coding bootcamp lasts four weeks or four months, the structure can turn absolute beginners into SQL masters.
  • Flexible schedules. Many bootcamps deliver their comprehensive SQL education in a flexible package, offering you the choice between part-time, full-time, and self-paced programs. While you will need to stay on top of your work, a flexible schedule can fit around the rest of your hectic life.
  • Cheaper than degrees. The best SQL bootcamps allow students to learn SQL at a fraction of the cost of a computer science bachelor’s degree, which might not even go over SQL fundamentals. With coding bootcamps, you get real bang for your buck. There are also scholarships available to ease the financial burden.
  • Career services. Bootcamps often provide robust career services to help their students and graduates land their chosen careers after completing their program. These services may include resume review, technical interview preparation, networking opportunities, employer partnerships, and career coaching or mentoring.

Downsides of SQL Bootcamps

If you really want to learn something, you can’t go wrong with bootcamps. Depending on your goals, however, an SQL bootcamp may not be the most efficient investment you can make. Here are some ways in which a bootcamp may not be the best way for you to learn SQL:

  • Weaker emphasis on SQL. Most of the bootcamps on our list teach SQL as part of a much larger curriculum. While this context-based, career-focused training can be extremely valuable, it may not be what you’re looking for if SQL is all you need.
  • No SQL-specific certification. In recent years, bootcamp certificates have begun to gain the same level of respectability among employers that college degrees have traditionally enjoyed. But if you need to be certified in SQL specifically, most bootcamps won’t be able to help you.
  • More expensive than online SQL classes. While bootcamps are cheaper than degrees, they’re still more expensive than standalone online SQL courses. If you don’t need to go very deep with SQL, then a Udemy, Udacity, or Coursera course may make more sense for you than a bootcamp.

What Jobs Can You Get With SQL Skills?

The SQL jobs you can get after acquiring the requisite skills typically fall into three categories. These are SQL database jobs, SQL developer jobs, and SQL analytics jobs. Each of these types deals with a different kind of data processing. The three job titles listed below are representative of three main types.

Role Salary Job Outlook
Backend Developer $120,730 25%
Data Scientist $100,910 36%
Quality Assurance Tester $99,620 21%
Database Administrator $96,710 8%
Operations Research Analyst $82,360 23%

Backend Developer

Of all the many different kinds of software engineers, backend developers work most closely with SQL. The entry-level SQL jobs in this profession are junior developer positions. Working under senior developers, they do a lot of the actual work of using SQL to establish lines of communication between the backend of the application and the database.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is one of the most lucrative jobs you can get with SQL skills. This role works to obtain, clean, and sort data to analyze the success of a company’s business strategy and present its findings to key stakeholders. Data scientists use the findings to formulate or adjust algorithms or models.

Quality Assurance Tester

This role is a type of software engineer who focuses on ensuring the code built by software developers functions correctly prior to deployment and does not contain bugs. This role is vital in producing quality software or web applications. Larger companies employ these roles specifically as part of a testing team, while smaller companies may require the testing to be done by the developers themselves.

Database Administrator

Database administrators (DBAs) are the keepers and protectors of the data that other professionals need to access. They make sure that the systems where data is stored are orderly and that the data itself is in a readily available form. Many DBAs need SQL to manage the databases behind a given software application or set of applications.

Operations Research Analyst

To stay competitive, all businesses need someone to pore over company data, identify trends, make projections, and suggest ways to increase profits. This is where operations research analysts, or business analysts, come in. This is an SQL job because they couldn’t analyze the data if they didn’t know how to manipulate databases effectively.

Other Ways to Learn SQL

If the time commitment or cost associated with a SQL bootcamp isn’t right for you, there are other ways you can learn SQL. Below are some of the best places to learn SQL outside of a SQL coding bootcamp.


A massive open online course, or MOOC, is a great way to learn SQL online at low or no cost. These courses are self-paced and contain educational elements like assignments, projects, code-alongs, and even quizzes. They are offered by industry experts or in partnership with educational institutions on platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.

Free Courses

Learning SQL for free is easy with SQL online courses offered by Codecademy, Khan Academy, edX, and W3Schools. These major educational platforms offer comprehensive courses that are completely free and promise to provide both foundational and up-to-date SQL knowledge. You can take your free learning even further with YouTube tutorials on learning SQL. 


SQL books are a great way to learn at your own pace. Some of the top SQL books to learn SQL are Getting Started with SQL: A Hands-On Approach for Beginners by O’Reilly Media, Inc., SQL All-in-One For Dummies by Wiley, and SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself by Sams Publishing.

Academic Degree

If you wish to earn a formal degree in SQL, you can take an associate degree program in SQL development at many community colleges. And while a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science program would get you noticed by employers, a degree is not required to work as a SQL developer, and many university programs do not focus on it as a part of their curriculum.

Should You Enroll in an SQL Bootcamp?

Yes. If you want to become a master of data manipulation and compilation, enrolling in an SQL bootcamp is the best course of action. With a finely-tuned curriculum, flexible schedules for every type of student, and a lower cost than a college degree, you could quickly find yourself working as a data scientist equipped with first-class SQL skills.

All you have to do is decide which SQL bootcamp is perfect for you and which payment plan suits your needs. Whether it’s Thinkful, BrainStation, or General Assembly, you will learn SQL in no time. After you’ve made your choice, all that’s left is to keep your eye on the ball and explore everything that this useful programming language has to offer.


What is SQL?

SQL, otherwise known as Structured Query Language, is a domain-specific programming language. It allows users to access relational databases and manipulate them in multiple ways, whether it be to retrieve data, add to an existing data set, or perform calculations with the data.

How long does it take to learn SQL?

It takes about two to three weeks to learn SQL if all you want to know how to do is perform its basic functions. Complete mastery of SQL, including its more complex queries, will take much longer, a few months rather than just a few weeks. If you immerse yourself in a data analytics bootcamp, such as the one offered by devCodeCamp, you should be able to pick up SQL in one to two weeks.

What is the best way to learn SQL?

The best way to learn SQL is through hands-on, project-based learning. You can learn the nuts and bolts of the language fairly easily, but if you want it to stick, then you need to practice querying data using real-world data sets. You can get this kind of training by taking online SQL classes or joining a coding bootcamp that covers SQL.

How hard is it to learn SQL?

The best online SQL coding bootcamps are those that provide career support, have high job placement rates, and boast a curriculum that is continuously updated. Bootcamps like Brainstation, Coding Dojo, and Flatiron School meet this criteria so they are excellent places to learn database management and SQL.

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